Our New Hardwood Flooring – All Your Questions Answered!

Today I want to share with you the details of our new hardwood flooring!  I keep getting a ton of questions about our flooring on my blog and social media channels, so I wanted to have all the information you need in ONE blog post for easy reference.  It will remain here on my blog, and I will also create a highlight button on my Instagram page for reference. 

Here are answers to the three most asked questions I have received..

Question One:  Is your flooring real hardwood?

The answer to that question is a YES!  They are ENGINEERED HARDWOOD,  not “solid” hardwood.  Solid hardwood is literally constructed of a solid plank of lumber that is milled to a uniform thickness and width.

Many people get confused and think that engineered hardwood is laminate flooring.  It is NOT laminate flooring.   It is REAL hardwood adhere to the top of several layers of wood veneers.  

Twenty & Oak Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of engineered hardwood are:

  • Less expensive than solid hardwood flooring.
  • Difficult to tell the difference from solid wood flooring once installed.
  • Has a real layer of wood on top (unlike laminate flooring)
  • More resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring.

Question 2:  What is the name of your flooring?

The name of our beautiful flooring is called BISCUIT!  It’s in the Chalmer’s Collection of the Palmetto Road brand.

Twenty & Oak Hardwood Flooring

BRAND:  Palmetto Road 

COLLECTION:  Chalmer’s

NAME:  Biscuit


The Palmetto Road brand is available exclusively in the Southeast, and it’s signature is to create beautiful, handcrafted artisan flooring for a range of design styles and budgets.

Palmetto Road hardwood floors are crafted BY HAND.  

What does that mean?  Surface treatments, such as hand scraping and wire brushing, are truly done BY HAND.  Many hardwood brands that promote wood that is “hand scraped” or “wire brushed” are actually done by machine so, all the boards look the same and the pattern, so to speak, is very repetitive when you lay out the entire floor.

Not with Palmetto Road. The handcrafted nature of Palmetto Road adds to the authenticity and gives it a custom look…without the custom price.  It is also true of the stains – which are all custom colors and can only be found in Palmetto
Road – each board is stained by hand.



The Chalmers Collection is a modern hardwood collection featuring two-toned French Oak and two-toned
Hickory wood species. 

The “first in the market” two-tone dual staining process includes one color applied to (and enlivening) the wood
grain and the second tone lying underneath. The matte finish mimics an oil based look. 
The dual-stain technique makes Chalmers truly unique. You can see which colors were used in the stains on the
back of each display board. 

In addition to be dual stained, Chalmers is lightly wire brushed and has wide 7 ½” planks. This style can easily fit
into a modern farmhouse design or an elegant city apartment. Like all Palmetto Road hardwood collections, Chalmers offers a 50-year residential warranty.


Question Three:  Where did you get your flooring?

I found my flooring online at Twenty & Oak!

Twenty & Oak is an online platform featuring gorgeous and durable flooring options from the best manufacturers of hardwood, laminate, waterproof flooring, engineered stone, and luxury vinyl plank, tiles, and sheet. They carry a great variety of flooring for every style and budget!

Twenty & Oak Hardwood Flooring


At this time, Twenty & Oak  flooring retailers are only located in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Northern Florida, and Washington DC. 

Selecting the right flooring dealer is just as important as choosing the right floors, so Twenty & Oak connects you to reputable flooring dealers in the Southeast.

They connected me with City Tile in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to install my flooring, and they did a fantastic job!

Twenty & Oak Hardwood Flooring

 We are so in love with our new flooring!  It instantly made our house feel like a home, and I know we are going to enjoy it for years to come!

If you would like to order some free samples of flooring from Twenty & Oak for yourself, you can do so by using the code: HEART!  They are offering up to six free samples AND free shipping is included for my readers!  yay!


If you have any other questions about my flooring that I did not answer, please let me know in the comments.  I can’t wait to share more beautiful pictures of our new hardwood flooring with you as we continue to renovate each room in our home!

Have a blessed weekend!





I partnered with Twenty & Oak for the installation of our hardwood flooring.  They have been a JOY to work with.  I get to work with a lot of brands through my blog, and it’s one of the favorite parts of my job!  There are real people behind the names of these brands, and they work hard to provide good products.  The Twenty & Oak team has been one of the best!  I am so grateful that I was able to work with them on this part of our renovation.  Of course, all opinions and ideas are 100% mine! 



  1. How durable and scratch resistant is it? I have 2 dogs—one pretty big. I’m looking at this for our beach home. It looks great in yours!!

  2. Beautiful floors! Thanks for all the information. Do you think they would be a good choice for a basement? I am enjoying following your progress in your new home, and I hope we’ll be able to see the floors installed there soon!

  3. 1. I got this email/blog post – yeah…..so thank you for fixing whatever my issue was 2. I LOVE the color of the floors, plus it shows dust less.

  4. We are in the process of building a new home in Travelers Rest, SC. It is time to choose our flooring and we are looking at the Palmetto Road, Monet Collection; MOLY 597 Lyon. I have been searching for reviews on Palmetto Road flooring and they have been mixed. I truly want a review from someone who has their flooring in their house and likes it. Any information you could give me would be great help.

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