Notes from Home – Episode 9 {Puppies and Porches}

Happy Friday, friends!!

It’s time for Notes from Home!!

This week we did something to the house that we have been wanting to do from the moment we laid eyes one it!  

We started to tear down the stone columns on our front porch!

I cannot begin to tell you the difference this will make in the curb appeal of our home!

We are not exactly sure what type of new porch we are going to build, but I share some ideas with you on this week’s episode!

I hope you enjoy it!  (If you like puppies, I KNOW you will!  haha!)


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Have a blessed weekend!




  1. So good! I felt real satisfaction as the columns fell down!! I love your idea #3 of extending the porch. The puppies are awesome! And, once again… cy!!😂😂😂

  2. Love your idea about extending the porch. It’s going to look amazing. Your furry additions are adorable! It’s been fun to see your progress.

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