HUGE Progress on my She-Shed Office!

Hello friends!

I had many of you check in on our family on social media over the weekend!  You saw the flooding and devastation it caused in Tennessee, and many of you thought of us.  Thank you so much! 

Even though we got a lot of rain, it was not as much as other areas where the bulk of the damage occurred.  And it was WAY more dangerous than the flash flood we experienced earlier this year because lives were lost. :(

Please continue to pray for the people of Tennessee that were affected by this flood. 

Today, I want to share a HUGE progress update on my She-Shed office (that got water in it earlier this year from the flash flood in our area.)

In my last post that I wrote about my She-Shed, I showed you how the shed looked before we renovated it, and then showed you pictures of where we were in the process…


Well, we’ve come a LONG way since that last post!

Inside the shed, all we had done up to that point was the drywall. 

Then we painted the doors black and added some lights…

The whole exterior of the shed is painted Ebony Field by Valspar, the same as our studio suite. 

We did a vertical planked wood on the back wall of my office, and we added 4 drawer cabinet from Home Depot and painted them the same Ebony Field by Valspar.

Here are the cabinets we used:



Instead of real wood, we decided to lay a luxury vinyl plank flooring…


Cy got Adam started, and then he installed it for us…


This is the flooring we used from Lowe’s…

Style Selections Warm Honey Oak 5-mm x 7-in W x 48-in L Waterproof Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (23.21-sq ft/case)



I bought a matching cabinet to put in the corner for my “beverage station.”




Cy built me a counter top by putting MDF board over the top of the cabinet and mini-fridge, and then covered the MDF with leftover wood flooring from our home.

I painted the cabinet and then we added hardware to all the cabinets. 


I got this hardware at Lowe’s and love it.  It’s heavy duty and easy to install. They come in a couple different sizes as well.




We also painted the vertical wood wall the same color as the cabinets, and then I showed Cy how I wanted shelves to be built on both sides of my desk area, and he went to work!

He built matching shelves on the other side… 

 I was in the process of painting all of the shelves the same color as the wall in the pictures below…


For the time being, I placed my cowhide rug on the floor.  I think I like it, but I may try a solid color rug as well to see which I like better.


This is the cowhide rug I bought off Amazon a few years ago.  I’ve been very happy with it!



I bought this couch from Target to go in my office, and it fits perfect in this space!  It comes in two sizes, and the larger size is on sale right now. :)



I drink my coffee and have my quiet time on this couch every morning. :)

For the desk, I found this leather counter height stool at HomeGoods.  (It actually looks darker in person, like the ones from Amazon below.)


I found a set of two similar stools on Amazon.  Click HERE.


This is what my beverage center looks like so far.  I am wanting to do a shelf above the counter here, but haven’t figured out exactly what style yet. 

I absolutely LOVE having a mini-fridge in this space.  I use it ALL day long!  The only problem is now I need a bathroom in my shed!  I go into the house to use the bathroom it seems like 20 times a day!  haha!

Cy still has to add matching wood to the kickplate below the cabinet.  Right now it is white, but he will fix that soon. :)

Here is the fridge I bought on Amazon...




Well, I hope you enjoyed my She-Shed office update!  

I still have to style the shelves, get a small coffee table, and maybe another chair on the other side of the room, but I absolutely LOVE this space!  I get TWICE the work done in here than when I work inside the house.  

And the kids know to leave me alone when I am in my office, which helps a ton too. 

The cool thing about this space, is that someone could also take a nap on the couch if they ever wanted to.  Ahem.  Just sayin’….


Let me know if you have any questions about my She-Shed office or tell me what you think about it! 


Have a blessed day, friends!




  1. To say I have shed envy would be an understatement! Love this space, Traci, and how far it has come!

    The flooding in W. TN has been terrible. If anyone feels led please donate to help these folks in anyway you can.

  2. Love it! Do I remember correctly that you have sky lights? I would think the dark walls would make it very dreary unless you have a lot of natural light. But I love your taste so I’ll wait and see how it all comes together. You may need to get a camper potty for in the she shed if you can’t put in an actual bathroom. But you can tell yourself you’re getting in some extra steps that you wouldn’t get if you had a potty in your office. Grateful you are all safe.

  3. It’s good exercise for you to walk to the house to use the bathroom! I have to set my timer to make sure I get up from my desk regularly.

  4. No she shed in our downsized home so my hsb.has done some creative carving out of his garage for an office for me.Mostly sweat equity. And the closet in a bedroom is my seeing room with builtins.

  5. Your She-Shed looks great. What is the likelihood of a recurrence of the flash flooding like you had earlier this year? Would hate to see all this lovely work and place to enjoy have problems.

  6. Looks sooo good. It’s nice you have your own little get away now. It’s good for you to have to get up and go to the house to use the restroom. It may be different story once the weather turns cold. Yikes!!! You did a great job. So glad you all are safe. The flooding was soooo bad. Just sad what people are going through on top of all the other world stuff.

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