New Episode of Notes from Home!

Hey sweet friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!

We got back Saturday night from our trip to Destin last week.  We are so thankful for the time we got to spend together as a family.  I was so happy to see Cy being able to rest and relax.  He has had quite a tough year and definitely deserved this trip. 

(I’ll be putting together some photos and videos of our trip to share with you in a post later this week.)

Now we are back home and back to work on our house.  We are trying to get our hallway bathroom mostly finished this week and hope to start re-doing the exterior of our MIL suite this weekend!

But for now, we have a NEW EPISODE of Notes from Home!  YAY!  

Luke worked hard today putting this video together, and it’s one of my favs because it includes clips of his gradation.  

I am so thankful for our Notes from Home series because it’s a place where we get to document our family’s special memories, and I know that I will look back on these videos my entire life with so much fondness.

I get teared up every time I see clips of his “drive-thru” graduation.

This episode also shows the changes we made in our hallway bathroom walls and clips of landscaping our Kentucky Reno.

I hope you enjoy it!




  1. Congratulations Luke!!! The videos are wonderful. You do a phenomenal job filming and editing. I love watching every episode, I feel like part of the family. Great Job! I know you u have a bright future ahead of you. May God bless you in all your future endeavors.

  2. Traci–God bless you and your family. You are a family with so many talents and skills. If you ever get to a place in your life to complete a retrospective or write a book about your Notes from Home and Beneath My Heart experiences through the years I think it would touch the hearts of a lot of people who are not on the internet. Thanks for another great video to watch in your Notes from Home!

  3. I enjoy these Notes From Home so much. It’s fun to watch as you redo your home in TN and KY and see all your ideas come to fruition.
    Congratulations to Luke on his graduation and blessings to him as he goes forward with his life!

  4. Love watching your videos. Congrats. to Luke. Such a special family time in the midst of all the Covid. I don’t know how you get all you get done and sooo fast.

  5. Love these videos …..Congratulations Luke 👨‍🎓!

    The house in KY looks amazing Traci…


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