Notes from Home – Episode 6! {Installation & Ky Reno!}

Hellllloooo, friends! 

It’s Friday! YAY!!

It’s time for episode 6 of Notes from Home!

In today’s video, you will see our flooring installation, some work on our Kentucky flip house, and some video of Jonathan’s publishing deal.

We ended last week’s episode with a little “situation” we had in our den ceiling. When Cy pushed back the corner of the den, he also had to fix the exterior of that wall, including the roof.  He spent hours on the roof during a Nashville heat wave to fix the roof, and then spent a few more hours putting up drywall on the ceiling inside, when all of a sudden….. a rainstorm came out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, there was a leak in the roof and water came pouring through the ceiling, ruining the drywall and insulation.

It was a HOT MESS…literally!

I felt so sorry for Cy.  He had worked so hard, and then it all came crashing down in a matter of minutes.  But thankfully, it was before we had the flooring installed!  WHEW!

Cy tried to repair the roof again, but it still leaked, so we had to call a roofer to come and help us.  Once the roof was free from leaks, Cy was finally able to finish the drywall in the ceiling of that corner, and we were ready for the flooring to be installed!



We shared with you last week, that we chose the flooring called “Biscuit” from the Palmetto road collection on Twenty and Oak. 

We were so excited when City Tile came to install the flooring.  They came the first day to prep the subfloor.  There were just a few uneven spots that they needed to level, and then they came back the next day to start laying the floor. 

It was so fun to watch the flooring go down!  The folks from City Tile did an incredible job!  Cy was so impressed with their attention to detail.

It was a really cool process to watch, and I couldn’t believe how quickly the flooring began to transform the space!

After the flooring was installed, they also did a great job at cleaning up.  Sometimes, as you will see in this week’s episode, they were on their hands and knees cleaning the floor!

It was amazing how much “home-ier” the house began to feel, even though we are still in the middle of our renovation.

Below is the new flooring in our master bedroom.  We didn’t paint the walls all the way to the floor because we knew that Cy would be installing a taller baseboard after the flooring was installed.

As of now, we just have our beds in our rooms, but we will slowly be bringing in more furniture over the next week.  YAY!

And I will be sharing some more photos of the finished flooring with you next week. 

Before I share this week’s episode with you, I wanted to remind you that if you live in the Southeast, you can still order SIX FREE SAMPLES (with free shipping!) of flooring from Twenty & Oak.  Just use the code “HEART.”


Alright, now to our latest episode…  


Have a blessed weekend, friends!




*The installation of our flooring was sponsored by Twenty & Oak.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


  1. Great job guys, I am enjoying every minute. Keep up the hard work and we will continue watching. Congratulations Jonathan!

  2. Your Notes From Home video is very enjoyable. I find it hard to hear since you are recording in your unfinished home. Is it possible to record somewhere else? Thanks

  3. I am just loving these episodes, enjoying every word! You guys are doing a great job! Watching all of this unfold brings a big smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. A big Hooray for Jonathan!

  4. These episodes are never long enough! I’m loving this series. So exciting to watch your new house transform and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

  5. I love everything you do, and I am really loving the Notes From Home videos! You guys are doing a wonderful job on the renovation and the videos. I especially like the music background. You have an amazing and very talented family. Thank you for bringing us along on your journey. Cant wait for the next episode. Have a blessed day and weekend.

  6. I so enjoy watching Notes from Home and seeing the latest renovation. Can’t wait to see your decorations for this home!
    Congratulations to Jonathan.

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