My Favorite Amazon Products! (*Amazon Prime Day*)



It’s Amazon Prime Day!

This is a fun time to find some great deals on Amazon.  Have you been over there to check them out?

I have my eye on a few, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. haha!

Today, I thought I would share with you my favorite Amazon purchases of 2020 that you may enjoy too!  Not all of them are on sale, but I’m only sharing the items that I have bought, loved, and would recommend to you.  (Yes, I have bought some duds this year too, but I’m not sharing those.). :)

These pillows I recently bought for my outdoor patio set, and I love them!





The following health and beauty products are ones that I use daily/weekly and continue to order every time I’m out. 

I LOVE this Glycolic Acid face wash!  I use it several times a week, and it deep cleans my skin, makes my skin feel smooth and bright, and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.  I also bought some for my teenage kids to help with their breakouts. 



The Cocoa Butter skin therapy oil is something I apply to my skin every single night after my regular skin care routine.   It has helped with my skin tone and dark/age spots.


Living Proof dry volume blast is my favorite product to use when my hair is needing some extra “oomph!”  I don’t use it daily, but only when I need it. 




My physical therapist recommended taking turmeric for my swollen joints when I was running this past spring. I took these daily and saw immediate results in the swelling!  Now I take them as needed, but they can be used as a daily supplement. 



These earrings are a great price and go with everything!


This is my favorite curling iron, and it’s only about $25.  I have two…the one inch barrel, and the half inch barrel. 


Here are some miscellaneous products I have bought this year and LOVE!

I bought these metal shower caddies, and they are much sturdier than the ones with the rubber suction cups.  These stay up a long time and are great in the kids’ bathroom.


We get a lot of flies and mosquitoes in our backyard because we live by the creek.  I had to get something to help us out while we enjoy our back yard.  I got this bug zapper, and it works like a charm!




Recently, I got this pet feeder for my cat, Journey.  We did have a container that had a continual dispense, and our cat started getting fat. haha!  So I had to put her on a “diet.” 

You can program this pet feeder to dispense food at certain times during the day, and you can also control the amount.  I am proud to say that Journey has lost some weight and is much healthier!


I also got this water feeder for both our cat and dog. Journey, like a lot of cats, likes her water to be “bubbling.”   So she loves this product.  Bentley, our dog, doesn’t care that it’s bubbling.  He’s just glad there is water there.  ha!



This echo dot is an Amazon Prime deal and is only $18.99!  We have one of these in all of our bedrooms.  We love to use it for white noise at night, and the kids love listening to music on theirs during the day. You can also easily check the time and weather, and so much more!  We love ours!



I’ve shared this Egg Maker before, and I have to share it again.  We use it all the time to make hard boiled eggs, and it is SO EASY!  The eggs come out perfectly every. single. time. 




I have other products, (including my favorite essential oil accessories,  listed in my Amazon Store Front.  You can check those out by clicking the link below!



If you find any great deals that you think I should know about, please share!

Hope you have a blessed day!



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