Surviving the Nashville Flood!

Well, you just never know what a new day will bring you!  (um…like a flood!)

Saturday was a wonderful day, and we spent the whole time outside working on our shed.

Cy got the lights added to the front of the shed and all the electrical wires run inside the shed.  We were SO excited with how it was coming along.  

It started raining a little, so we called it a day.

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, and were relaxing after a long day’s work.  After dinner, it got cloudier, and I could hear thunder rumbling outside.   I love the sound of thunder, so I went outside to enjoy it, and I took a video of our cute little shed to share on Instagram.  You can hear the thunder in the background of that video. (Shared at the bottom of this post.)



Little did I know that four hours later, complete chaos would ensue!

It was about 11:00 pm, and I was getting ready to go to bed.  I went to tell Adam goodnight, and he was looking out the front windows of our house.  “Mom!  Look at this water in our front yard!  It’s crazy!”

Because our house sits down off the road, it is common for us to get water in our front yard, so I did not expect to see what I saw!  It was a flowing river in our front yard!  I yelled for Cy to come take a look, and at the same time, Jonathan and his friend Parker come over from the studio suite in the back of the house and yelled, “Mom, look at the driveway! Our cars are gonna flood!” 

It happened that quickly.

It was wild.  

Jonathan, his friend, Parker, and Adam quickly jumped in the cars and drove them up to the corner of the street where they wouldn’t flood or get washed away.  (Unfortunately, some of our neighbors’ cars did get flooded.)

Within minutes, it was water as far as the eye could see.  From our deck, you would step down into water, and it was moving quickly (even though it looks still in the photos.). The water was constantly moving and flowing across across our yard, taking most of our chairs and belongings with it. 

Our sweet little shed got water in it.  It broke my heart to see the photo below. 

The water was climbing quickly in our front yard too, and it was making it up close to our porch.  If it made it that high, it would have started to flow into our home through the front door.  You can see in the picture below our front porch brick pavers.  The water was getting close to reaching the top of our porch.

At that point, Cy was trying to decide if we should leave the house for safety.  Sania had already gone to bed and woke up to the chaos. Of course, the younger kids were freaking out, and Sania started crying.  It was something we had never experienced before and something we didn’t expect.   She didn’t know what was going on.  I tried to keep everyone calm, but it was hard.   I was freaking out too.

Water began entering under our garage doors, and I began running in and out of the garage grabbing family heirlooms and keepsakes that I didn’t want to ruin.  I had no clue how long it would continue to rain or if the water would continue to rise.

Jonathan took off on foot down the street, running through the streaming water from neighbor to neighbor checking on them.  Some of the neighbors didn’t even know what was going on!  It happened that quickly.  Jonathan saw one woman upstairs through her kitchen window, and Jonathan knocked on her door to warn her.  The water was already up to her porch and she didn’t even realize it!   There was also an elderly couple in a split foyer home that Jonathan checked on.  He said they were sitting upstairs because the bottom floor was already flooded.  :(

Back at our house, we realized the rain was starting to slow down, and we decided to wait just a few minutes longer to see if the flood water would continue to rise.  

Thankfully, it began to recede.  Within about 15 minutes, you could start to see some of our yard again.  

Our nerves started to ease a little, but there was rain in the forecast for the rest of the night until 6:00 am, and there were some more heavy storms coming through.  

We stayed up until about 3:00 am, after all the main storms had passed, and when we realized we were in the clear, we went to sleep. 

The next morning, we assessed the damage, and we are grateful that it wasn’t too much.  Our crawl space is full of water and will need to be pumped out, and we had a lot of debris that got washed up at the creek line that had to be cleaned up.  

Our shed floor was very dirty, but we got it cleaned up yesterday, and now we are letting it dry out. 

Cy took two truck loads of debris to the local dump, and I cleaned up the garage. 

It was a crazy experience for sure, but we are truly thankful that it wasn’t worse.  This flood came on quickly, and our neighbor who lived here during the 2010 Nashville flood said that the water rose just as high this past Saturday night as it did over a decade ago.  He said the flood of 2010 rose slowly over a period of a few days, and they were able to prepare for it.  This flood was completely unexpected and has caused a ton of damage in our area.

I believe that 4 lives were lost and many homes destroyed.  You can read more about the flood HERE on our local news. 

It has been almost a year exactly to when the devastating tornadoes ripped through Nashville right at the onset of Covid.  Whew, what a year!

These moments always force us to once again remember what matters most in life, and it is most certainly NOT THINGS.  

As devastating as it would have been for our home to have flooded, it wouldn’t matter one bit to me as long as my family were safe and sound.  

And this flood reminded me once again of how unstable this world is.  How things can change in a heartbeat. 

But not my Savior.  Jesus is my ONE CONSTANT.  His love and His promises never change.  He brings an indescribable peace to my heart in times like these.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!

I pray that wherever you may be or whatever your week may hold for you, that you too know that Peace.

Here are the videos from my Instagram that night…it’s crazy!





  1. OMG! How scary! It truly is amazing how things can change in an instant. So glad you and your family (and neighbors) are safe.

  2. You are correct that as long as family is safe the rest can be replaced. On the positive side you learned what can happen and it will flood again and now you can learn what to do to save the things in your home if there is time. A good plan is important. When panic sets in people often make bad decisions. Getting vehicles out if safe and do it early. And load them up. Make a list that can you can find immediately and it will help you focus. Take meds, clothing, important paperwork and any photos that can be replaced. Secure your pets immediately so they don’t hide and can be loaded in the vehicles. They will hide. Take pet food. If your area has disaster warning apps or news stations that provide good, early warnings pay attention. If you start early it can make a big difference. If you know big weather events could happen….fill all the gas tanks because that can become a big problem quickly and have a plan where all the drivers will meet. I’ve lived in wildfire areas and had to evacuate and having a plan and moving on it early can make all the difference in the world. We tend to think these weather events won’t happen to us until they do and it’s too late. Good to see your damage is fixable.

    1. I agree, especially about keeping gas in your vehicle. I won’t let the car get below half a tank anymore. Now is the time to get digital copies of birth certificates, tax records, insurance policies, etc. In an emergency, insurance companies will be inundated with calls. Having your copy of your policies will save a lot of headaches.
      Tracy, I’m so happy you are all safe and sound. Continued prayers for your community.

  3. Unfortunately this happens in Nashville area. . My son has lived there for 15 years abs it’s happened to them several times. God bless you guys

  4. Oh my goodness. That’s crazy. I’m so happy your house was saved. Happy you all are ok. In Oregon our little town had a huge flood of 1996. I was so happy to live on a hill. My husband was stuck at work at his fire station as flooded where he couldn’t get home. He was out saving others and their homes for days. So, I know how it can be, but not to my own home. Thanks for sharing. So glad you are back blogging again.

  5. As you said, what matters most is that your family stayed safe! Thank goodness that Parker and Jonathan were able to get all of the vehicles moved. Jonathan was a good man to check on the neighbors. While the flooding won’t be a regular event, are you going to rethink how you decorate/furnish your part of the shed? We never know what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And He is always right with us.

  6. I was just wondering about how you were when I heard about the floods! I live in the Southwest and we are so crazy dry here with a drought, it is hard to believe this is going on in other places! I am so thankful for the Lord’s protection upon your family and that your damage wasn’t extensive. Wow! What a wake up call for all of us, no matter where we live, to have a plan of action and preparedness for natural disasters. When we lived in the mountains of AZ we had to evacuate because of a huge forest fire, but we also had a couple days to pack and plan. Sometimes, like you mentioned, it happens so fast, there isn’t time to get everything packed. So glad for your family’s safety.

  7. So glad all of you are safe and not a whole lot of damage to worry about. I have had family members to get flooded and it is awful. I have heard them say that it’s worse than a fire.

  8. So glad it wasn’t any worse for you and your family. I live north of Nashville (closer to the Kentucky border). Fortunately, we live on a ridge and the water flows down toward the creek across the road from our home, so though our pond flooded, we did not! Flash floods are scary!

  9. I am so sorry that your shed was flooded, but I was happy to see that you were able to salvage and clean it all back up. My daughter is a worship leader at The Gate Church in Franklin and she sent pictures back of flooded streets downtown. I was shocked to see how high the water rose. Some of her friend’s homes were flooded and the church all jumped in and helped them out. I just found your YouTube channel and have binge-watched all your episodes! lol

    I love what you are doing to both your homes…and your decorating style. We live in Frankfort, KY. I love that you give affordable ways to make your home look so nice. I am a teacher and know how to stretch a dollar, but also, I am a Dave Ramsey kind of person. lol He lives on the hill near where my daughter rents a small little home…but I think his home is for sale right now…

    Franklin and Brentwood are in such a beautiful area… I hope you enjoy your time there.

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It was crazy how much of the area was flooded. We’ve never lived around water like this, so it was definitely scary. I’m so glad you found my blog, and I’m so glad you are here! xoxo Traci

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