Christmas Movie Gift Ideas (and Birthday Day Weekend with my Dad!)

This past weekend, I stayed at my dad’s house for my “2nd Annual Traci’s Birthday Weekend!”

You can read on the picture above from instagram that for my birthday last year, I wanted to spend it with Dad because I didn’t get to see him much because of covid.  I wrote a post about it HERE.

We had the best time ever last year, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, eating popcorn, doing puzzles, drinking hot chocolate, and more!

So I couldn’t wait to do it again this year!

Last year, I got Dad a Hallmark Christmas movie popcorn bowl, but this year, I went to our local Hallmark store and got him some slippers…


An ornament, and this cute little mug…

He is always such a good sport with these gifts, and we love spending this precious time together doing simple things.


For my birthday, I don’t need big presents or fancy parties…I just want TIME.  Time with those I love.  And I will never forget these weekends that I have spent with Dad for my birthday!  I’m praying the Lord allows us to have a 3rd Annual birthday weekend next year!

If you love watching Hallmark Christmas movies with your loved ones as much as I do, you may enjoy giving them some of these gifts for the holidays…

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I would love that with my dad. Lost him 22 years ago. He fell off a ladder and died instantly. Very tragic…. Only 63. I miss him so much. Hold onto those Bday times with your dad for sure. Love your Hallmark movie gift ideas. My daughter got me a t shirt last year with saying on it about watching Hallmark movies. I still wear it. Fun. Great post. I remember reading your last year Bday post and glad you did it again. For sure do it annually. I’m sure he loves it as much as you. :).

  2. I love this post and love that you wanted time with your Dad for your birthday. I also love watching Hallmark Christmas movies and all my friends know it and tease me as I DVR them and watch them all year long. I love Candace Cameron Bure so my favorite movies usually have her in the leading role, Let It Snow, Christmas Town, and the one where she is a doctor in Alaska. I also love Lacey Chabert and the Christmas Movies she stars in. My favorite one of her’s is A Wish for Christmas. Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

  3. As a daddy’s girl whose daddy graduated to Heaven 9 years ago, I can’t agree more! Time spent with my daddy is time I still cherish as some of the best!! So glad you got to spend another bday weekend with your precious papa!!

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