Notes from Home – Episode 14 {Makeover and Music}

Happy November 1st!!

I can’t believe November is here!  This is my and Adam’s birthday month, plus Thanksgiving, PLUS Christmas right around the corner!  It’s time to celebrate, y’all! :)

It’s crazy cold today here in Tennessee, but we are continuing to work on our home’s exterior.  

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Today, on Notes from Home, we show you the color we chose to paint our windows and trim, share our fireplace makeover, and take you with us to hear Jonathan perform at The Listening Room in Nashville!  You will also get a sneak peek of how we are framing out our front porch decking!

I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Another GREAT Episode!!!!!!!!! Love you guys and you do awesome work! Love the endings of the videos to see what Cy will do😝🤣

    1. I may be posting this in the wrong spot but as to what floor to use for the porch, I really like the brick, either veneer or actual would look great. I like the “white look the mortar leaves behind. Go for it!!

  2. Great work on the house! :) I LOVE the song that Jonathan sang…I got most of the lyrics, but I would love to see them written out…..

  3. Could you put your progress on the house on the blog.?
    I can’t get the notes from home videos …. would love to see what you are doing now.

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