New Chairs for our Den (on sale!)

Hello friends!  Hope you are doing well!  

Cy and I took Eli and Sania with us to Kentucky this weekend to work on the Wilmore House.  We got a LOT done in the laundry room, and I will share that with you this week!

Today, I wanted to share with you the new chairs that we got for our den, and I mentioned them in my last post about painting our den wall black.

These chairs are swivel recliners.  

I have never been a fan of recliners because when I think of a recliner, I think of clunky, chunky furniture, ya know?  Kind of like this one…

Now granted, these types of recliners literally feel like you are sitting on a cloud and are great for lounging in for Sunday afternoon football, but they aren’t necessarily the prettiest things, if ya know what I mean?

But in order for chairs to work in this space, I needed them to be able to swivel around to see the tv, and also recline so we are not breaking our necks to see the tv.   

So I started looking online in search for the perfect swiveling, reclining chair for our den (and in my small budget.). I wanted something that didn’t really look like a recliner and was an off white color to go with my decor. 

Unfortunately, I found a lot of recliners I liked that were WAY out of my budget, so I kept on looking. 

FINALLY, I stumbled upon these recliners at Wayfair, and they seemed to fit the bill.  (Although they were $399 a piece when I purchased them.)

They are currently on sale for 60% off, ONLY $319, and have 4.6 star reviews from almost 4,300 customers!  That’s pretty darn good!

I love the more modern look and the color was perfect! (I noticed in the reviews that customers mentioned they were lighter in person, more off-white than beige, and I agree.  But off white was exactly the color I needed!)

When I placed my order on a Thursday, it said I would get the chairs about 10 days later, but they actually arrived in 4 days!  #SCORE!  (Which is another reason I love these chairs.  Most other chairs I looked at, at stores like Pottery Barn, were going to take MONTHS to get it!)

I absolutely love them, and I love how they make our den feel more complete (although we have a long way to go in this space still.)

Right now, I just have a basket between the two, but just purchased this accent table from Target today.  

I have to go pick it up and see if it looks good in this space.  I will let you know!

On instagram a couple of weeks ago, I did a “review” of the recliners, and I uploaded the videos to youtube to share with you here!



If you are interested in ordering these recliners, you can find them HERE.

And if you have any questions about these recliners, drop them in the comments!

Have a blessed day, friends!




  1. The chairs are very pretty and I love how far they recline. My favorite is a rocker recliner but like you I don’t like the big bulky ones. I like the cylinder table you ordered too!

  2. Love the chairs but how will you keep them clean? Won’t laying back with your head soil them and my main concern with light color is how do you keep dark jeans from fading on them? I am going to purchase new furniture soon for a family room and I feel paralyzed to even go look as I don’t know what to get…. several items to buy and I want neutral but like I said above how to keep it clean is a concern. I wish I could just go online and order something sight unseen and have it come ok. I’ve never ordered from Wayfair. That’s great they come in good condition and in 4 days. That’s crazy.

  3. Love the hammered brass table you’ve ordered to go between the chairs…..hope it works, Also love the picture with the cat sitting on the basket between them. I think I’m ordering 2 of these chairs.

  4. The light chairs look great in front of the black wall! When I read the post about painting the wall I wondered if those chairs were for people that weren’t interested in watching TV. I never would have guessed they swivel and are recliners too! Your room is looking great!

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