My Trip to Miramar Beach, Florida!

Well, I totally meant to share this adventure with you sooner, but man, time gets away from me these days!!  I usually don’t know whether I’m coming or going. haha!  I’m sure you can relate!

But man, I had the most awesome trip to Miramar Beach, Florida a few weeks ago, and the best part was that it was absolutely FREE!!!


I got to stay at a gorgeous beach house with 21 other amazing women for four days, and it was so much fun!  I personally knew about 6 of the ladies there, but the rest were new friends to me.

The 6 friends that I have none for almost a decade were all “home/lifestyle bloggers” like me.  If you have been in blog world for a while, you may know some of them. 

Myra, Me, Edie, and Emily

These girls are precious to me!  We have all been through so much together over the past ten years.   Besides blogging, another thing that I have in common with them is that we all do the Young Living business.   (Their Young Living ranks are beside their blog names above.)

Darlene and Me!

Now truthfully, most of them do the business more than I do, which is why they are “higher up” in the business than I am.  These girls are at some of the top ranks of Young Living and make way more money than I do too! haha!

By the way, if you want to have your mind blown about the income potential in Young Living, just check out the graphic below of the average MONTHLY incomes at each level.  (AND YES!  That is the average MONTHLY income that these ladies are making!!!). And since they are my dear friends in real life, I can testify to the fact that they do!  #stillblowsmymind


Anyway, sweet Myra is a Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living and is the one who provided this amazing trip for all of us!  All of us are in her “downline” in Young Living, and we participated in a business growth contest last fall that she hosted with other Young Living leaders, called the Momentum Project 2.0.   

There were 11 business “mentors” that provided education for hundreds of us “mentees” that participated in the challenged.   One person from each mentor’s downline had the chance to earn participation points for a chance to win this fabulous trip!  I was so excited when I found out that I won the trip in my mentor’s downline!

Y’all know that I have been blogging for 10 years, and you know that I love being a blogger, but here is the truth…

I LOVE my Young Living business!!!

I don’t talk about it a ton on my blog because a lot of people are turned off by MLM companies, but y’all, MLM’s are not like they used to be.  (Well, I’m sure some are. haha!). But I have been doing the Young Living business for 6 years, and it has given me nothing but blessings upon blessings.

  • I’ve grown my business at my own pace.
  • I’ve made a steady monthly income (I’m a Gold Leader,) to help provide for my family, and it’s what paid for our adoption to bring sweet Sania home. 
  • I’ve improved the quality of my health (and my family’s health,) by ditching toxins and over the counter meds, and using essential oil products instead!
  • It’s given me some of the dearest friendships of my life because I am part of a loving, supportive, encouraging community.

On my trip to Florida, I got to soak up that community of friends on an even deeper level.

You guys, I LOVE PEOPLE SO MUCH!!!  When I look at that picture above, my heart just melts.  

And moments like these…where I get to sit in the presence of so many amazing women and talk about our business, life, family, goals, etc.  IT WAS LIFE GIVING TO ME!!!

There wasn’t a rigid schedule while we were there.  It was mostly a lot of fellowship time!

Myra and her team really spoiled us! 

Each day, we were given surprise gifts…

We were given gifts like sweatshirts, notebooks, essential oil bags, essential oil products, and even Visa gift cards to go shopping at Seaside!!! WHAT?!  I certainly did feel spoiled!

And then we got to eat like Queens!  Myra hired a personal chef to provide our dinner each night…

The food was probably my favorite part!  haha!  Just kidding, but man, it was delicious!

And the refrigerator was STOCKED FULL of some of my favorite Young Living products like their Zyng drink and Ningxia Red!!  My body was loving me for all of the good stuff I was putting in it those four days!

The home we stayed in was GORGEOUS!!!  This was the back of it…

And our backyard was a walkway straight to the private beach.  I’ve truly never stayed in a more beautiful place!

I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL for the chance to go on this trip with these amazing women.   Not only did I get to see some of my dearest, long-time friends, I also made incredible new friendships!  We laughed and cried together, and I miss them so much!

I learned so much from each of them, and I’m excited about growing my Young Living business even more in 2020!

If you have any questions at all about my trip, where we stayed, who I was with, how the Young Living business works, or essential oils in general, just let me know in the comments!




  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe how much you all make a month. Especially your lead gal. Crazy. What a great trip you were blessed with. Can’t wait to see your kitchen Reno. I wondered where you’ve been. How is Cy’s eye?

  2. What an amazing gift! I’m a beach lover so I kept checking for stories lol I think oils are amazing though not in my budget. I’ve watched several people try to get their MLM oils and other) off the ground here in CT, including me (not oils), and there is just a wall in this state about putting $$ out to be become healthy before illness strikes and/or maintaining said health. I believe oils would be a great addition to what I use, but all in its time – mortgage & utilities first :) I am thrilled this is your niche! Well, don’t give up DIY – that would turn my world upside down! Prayers for a perfect recovery for Cy. I feel awful for him.

  3. Good for you to get some recharge time and in such a beautiful location! Many continued prayers for Cy’s complete recovery.

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