Steps to Painting a New Interior Paneled Door

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Today, I am going to share with you a few easy steps and my favorite paint tools to paint our hallway bathroom door!

For a little background on our hall bathroom…

We did a makeover on this space last year, but the one thing that we didn’t do was install a new door!

The original door on the bathroom when we bought our house two years ago was a builder’s grade hollow core door.

This door was super light weight and showed a lot of dirt because it was white. 

It is amazing how just replacing inexpensive hollow core doors  can instantly change the look and feel of your home.  I love finding old solid wood doors at Habitat Restores and refinishing them, but since we have five doors in this hallway that all need to match, I knew we would have to purchase them somewhere else.

We found some five panel solid wood doors online that were exactly what we were looking for, so we bought them.

Even though we bought the size we needed, Cy still had to trim off about an eighth of an inch on the side before he installed it. 

The bathroom was already looking better with our new door!

But I didn’t want the door to stay white!  I wanted to paint it my favorite gray color, Sherwin Williams, Dorian Gray.  I chose a semi-gloss finish because it is more durable and easy to clean.

Next, I got out my favorite paint tools to get the job done…

You can remove the door to paint it, but if you have a door that is too difficult to remove, or you just don’t have the time, you can paint the door in place, just like I did. 

Before painting, place a drop cloth or towel under the door. 

STEP ONE:  Paint around Door Knob and Hinges

The first step is to paint around the door knob and hinges.  Many tutorials will tell you to tape off the door knob and hinges with painter’s tape, but I don’t like to waste time doing that, which is why I use Purdy’s ClearCut brush!  No painter’s tape needed!  This brush is THE BEST when cutting in or painting around objects.  It gives you the perfect, most clear line and saves you so much time!


After I painted around the door knob and hinges, it was time to start painting the door. 

STEP TWO:  Paint Recessed Panels

When painting a paneled door, you always want to start with the recessed panels. 

Painting the recessed panels is a two step process:

  1. Use the angled ClearCut brush to paint the recessed edges.
  2. Use the roller to paint the flat surfaces.

Using the angled ClearCut brush makes it super easy to get paint in the corners of the recessed panels. 

After the recessed edges are painted, use your Purdy Jumbo Mini Roller to paint the flat surfaces of the recessed panels.

(Sorry my photos are a little blurry.  It’s hard to take pictures of yourself when you are the only one home. haha!  I had to take a video and then screen shot these images from my video. #gottadowhatyagottado)

STEP THREE:  Paint the Outer Edges and Flat Panel Surfaces of the Door

Once you paint your recessed panels, you are in the homestretch and only have the outer edges and flat panel surfaces left to paint!  This takes just a few minutes with your roller.

The Purdy Jumbo Ultra Finish Mini Roller Cover  made with premium microfiber material, leaves behind an ultra smooth finish and is ideal for use with all paints and stains in the semi-gloss and high-gloss sheens.


When using these Purdy tools, the results are AMAZING!

Check this out!…

It looks like I had these professionally painted, in my humble opinion. haha!


Painting our solid wood doors definitely upgraded the look and feel of our bathroom!

Now I can’t wait to install and paint the rest of the doors down our hallway!

Have you painted any of the interior doors in your home?

If not, would you consider it?  And what color do you think you would use?

If you are someone who likes videos more than pictures, I put my Instagram stories together for you to view here!


Thanks for joining me!  I hope you enjoyed today’s paint project!

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  1. Congratulations on your decision to homeschool! I homeschooled my 4 children from 3rd grade all through high school. My kids are grown up, and married with kids of their own. The Lord was extremely gracious to us – all of them are responsible adults that still want to spend time with my husband and I. We are so very grateful!

    Your DIY videos are always so helpful, I always pick up at least 1 new tip to try. Just wondering if you could include in your next video how to properly use spackling paste to fill holes. Spackling is very basic, but I would love to see how you do it.

    Thank you!

  2. I love that Dorian Gray and the style of the doors is beautiful! I need to paint my bathroom door too, but my husband is gearing up to trim it up so it’s not quite ready to go yet. Love the black cabinets.

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