Wilmore House Update (Spring Break DIYs)

Last week, we went to Kentucky for Spring Break and had the most WONDERFUL time!!

It was so great to spend time with family and friends, and we got a lot of work completed on our Wilmore House. 

I made a little video of our Instagram stories that week that you can find at the bottom of this post. 

Just as a refresher….here is the Wilmore House when we bought it three years ago…

And here she is today…

She’s just the sweetest little place in the world.  Right now, we still do not have cable or wifi in the house, which means no tv or internet.  It’s been such a quiet little getaway from the world.  We listen to vinyls on the record player, play card games and take walks to the gas station for snacks…heaven on earth, y’all!  

While we were there, we hung some new lights in the kitchen and den.  
Here is a before picture of the kitchen…


I’m so glad we decided to value the ceilings, and I love the old beams we made out of bunching the 100 year old ceiling joists together!  Because the beam was not centered over the table, we used a 2×6, painted it white, and hung it across the beams to attach the chandelier to.

This chandelier is a Kitchler light.  We had to go to Lowe’s and buy some more oil rubbed bronze chain links to lower the chandelier even more.  (You can see that in the video below, AND see where Cy sat on the glass globes and cracked two of them! #ugh)

I found our chandelier online HERE.

While Cy was working on projects on the house, I did a very quick spray paint job on this lamp that I got at Habitat Restore last year.  Do you remember me sharing about it? 

It looks so much like these from Pottery Barn for $299!…



I didn’t want mine to look as rustic, so I just used black matte spray paint, and I love the way it turned out…

That cute little side table is only $99 at Target.  

I really like it and may get another one for the other side of the couch. 

We also FINALLY added pocket doors on the Jack and Jill bathroom.  We have not had doors on this bathroom for the two years we’ve been using it. haha!  We’ve had shower curtains hanging in the doorway and have had to yell, “I’M USING THE BATHROOM” every time we used it.  


These are not the type of doors I wanted, but they will have to work for now.  I was wanting to find two matching antique doors, but I have been searching and couldn’t find two I liked that would fit these pocket doors.  

And we really needed doors on the bathroom!  #duh

So we bought what they had in stock at Lowe’s and painted them the same color as the trim, Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams. 

They will do for now. :)

I also did a FUN DIY project for our laundroom, but I can’t share it yet because it is a sponsored project with Krylon.  I will be sharing it in about a week, but you can see a sneak peek of it in the video below. 

Cy also hung a ceiling fan in the second bedroom, but I didn’t get video of that.  You’ll also see in the video below how Cy added some rock to the side of the house to help when it rains. 

We did a lot of clean up in the back yard, added some much to the landscaping, and of course, I bought a little decor at HomeGoods. :)

BEST PART of the whole trip though?...spending time with family and friends.  We had a cookout with my family on Tuesday night at the Wilmore House, a fish fry with the family on Friday at my sister’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday, two visits to my dad’s house (and the kids stay all night with Dad and Janet on Thursday night,) dinner with two precious friends of mine on Wednesday night, sweet friends dropping by at the Wilmore house to see us, and so much more.  It was good for our souls!  

Again, here is a little video of some of my Instagram stories from that week if you do not follow me over there!


Thanks for letting me share this Wilmore House update!

Do you have any Spring Break or travel plans coming up?

Have a blessed weekend, friends!






Here’s one more sneak peek of a project coming up….


  1. Wow!!! You all have worked so hard on this house, and it looks great! Looking forward to seeing more project videos. So glad that you and your family had such a fun Spring break. 😃

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