Come See Our New Front Porch Plan!

Hey friends!

We are making a lot of headway on our new front porch!  It is so fun to watch it all come together.  Before I show you what it is looking like right now, let’s take a quick look back at what it looked like the day we bought the house…

There were so many things going on with that house…brown brick, yellow siding, green shutters, stone columns….

So to simplify the look of our home and bring it up to date, we removed the shutters, painted the whole house Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, and painted the windows and trim Ebony Fields by Valspar.  


In episode 9 of Notes from Home, we shared with you a few ideas for building a new front porch.  If you missed that episode, you can check it out HERE.

Initially, we decided to go with a similar design to the one I found on Pinterest below…

(Not the column design, but the design of the extended porch to the right of the gable roof.)



But after thinking about it for a while, we decided to make a change to our original plan.  We decided we wanted to just do one large gable roof that would cover both the front door and double windows on the front of the house.  

Cy built a temporary structure (pictured above,) so I could envision what it would look like, and I was SOLD!  I knew that it would add more height to the front of the house and give it more of the look that I was after. 

Once we made a final decision on the roof line, Cy began building the new platform for the front porch.


He built the frame a little longer and deeper to extend the front porch to the right of the doors.

I was so excited to see how much bigger our front porch was going to look!

This past week, we started adding the rafters.  Cy recruited Adam to help him. 


Once the rafters were installed, it was time to start adding the OSB boards on top.

Cy got Jonathan to help him with this part.  Cy stood on top of the roof and took measurements, and then shouted them down to Jonathan.  Then Jonathan would cut the boards to the size needed and would push them up to Cy on the roof.  This took several hours.  (You can see them in action in this coming’s episode of Notes from Home!)

To keep Cy company on the roof, I climbed up with a cup of coffee to take pictures and film.  My friend, Mia, from Kentucky made fun of me when she saw this picture on my Instagram stories.  

It was only 52 degrees out, but she said I was making it look like it was freezing with my stocking cap and coffee! haha!  But it was cold up there on the roof, y’all!!

Anyway, we got the whole front porch framed up and reading for new shingles until something unexpected happened, and our renovation came to a screeching halt!  

And yes, I’m not going to tell you what happened yet, although you might find a clue in Friday’s episode of Notes from Home!

So stay tuned….



  1. It’s going to be fabulous and such a positive transformation! Can’t wait until we can see the results!

    You’re a brave girl to climb up on the roof! I used to do the same in my younger days though and never gave it a thought! 😂

  2. I love the change to the design to the front porch. Hope there’s no major delay! Can’t wait to see Notes from Home tomorrow!❤

  3. I think the new front porch will look great. But the thought that only 2 posts are holding all the weight frightens me. I guess being the Carpenters Daughter influences me more than I thought. When we had an addition put on our house, the old roof was torn off in places in order to tie in the new supports and prevent leaks. But we are further north than you and get to deal with frozen winters and heavy snow😣

  4. The new gable & extra length & depth of the print porch is awesome! How beautiful it’s coming together!
    Why was the the stop work notice put on your door?? 🤔 Bless your hard-working hearts.

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