Boys’ Room Update {Paint or Wallpaper?}

Hello, friends!

This week we have received a bunch of snow here in the Nashville area, and the kids have been home from school all week.

Since we don’t get snow here often, we don’t have any snow gear.  The kids got creative and used onsie pajamas, plastic bags, and socks for gloves to enjoy their time out in the snow!  We call it “Southern Snowwear.”  haha!


While we have been snowed in, we have been able to get more work finished in the boys room.  

Remember what it looked like a couple of weeks ago?…(This was shot with the wide angle lens on my phone so it looks a little warped.)

I shared a similar photo in my last post and shared some Instagram stories where I talk about wanting to make this room better. 

Well, we were able to make it better by painting the window’s black, changing out the old window trim with 1×4’s, and getting some new bedding…

The only money I spent on this change was the new bedding from Target and the trim from Lowe’s.  We already had the paint.

I could have stopped here with this room refresh, but you know that is always hard from me to do.  haha!  I started wondering what it would look like if I added some lights above the bed, and created a possible look on “picmonkey.”  (An online photo editing app.). The following photos with text are ones that I shared on my Instagram stories…


I also wondered what it would look like if I moved the sconces to the side walls and put shelves above the beds….



Or maybe artwork above the beds…





Looking at the above photos, I started to feel like the wall behind the beds looked very stark and maybe the windows would stand out even more with some type of wall treatment like paint or wallpaper?

I love grasscloth wallpaper!  Do you like it?  Funny thing is that our 4th fixer upper that Cy and I bought in 2004 was a 1970’s two story home, and the home that I started my blogging career in in 2009.  In the dining room was grass cloth wallpaper that we removed, because at the time, it felt “dated.”  haha!  But grasscloth wallpaper is making a huge comeback, and I love the texture and warmth it adds to a room.  

Doesn’t it look good with the sconces above the bed?

Trying that wallpaper, made me want to try some other ideas.  Ombre wallpaper is on trend, and I love it in many rooms that I see it in, but I wasn’t digging it in the boys’ room…

Green is one of my favorite colors to decorate with right now, so I tried it on the back wall, and liked it!

But then I wondered if it would look better only half way up the wall?…

What if I continued the paint all around the room?…

I was really starting to like this look, which led me to wonder if I should add board and batten on the bottom half of the wall?

It was hard to find board and batten photos that I could put into my pictures to get the look I wanted, but you can see I tried…

I REALLY like the look of the board and batten, don’t you?

Board and batten is actually an easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact in a room. 

So that is the way I am leaning.

I’m not sure if I will paint the top green?  Or add grasscloth wallpaper?  

What do you think?

Would you do a totally different wall treatment?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Hope you have a blessed weekend, and stay safe!









    1. Hate the green. It goes with nothing in the room! It is a boys room. Go blue grass cloth. Then some picture that means something to the boys beside the beds so they can enjoy them too. A rug beside the beds to bring it together. Then if you think you need something on the blue grass cloth then black and white pictures that say what they are into. Like soccer or music or what ever. That way they will tie into the black and white pictures next to the beds.

      1. Hate is a strong word. Green is actually the boys’ favorite color choice. I may try a lighter shade of green, but will try other colors as well before deciding.

        1. I actually really love the green. It’s so pretty/masculine at once!
          I’ve read your blog for a long time and know whatever you decide will be great!

  1. Love the change with the windows!
    My first thought was to do board and batten walls! :)
    I think it would look great with the grass cloth wallpaper to add a natural texture element!
    Either way I’m sure it will look fabulous when you’re done!

  2. All good ideas, but I like the board and batten with grasscloth above it all the way around the room. On second thought, maybe the green paint above the board and batten and bamboo shades on the windows. I’m sure you’ll do this anyway, but I’d let your boys make the final decision if they care and can agree!

    1. Hey Traci!
      I love what you have done. I really like the grasscloth behind the beds with the shelves. Kids always need shelves. Also…. the scones on the side. I like that this is a little different.
      Anything you do will be great. 😊

  3. Crack me up Traci! Loved ALL your ideas but since you love the board and batten maybe go that route for sure! I love the look of grass clothe on that back wall to add texture. Not sure you need the green paint. 😬since it’s a small room keeping it light will probably make you happier in the end. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  4. When they sit up in the beds wouldn’t they hit their heads on the lamps. I really like the green wall.

  5. Just popped in today. These are all super cute! I actually really like the ombre wallpaper! I love it next to the warmth of the wood dresser and how it complements the beds. I normally like grasscloth, but I think it maybe needs to be a different color to make the dresser, window, and , beds pop, if you go that route. But, I also really like the battan and the upper wall green which is super trendy right now.
    Those are my top three. :) Whatever you decide will look great, I’m sure!
    Stay warm and safe. Your home looks pretty in the snow.

  6. What a big transformation a bit of paint and new bedding makes! The boys must really like it.
    I vote for swivel lamps above the headboards so that the sconces can be moved out of the way and not cause ‘head bumps’ when getting in and out of bed. Then how about adding one or two shelves (maybe 30″ to 36″ long) on the side walls so that the boys can display their favorite things? I’d rather have shelves for treasures than board and batten if those two ideas ‘fight’ with one another. As for wall color or a feature wall behind the beds, maybe the guys can use the same computer program you used to try things out and see what they come up with themselves.

  7. I like the green-but I’ve always loved green even when it wasn’t all the rage like it seems to be right now. Excited to see this makeover!

  8. Have you priced wallpaper lately? It is so expensive compared to years ago. I too love seagrass and just finished papering the upper walls of my bathroom (above 5 ft tall beadboard ). I looked at seagrass and was shocked at the cost. Immediately I knew I was not willing to pay that kind of price, but the sales person at the store suggested vinyl wallpaper that looks like seagrass made by Thibaut. It has the advantage of being wipeable which seagrass does not. She also said it would be better for a bathroom since it wouldn’t absorb moisture like seagrass would. I went with this: and I love it. It was still expensive, but about half the cost of seagrass. Something you might want to look into.

  9. Here is my two cents. Board and batten with green on top. Another reader suggested bamboo shades on window. Yes. The shelves you had in the old house would look good on side of bed.

  10. Traci, I really like the grass cloth too!!! And the sconce lamps on the wall. And the board and batten on the wall! You have an eye for style for sure! I am sure whatever you do, it will look great and the boys will love it!! :-)

  11. I vote for the board and batten with the green and swivel sconces! I love your style and how you take us on the journey.

  12. Have you asked your sons what THEY would like in their room? Maybe they’d prefer that you start with a window covering so they can have some privacy in their room and keep it darker at night.

    Grasscloth is difficult to clean and can get dusty and ratty-looking with time. (I was around back in the 1980s when grasscloth was popular the first time around.)I think the board-and-batten with green above would be a good look.

    1. I’ll be honest, I don’t really ask my kids what they would like. I know that sounds harsh, but they trust me and have always loved what I have done in their rooms over the years. And until they can afford to pay the mortgage, I get to make the major decor decisions. haha! It’s just the way I do things in our home, and it works for us. Plus, room/home makeovers is how I make money. It’s my “job.” If it wasn’t, I’m sure I would be more flexible. The boys understand that and support me. :) Of course, I wouldn’t paint their room purple or pink. They love the blue, the lockers, the guitars hanging on the walls, and love their new bedding. So it’s all good! And we did start with window coverings. We added new blinds right after we painted the windows black. They are room darkening blinds, and the kids love them! :). Grasscloth has come a long way since the 80’s and you can get the “look” of grasscloth without the actual texture. They have some beautiful choices!

  13. SO I love the grasscloth behind the beds and I love the idea of the sconces behind the beds too but wonder about hitting your head if you raised up????? maybe I’d have to see in person to know that this would not happen – ha ha but i Love the idea

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I would make sure to place the sconces high enough where they wouldn’t hit their heads. I may need to try several different styles of scones.

  14. Oh yes grass cloth!! It will add amazing texture. And then you can add some art work & photos. It is going to be a great boys room. Fantastic job!! Go girl!!

  15. Lights on side look awkward and in the way. I do like them above the bed. The green paint With wood treatment would be my choice.

  16. That room is coming along quite well, like everything you all do! I have a quick question though. While I was was scrolling down enjoying this make over, I saw Cy up in the corner of my screen installing those cabinets y’all put in the butlers pantry in the Kentucky house and I was reminded that I need to put new doors on my cabinets because they came with that shrink wrap nonsense on them and they are all beginning to peel and yellow. Do you remember the name of the place you ordered those doors from? I really loved those cabinets. Thanks, Traci
    XO, Deb

  17. I like the board and batten bottom section but I would pick up the blue from the bedding for above the board and batten.

  18. Can’t wait to see this transformation complete. It is going to look amazing! Love the board and batten!
    Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!

  19. You might think I’m crazy……I love the board and batt! But above that how about a blue and green plaid? A large plaid , maybe even a painted plaid. Or a starched fabric on the wall?

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