We are safe in Nashville!

Hey friends!

Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are safe from the horrible tornadoes that wreaked havoc on Nashville last night. 

The tornado path was about 15 miles north of us.  We only got a lot of heavy rain and winds where we live.  But it’s crazy the destruction that took place not to far from us!


The tornado was only a mile north of where Cy works in downtown Nashville.  He works for US Bank in the “batman building,” as it is called around here.


He went to work this morning, and several of the people he works with lived in the areas the tornadoes hit, and they had damage to their homes and loss of power.

The red line below is the path of the tornado last night.  You can also see the path of tornadoes in 1933 and 1998.  Cy’s building is right below the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

The tornado went through east Nashville, where a lot of young artists and musicians live, and Jonathan has even talked about moving to this area as well.  It is an area that is being developed and revitalized.

Jonathan attends a church in East Nashville.  He left the house this morning in Cy’s truck with a ladder and a chain saw to head out and see where he could help. 


The tornado continued east towards Lebanon, Tennessee where I believe it gained strength and did even more damage.  

It just breaks my heart to see these images. 

And to know that 22 people (at this point,) lost their lives because of this tornado is just unthinkable.  Please pray for their families.  

Like so many other parts of the country, when faced with tragedies, I have already seen such an outpouring of the community to care for those in needs.  

There are so, so many good people in this world.  

So many of you checked in on our family this morning through texts, Facebook messages, and Instagram DM’s.  We have felt so loved. 


And thank you for your continued prayers for Nashville!




  1. Great to hear you are safe, Traci. I am in Murfreesboro and all we got was a lot of rain, wind and thunder. Night tornadoes are frightening. One of the 22 deaths was from Cookeville – 80 miles from Nashville so that tornado did some traveling. They sustained a lot of damage too, that the media is not covering as well as what Nashville got.

  2. I was just on your website trying to find out your email to see if your family is ok and then saw your email. Watching the news and sad over the lives lost and the devastation. Stay safe!! Prayers!

  3. SO thankful you and your family are safe. Praying for all of those families who lost loved ones and/or property. It’s amazing how people come together when tragedy strikes. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was always like that? Much love to all of you! 🙏🏻😘❤️

  4. I’m so glad to hear you and yours are all okay! I thought about you all when I heard this happened and wondered if you were near it or even involved in it… very scary for sure! Sending prayers for all involved and yes, you are correct, we do have many, many people in this country that pick up and go to where help is needed! So very thankful for all of these folks who can lend a hand in whatever capacity is needed. Again, so glad to hear you are all okay, but sad for all others who have and are enduring so much…..

  5. Thank you for this post letting us know you and your family are safe. So very thankful!! Prayers for the people and families affected so tragically!

  6. Oh my!!!
    I was just watching the news and saw the devastation and thought of you and the family right away. Your sister didn’t say anything in her blog today do I was pretty sure you were ok and then your email came through. So glad your ok but the pictures are just terrible and my prayers go out to them. Can not even imagine. Thanks for letting us know your ok and an update on the area.
    Take care
    Donna from PA

  7. So glad to hear you are safe!!! So sad for the devastation.😢 Praying for the people of Nashville.

  8. Thanks for letting us know you and your family are safe.
    I am super happy everyone is safe with all of you!!
    I will pray for all those who lost love ones in the aftermath of this disastrous tornado..

  9. Thank God that y’all are okay! I’m surprised that Cy’s employer and building was open today. God bless Jonathan for going to help in any way he could. We will continue praying for everyone impacted!

  10. wow thanks for the update. Not being sure about your ability to have access to media, i did send a message to your sister to see what she might know.

  11. The damage from that tornado is unbelievable. I don’t think I’d want to live just south of the river there given its history of tornadoes. I’m glad you and your family are safe!

  12. Glad to hear your family is safe. My heart breaks for the devastation that took place. Will keep them all in my prayers!

  13. So glad you and your family are safe. The images are just horrific! I love Nashville! We had such a good time when we visited a few years ago. Sending up prayers for all affected by this. :-(

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