My Favorite Paint Tools for Painting our Shed

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Friends!  We painted the shed Cy built, and I absolutely LOVE it!

How to Paint a Shed

Many of us have items outside that frequently need to be painted like sheds, benches, doors, planters, etc.  We had a shed back at our Kentucky home that we would freshen up with a new coat of paint every few years.  This shed, at our Tennessee home, is newly built and getting its first coat of paint, but we will also have freshen it up every few years as well.  

Today, I wanted to share my favorite paint tools I used, and you could use too, if you have something that needs to be painted at your home! 

How to Paint a Shed

The supplies are actually pretty simple:  a brush, a roller, a paint tray, a paint pail, and liners!

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(I created a video below to show the painting process in action, and I talk a little about these products.  You can also see my, Eli, and Adam painting in the dark!  haha!)

For my paint brush, I loved using the Chinex Elite Bow Brush.  

Y’all, this brush holds SO MUCH paint!  Like seriously.   The brush bristles are actually “Pre-flagged” on the ends (kind of like split hairs) so that the brush picks up and holds more paint.  Plus, the pre-flagged bristles make the paint go on more smoothly.

I used this brush to trim out all the batten and edges on the shed.   (Since we were painting the shed all one color, I didn’t need to cut in with an angled brush.)

How to Paint a Shed


To hold the paint for my paint brush, I used my Purdy pail and paint liners!  I love this pail because it has a magnet on the side that holds up your brush when you are not painting.  (Check out the video.)

And the paint liners make it so easy to clean up!  I just pulled out the liner and threw it away when I was finished.  

Adam, Eli, and I took turns using the pail as we climbed the ladder to some hard to reach places.   





To paint the smooth parts of the shed, I used the Purdy Golden Eagle roller with 1/2 ” nap, the 9 inch Revolution roller frame, and the Purdy Power Lock extension poll.

How to Paint a Shed





Just like the Chinex Elite brush I used, I was amazed at how much paint the Golden Eagle roller held!  I could roll half way down the shed before I had to add more paint!  It definitely saved me some time!  This roller can be used with all latex and oil based paints, and on indoor or outdoor projects.

And the Power Lock extension poll made it easy to roll paint to the top of the shed.

When using a roller, but sure to use the Purdy Nest paint tray.  It is so durable and holds up to 1.5 gallons of paint!  Just don’t forget the liners for easy cleanup!

Y’all, I’m so in love with our newly painted shed!  I think it turned out great!  The boys helped me landscaped the sides of the shed, and Cy hung some lights on each side of the doors for me.  It’s almost too pretty to be a shed, don’t ya think?!

How to Paint a Shed

I keep telling Cy this needs to be my “she shed,” so I can finally have an office for my work, but I haven’t convinced him yet.  :(

Can y’all help me?  haha!

How to Paint a Shed


Like I said, here is a short video of our shed project for you to check out….


If you have any questions at all about this project, let me know!

Tell me, is there something outdoors at your home that could use a new coat of paint?

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  1. I think it should stay a shed, despite its adorable appearance. If you use it for an office you are going to require some heating and cooling, and more electrical for plugs and lights. Then again, if you are looking for another project to highlight, go for the office.
    Whatever you use it for it sure is attractive!

  2. I love the black paint, especially against the green pine trees! I would paint the step black also. I think you should let Cy use it for what he originally intended, especially if it doesn’t have AC or heat!

  3. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Definately a SHE SHED! Those doors are too GEOROGUS for just a “hold all the lawn equipment etc., shed”. Just add electricity and you’re good to go!

  4. Wow!!!! That is soooo cute. Love it all black. It would be a nice office for you but Cy works so hard and he really needs a tool shed doesn’t he???? Lol. Plus, it may be too far out away from the house for you to go out in the dead of Winter. You may want to be cozy in your house with your kids. :). Just my thoughts. Lol.

  5. The guys have worked hard. They need the shed for tools OR whatever. You can find a nook inside for your office. However…I don’t blame you for wanting the shed The shed looks great. It’s just not for you LOL.

  6. Love Purdy paintbrushes! Didn’t know about the paint cup with the magnet, planning on picking one up with liners, of course 😊

  7. i am not going to let my husband see this shed. do not want to see a grown senior gentleman cry…
    since i have a sewing room in a closet that he outitted with drawers, pullout estensions and SHELVES, i can see how you would wish to designate this a she shed.

  8. Love it! It’s way to pretty to be a tool shed I vote for a she shed. You’ve got me thinking about changing the colour of our shed.

  9. Traci it looks amazing!!!! Love how it compliments the front of your home without being matchy matchy. And the color is perfection. A great example of how a little vision can go a long way.

  10. Love the SHE SHED !!! Love the black paint. And I totally agree with you, it should be YOUR SPACE !! I have one and it’s my favorite space for painting and art projects. Just GO FOR IT GIRL !!

  11. I love the shed Traci! It’s goes so well with your house. Such a tough call. It would be great for either. 😃

  12. I love the shed Traci! I think the little porch would look really pretty with that faux flat stone material added on it. Just a thought. It goes so well with your house. Such a tough call. It would be great for either. 😃

  13. Very cute..but I vote for Cy! He needs a place for tools. You have the whole house .. he needs his space too. Very cute you’ve done a great job!

  14. It’s beautiful. I love it and Purdy brushes. That being said, Cy works awfully hard and perhaps would enjoy a “he” shed to revitalize for more projects.

  15. Aw! So cute! Love it! You’all are so talented! She-shed? Depends…does Cy really NEED the storage shed? He counts too!

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