Notes from Home – Episode 12 {Road Trip to Georgia}

Hello from Texas!

I’m here with some friends at the Adthrive Summit conference learning more stuff about blogging.  :)  And my sister is here too.  Funny how we have to fly to Texas to see each other when we live only 3 hours apart now. 

But I am excited to share our newest episode of Notes from Home!

This week is a little different because we share our road trip to Georgia.  Since we self-produce our videos weekly, whatever we are doing each week is basically what you will see on each Friday’s episode.  I’d love to be organized enough to film content that we don’t have to produce until weeks later, but that’s not where we are right now.  

We are not filming content in the spring to go live in the fall, like they do on tv.  But we DO hope to share entertaining and inspiring content each week.  

This past week, the kids happened to be on fall break from school, so we are sharing our visit Cy’s parents’ farm…

We also share part of our visit with one of our friend’s {who has had multiple shows on HGTV} beautiful lake house!

Be sure to watch to see if you know who he is, or if you remember any of his shows!

We had SO MUCH fun on this trip, and we will be sharing more of it with you next week.

I hope you enjoy it!  



Have a blessed day!!




  1. Hi Traci! Love this episode ( all of them really)! Can’t wait to see what is coming next! Always a joy! Blessings!

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