How to Update Your Countertops with Appliance Epoxy

Hello friends, 

A little bit ago, I shared with you the “before” pictures of our hallway bathroom.  We have done so much work in that bathroom, and it looks completely different now.  I’ve been sharing the process over on my Instagram stories, but I haven’t been good about sharing over here on my blog.  

So, I wanted to share with you the youtube video I created when we painted our bathroom countertop with appliance epoxy. 

I am actually shocked how well it turned out and how good it still looks.  It’s definitely a very messy process, but the end results are worth it.  It’s a very inexpensive way to update a counter top. 

In the video, you will see how we started with a roll on epoxy and switched to the spray epoxy.  I explain why and some important tips with you, so I hope you enjoy it!


Love y’all!



  1. Thank you Traci! Very detailed instructions. Loved your explanation of changing from the roll on to spray. Can’t wait to see all the new updates.

  2. Hi Traci
    I was wondering how the countertop is holding up to normal use? And also did you but a top coat or sealer on it?

  3. Hi! I’m not wanting to use the spray since I don’t want to deal with the mess, but I also want a smooth finish. You think applying the paint with just a paint brush instead of the roller would give you a smooth finish without paint brush streaks?!

  4. Will the foam roller always give a bumpy finish? I don’t want to use spray with all the prep & mess, but I want the smooth finish? Thanks!

    1. From my experience, the foam roller makes bumps. Maybe try a regular mini roller with the smallest nap, and put the paint on thick, so it will “settle” a bit to get the bumps out.

  5. This is great! Thank you, I now know what I am going to do in my sons’ bathroom. But, curious, how is it holding up?

  6. Hi! I am going to attempt this. How do you maintain the countertop as far as cleaning goes? Any particular cleaning products to avoid so it won’t ruin the new finish? Thanks so much! Our vanity is so similar this is the upgrade it needs!

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