A Few of My Favorite Things!

Happy December 1st!

Can you believe it?  I sure can’t!  This fall season has flown by!

I think now that I am homeschooling the kids and helping Cy with his new remodeling business (as a designer for his clients,) my schedule is just extra packed!

 I’ve spent most of the fall trying to figure out how to handle all of my new responsibilities.  I’m doing the best I can and giving myself grace.  I know I will be able to get in a better routine in the new year. 

I’m hoping to share some of the remodeling projects he has been working on here on the blog soon. 

But today, to kick off the holiday season, I thought I would share “My Favorite Things” gift guide with you. 

Some of these things I have had for a long time and love them, and some of these things are new items that I have just been using and loving. 

I have several colors in my favorite cable knit beanie and wear them all the time in the cooler months.  


This bluetooth Anker speaker is a great quality, and I use it in my office.  We also use it outside a lot when entertaining, or we will take it with us when we are traveling.  


This weeping eucalyptus tree from Target is my FAV!  I have one in my Kentucky house and one in our Tennessee home.  I love the size and the pot that it comes in. 


This egg cooker is one of my most practical and most used items in my kitchen.  We use it at least once a week or maybe more.  Your eggs are cooked perfectly every. single. time.   

My sister recently shared this corduroy “shacket” (shirt/jacket) on her instagram, and I immediately bought it!  I love the color, and I love the length.  It is so cozy and comes in a ton of different colors!

I bought this portable electric (fireplace) heater from Walmart for my office.  It’s perfect for a small space and comes in two different wood tone colors.

My sister also shared these shoes with me, and I bought them because I was needing a good pair of booties.  They are very comfortable to me, and also come in many different colors.


These two items my sister gave me for my birthday, and I have used them daily.  I wear this inexpensive initial jewelry set almost every day and use this blanket pretty much every night in the den.  It’s a dupe of the popular barefoot dream blankets but is much cheaper and just as cozy!


I love ALL my Victoria Emerson bracelets, but this one is great for holiday parties because it has a little extra bling to it!  It’s neutral, so it goes with everything!  

I got this Yeti coffee mug in different colors for my boys last year.  I got the white one for me.  We all use them all the time and love them!  They keep your drink hot forever and can be used for coffee, hot chocolate, or tea!  Whatever you want!


I love this cream dutch oven from the Hearth and Home brand at Target!


I have this canister set from Target in my Kentucky home, and whenever we finally get a new kitchen in our Tennessee home, I am going to get a set for that kitchen too!  I just love the way they look!


I have this cow hide rug from Amazon in my Kentucky House, and my sister bought one for her house and loves it.  I am thinking of getting another one for my she shed.  They are great quality and really pretty!


I’ve seen a lot of influencers share these Amazon leggings, so I finally bought a pair.  I LOVE them and plan on buying more in different colors.  They are very, very comfortable!


I bought these white Adidas with the leopard detail on the back from Nordstrom.  I love how they go with everything!  You can dress them up or dress them down. 


Lastly, my sister also shared this white adjustable cami, and I got it to go under my cardigans and shackets.   (She’s gonna make me broke! haha!). I love that it is lined and the straps are adjustable.

So those are a few of my favorite things!  

I hope you saw something for may like for yourself or maybe found something you want to buy as a gift this holiday season!  (The links above and below are affiliate links, and I earn a small commission off of each sale.) 

Thank you for supporting my family in this way.  :)

Have a blessed day, friends!  xoxo Traci


  1. Great list. As for the initial necklace. I’ve wanted to order one since Cyndi shared it but was wondering how the gold holds
    up? Do you see any tarnishing? Just don’t want to buy and have for short time. Loved hearing about your family. I didn’t know Cy had new job of remodeling business. So no more a banker? So neat. I’m sure you are a big help. You must be so busy homeschooling too. Didn’t realize that. Did your kids ever go to Nashville schools, Happy Christmas season to you.

  2. How did I miss that Cy has started a business? And you get to design? – AWESOME!! He isn’t in banking anymore?
    Happy Holidays!

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