Front Porch Decking Roundup

*We are partnering with Lowe’s for our exterior makeover.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.

exterior makeover

Hey friends!

Cy has been busy building and framing out our new front porch, so I need to make a decision on what type of flooring I want!

There as so many options to choose from, but I wanted to share some of my favorite with you today!  I would love to hear your thoughts on which option is your favorite!

Since our porch is going to be covered, this allows more options in flooring choices because it will be protected from the elements to a certain extent by the roof.

Here are my four possible options for our porch decking:

1.  Wood Decking (composite and real)

One of the most versatile porch flooring options is wood.  It can give your porch a warm, homey feeling, or even possibly a more polished, modern look.  Wood flooring never goes out of style.

Wood decking has always been one of my favorite options, and it is what we put on our front porch at our last house. 

With wood decking, you can choose to paint, stain, or leave it natural and seal it.  For our Kentucky home, we went with painting our porch a beautiful gray color, and I loved it!

Be sure to use pressure treated wood for outdoors.  

You just can’t beat the look of real wood.  It is gorgeous and timeless through and through.  It also does not retain heat which is a bonus for the feet!  (Hey! That rhymes!)


But of course, wood flooring requires some year to year maintenance, so you have to factor that into the long term cost of wood decking. 

For home owners that want the look of wood but with less maintenance, then composite wood decking might be a good choice.  Composite wood has come a loooong way and looks a lot more realistic than it used to.  It requires almost no maintenance and is fire resistant.  

Here is one of my favorite  composite wood options from Lowe’s (that has really good reviews!)…


2.  Tiles

Another gorgeous option is floor tiles.  Actually, there are some porcelain exterior tiles that are even more durable than natural stone.  And did you know you can even get tile that looks like real wood?

Porcelain exterior tiles can be a very affordable option with an upscale look. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean.  One negative to consider is that they may not stand up to the elements as well, especially the cold.  They can also sometimes be a slipping hazard if they are smooth, so keep that in mind.

What I love about tile is all of the beautiful options!  There are so many different types of patterns, colors, and styles to choose from, which makes it easy for your personality to show through and gives you the option to create a “wow” moment right when your visitors arrive!

Here are clickable links to some of my personal favs from Lowe’s…






3.  Brick 

Brick is one of my favorite options for front porch decking.  It is classic, elegant, and timeless.

There are many different options for color and patterns which allows you to create a one of a kind look for your front porch. 


One of the pros of brick is that it is extremely durable.   It holds up extremely well over time.  It can be somewhat pricey, but if you consider that it is almost indestructible, it is worth the investment.  To save money, you can choose brick pavers or veneers which are thinner and less expensive.  This is an option I am considering.  

Brick is also low maintenance, slip resistant, and environmentally conscious. 

A few cons to think of when considering a brick flooring for your porch is that it is naturally porous and can retain water if not sealed properly.  It also creates a hard, uneven surface and can be difficult to remove and replace.

Check out these clickable options…




4.  Concrete

Concrete is a very common porch flooring choice.  It is extremely durable, easy to maintain,  and will probably last the life of your home.  You can also add some character to your concrete porch by staining, painting, or stamping it, (although these options may not last as long as plain concrete.)


Concrete is a super cheap option, and is a great choice if you are trying to update your porch on a budget.


Those are just four options for front porch decking.  

Of these, which one is your favorite?  

I have one that I am leaning toward, and I will be sharing our final decision with you soon!





    1. So many options!! I think the concrete is my least favorite and the tile and wood options are beautiful but when you showed the brick flooring on your stories, I fell in love with it. It just seems timeless, classic in so many designs and low maintenance compared to wood. That’s my 2 cents ;)

    2. Love them all. I think brick is my favorite. I absolutely think it depends on the style and material of your house. For your house, any look great.

  1. My favourite is the wood! As you say, it looks warm and cozy. And not too busy.
    I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them though! 🙂

  2. I have to say the tile is my favorite. So versatile. You can be so creative and the end result will be fantastic. I love the idea of a custom look.

  3. I think they are all beautiful, but I like the wood and the tile the most. Your home is looking more and more beautiful.

  4. Can’t go wrong with any of the choices……..but, the brick, oh my!
    Just love the classic look of brick.
    Never gets old.

  5. Brick!! Through 40 years and various houses, brick has been by far the best porch floor we’ve ever had. We have recently moved into a new home and the concrete porch will eventually become brick.

  6. As much as you and Cy like a white house with black trim, I think brick would be an outstanding contrast for the porch floor – but especially “antique” brick which is a combo of many different brick colors in one color family (similar to what is shown in your photo image). I’d nix the idea of tiles with a pattern because you enjoy a variety of front entrance decor (various planters, door mats, etc.) so the floor surface should be without too much pattern so that your seasonal decor takes center stage. If Cy prefers a solid wood look because it might be the easiest to work into the current porch structure then that’s also a good option. We’ll all be looking forward to see what you both choose.

    1. I had the same thought about a patterned floor, that it would limit any decor and accessories you might want to use.

  7. My two top choices are composite wood and concrete. With your flair for decorating, I have no doubt that no matter what choice you make, you will personalize it and it will be absolutely gorgeous.

  8. The tile would be my least favorite option because it would limit your decor choices and the slip factor. I love the brick in the picture. Whatever you chose, I know it will be amazing.

  9. I love the look of brick, but having tripped on my own brick front porch a couple of times (in flat shoes), I’d choose another option. The tile is also beautiful and would be cool underfoot in the summer if you like going barefoot or slipping off your shoes in the summer. Trex lasts forever, but doesn’t look as good, IMO. Wood requires more maintenance. Concrete looks cheap. I’m sure whatever you choose will be lovely because you know how to make things work!

  10. I think the timeless, classic look of brick would set off your new front porch perfectly!! I’m also loving the look of exterior porcelain tiles that resemble stone! Can’t wait to find out where your heart led you!
    Kristie Henry

  11. I think a stained wood floor is always the most beautiful choice for most porches, but I really like that first brick choice as well. I like the composite flooring from Lowes, and it’s what we used for our deck, with a contrasting color around the edges. It turned out really nice! Having said that, I’m not sure about it for a front porch, though with all your decorating skills, I know it would look great! Good luck choosing!

  12. Although I will be choosing tile when I get my front porch done (I have a brick house), I would choose brick for yours. It will be a beautiful contrast.

  13. I love the brick, but if I had to watch my spending I would go with a brick and concrete combo and get the look and budget friendly too. This house seems to have a more “modern” flair and I think brick would be a great look. Very exciting whatever you choose!

  14. They are all so gorgeous! I think it depends on the look you are going for….the wood is definitely more farmhouse or traditional, the brick is always classic, the tile could go any way depending on the style, and the concrete more minimalist or modern/industrial. Most durable and lowest maintenance…composite decking or brick. You’ll make it gorgeous whatever you decide!

  15. I’m of no help with your decision: I love the look of brick or wood. But also concrete and then staining/stamping it as desired. I’m sure you saw Rhoda’s recent patio makeover. LOVE IT!
    It looks so awesome. And I have NO DOUBT whatever you go with will look phenomenal!!!
    PS – Could you please make your weekly episodes of Notes from Home longer! I can’t get enough! And waiting a whole week between is so tough. ;) xoxo

  16. If you do doors like your Kentucky home then I think Brick for the porch. If you have painted doors then I think wood!

  17. If you have wood doors like your Kentucky home then I think the brick would be amazing. If you do painted doors then I think the wood.

  18. I’m a brick girl! I think that brick will be timeless and it will make your house look classy. It’s super durable-this is where all the guests enter. Best place to make an impression. Why not with brick? Live your posts and video chats on Instagram. Fun!

  19. I love all the options! My favorites are the brick I just love the classic look of brick or the concrete… you can stain or even stencil it:)

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