“Before” Pictures of our Hallway Bathroom Makeover

Hello friends!

I hope you are all safe and well.  

I wanted to pop in here today and share some “before” pictures of our hallway bathroom makeover.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have been following along and have already seen some of the changes we have been making in this space.   But I wanted to have the before pictures documented on my blog for reference and for those who do not follow me over on Instagram.

This is a #makeitbetter makeover.  We would love to do a full bathroom renovation in this space, but we do not have the time or money to do that right now.  So we are going to do what we can to make it better until we can do the full renovation someday.

This bathroom is the first door on the right in our hallway, right across from Sania’s room.  Sania, Adam, and Eli all share this bathroom.  It gets used on a daily basis and is the guest bathroom when we have anyone over to our house. 

As you can see, it is very dated.  This is probably the original 1970’s vanity, and it is not in the best shape.  Again, I would love to put a whole new vanity in here, but for now, we are just going to paint it black. 

Plans for this makeover:

  • Epoxy the countertop
  • Paint the vanity black
  • Replace vanity hardware
  • Replace vanity lights
  • Update vanity mirror
  • Remove second vanity
  • Add shelving 
  • Paint shower tile
  • Paint window black
  • Install new vinyl tile

Extra stuff we want to do, but is not necessary, is to replace the toilet and trim work.

As you can see, the countertop is that 1970’s cultured marble.  It definitely dates the space, so we used an appliance epoxy to give it a bright white finish.  You can see how we did that HERE.

Behind the door, on the right side of the bathroom, there is a second vanity/cabinet.  None of the drawers are on their tracks, and they are hard to get in and out of because of the door, so we are going to get rid of it. 

You can see in the picture below just how awkward this space is.  We have already removed the cabinet, and we are going to install shelves in this spot instead.


The toilet and shower area is separated from the vanity by walls.   

The linoleum in the bathroom is so old and worn out.  We will be installing some groutable vinyl tiles in this bathroom instead.  


This picture of the shower lets you see how dark the paint on the walls looks in this space.  We have painted the entire bathroom Chantilly Lace, by Benjamin Moore.  It’s looks so much better!!  


The tub and tile are in good condition, they just need some freshening up.  The past two days, we have worked on removing the old nasty grout, and we have painted the tiles with an epoxy, and now they are bright and white!

Just looking at the old pictures of the shower makes me cringe.  I can’t believe it looked that bad, and I can’t believe how good it looks now!  I can’t wait to share it here!

The toilet doesn’t have to be replaced, but we are going to.  We prefer the elongated seats.  This one is the older, short and round type of toilet seat.  Me no likey.

Y’all, if you follow me on Instagram, you know we have already done a ton of work on this bathroom, and I am loving how it is turning out!

I’ll give you a sneak peak if you don’t follow me on the gram.  (We still have to install the vinyl tile on the floor.)


We are making progress!  I’ll share another update soon!

Y’all have a blessed weekend!




  1. That floor brings back memories to the house we had before this one. It was built in the ’70s too. I always wanted to replace it, but we never got to before we moved into the house we’re in now.

    The vanity looks great! What color black did you use?

  2. Traci, I know your bath remodel will be perfect, like all the rooms you’ve already finished! Your inspiration gives me help in my own home.
    Thank you!

  3. I’m so glad you are sharing here…I don’t instagram. I’m sure I’ll get a full and fun Notes From Home video too…right? ;)

  4. Hi! Do you have the source for the cabinent handles/ pulls? I saw on IG that you repurposed it from a past project. Thanks!!

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