“She” Shed Update! {We have walls and an air conditioner!}

Happy Thursday, friends!

I wanted to give you an update on my “She Shed!”  

The last post I shared about the shed showed how we updated the exterior of the shed.  We replaced the walls and roof, and it started looking so much better. 

I painted the doors black, (they still need a second coat,) and Cy re-hung the lights that we had on the other shed we built and had to tear down.  


Cy still has to do some work on the roof, but it looks so much  better!  (Can you spy Cy saluting in the picture below? haha!)

Then I told Cy that I didn’t want just steps to the shed (like the other one we built,) but I wanted a platform to go all the way across our new shed. 

So Cy cut off the front of the base of the shed we had to tear down to reuse on my new shed!  See below..

And then he put it in front of my new shed and attached pressure treated 1×6 deck boards to the top.  


Next, we re-used leftover wood from our Wilmore House and created a vertical planked feature wall for my shed!  We are so thankful to be able to re-use our wood because lumber prices are CRAZY right now!

I plan on painting the vertical planked wall the same color as the shed, but the rest of the walls will be white.

Cy added drywall to the ceiling & walls and mudded them.

Here’s a view from the back after he mudded all the walls…

Once the walls were mudded, Adam helped Cy sand the walls.  This is a VERY messy process!

Yesterday, Cy installed the air conditioner!  Truth be told, I thought I ordered an air conditioner with a heat option too, but I didn’t.  :(  We will keep it for now, but I may have to change it out later.  I wanted my office to be warm when I walked in it on winter mornings.  



This is the unit we bought….

affiliate link HERE


And this is what it looks like as of today!  We are getting sooooo close!  I can’t wait to get it finished so I can start using it!

 I’ll keep you posted!




  1. Looking so good! I would stain that wood wall. You can always paint it at another time.

  2. It looks amazing Traci !

    I follow you on Instagram…..so saw this in real time😉

    Have fun with Cyndi and Wayne💞


  3. I think I love it more than the other one! Great work by Cy & sons! Can’t wait to see the finishing details from you.

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