Gift Ideas for Sending Love to Kids Through the Mail {#socialdistancing}

Friends, I haven’t posted on my blog since in 10 days!  Having the kids and Cy home full time has made it really hard for me to find time to work on my computer.  We are all trying to adjust to our “new normal” just like you are, I’m sure. 

This is certainly a crazy time in our lives right now, and I want you to know that I am praying for all of you.  We have ALL been affected by this terrible virus, and probably will continue to be for a long time.  Some of you have been affected more than others, and my heart hurts for you.  

May the Lord be near to you all during this time.  My mom’s favorite verse definitely means a lot to mean these days.


I think the hardest part of this whole virus thing is the “social distancing” and not being able to spend time with our friends, family, and loved ones like we have always been free to do. 

So I think we are all trying to find creative ways to show each other we care and to bring sunshine to others during this dark time. 

One of the things that my kids look forward to every day is getting the mail, even though they know that there is probably nothing in there but bills.  haha!  But it’s something they look forward to anyway.  

It got me thinking about how much it would make their day to find something in the mail for them.  Which made me think about how much it would mean to my friends and family if we sent them something to them!

So I am going to have my kids make some cards or create some gifts that we can send to our loved ones during this difficult time.  But for convenience, I also thought it would be great to send gifts to loved ones via Amazon. 

I got on their site, and they have some of the cutest gift basket ideas!!!

Today, I want to share some gift basket ideas for kids, and later this week, I will share some gift basket ideas for others.


CraveBox Care Package of 45 Snacks!


Mini-Adventurer Exploration Pack




Kids Bath Bombs with Toys Inside!




Sensory Fidget Toys {22 pieces}



Just for Boys and Girls Gift Box



Gift Basket for Girls





Krafty Kids Gift Box




Kids Gardening Gift 




Ultimate DIY Slime Kit


Hang in there friends!  This too shall pass.  We WILL make it to the other side of this!

Love you bunches!




  1. Great idea. But….. your kids need one. Maybe you could put a bug in your dad or sisters ear to send to your kids. :) Glad you all are doing ok.

  2. Thanks for these fun And cute gift basket ideas!!! Thanks also for sharing!!!
    Take care! Wishing you and your entire family good health and safety during this challenging time!! God Bless!! 🙏
    Love you a bunches too!!❤️💖

  3. I love the scripture verse that was one of your mom’s favorites! What a great idea Traci! Yes, this is a very unusual and challenging time for all of us, so finding creative ways to get thru it is a good thing. As bad as COVID-19 is, I am hearing about and seeing lots of positives (good things) taking place. I pray that Cy’s eye is better today. God bless and stay safe!

  4. Yes! Great idea! I sent a set of scissors and a cutting kit from Melissa and Doug to my grandsons. (Amazon cards for their parents). Because we have moved for a few years it is a great way to connect in a fun way. Every time they use the scissors/book, their moms say that they say, “Mimi sent me this”. Love it!

  5. People in nursing and assisted living homes love getting mail. Please remember them also because they aren’t allowed to have visitors, even family members. They like to know people are thinking about them!

  6. Theses are all very nice ideas Tracy , in normal times. Making hand made cards is a great idea throughput the year. Please consider all involved in getting those non essential amazon gifts delivered. As a postal worker in Canada we are considered an essential service and it’s the same in the US. We all have families to go home to. During this unprecedented time , I pray I will not bring home the virus to my husband. Blessings to you and your family!

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