Sweet friends! I am still alive!  haha!

In the 13 years I have been a blogger, I have NEVER gone over a month without posting.  

But I just looked, and my last post was in early December!  WHAT?!

Christmas 2021


Y’all.  This past fall has been a crazy one for us.  With Cy starting his new remodeling business, and me helping him with the design part of it…and homeschooling the kids…I’ve had to switch around some of my priorities. 

I’m still active on Instagram stories, but finding the time to write blog posts has been hard.  I’m hoping to get back into the routine of blogging at least once a week, so PLEASE STICK WITH ME.  haha! 

I appreciate this community so much, and I know that not all of you follow me on social media, so I’m hoping to share some of Cy’s remodeling projects with you here.  

I’m also hoping to share more of my heart here on the blog as well.  The world has been pretty heavy the past two years, and I want to share more about my thoughts on it all and how it has increased my faith in Jesus Christ

So I just wanted to say, Hello, and let you know that I will begin posting more in the weeks to come. 

Thank you SO MUCH for hanging with me during this different stage of our lives.   I appreciate it so much!

I’ll be back on Friday with another post!







  1. Well, I haven’t comment in a long time either! Great to see you back on your blog, and we understand about priorities! You are spending your time wisely with your kiddos. You can never get that time back! Enjoy and no guilt! God bless you in this new year. I’m excited to hear how your faith has increased!

  2. Ditto everything JC said. You are not contractually obligated to us on here! Any post is a gift of your time. We appreciate your time, your inspiring projects, your stories of family and faith, and we just appreciate YOU.
    Happy new year to you and your whole precious family!

  3. Good morning! I love that they are your priority- That’s part of what makes your blog wonderful. Thanks so much for that. Happy New Year!

  4. I’ve missed you but totally understand about being so busy and the stuff going on in the world and priorities! Love the family pajama pic! When did Sania get glasses? She looks great in them!


  5. Good to see and hear from you- but I follow you on IG so I don’t feel like I’ve missed you. Priorare where they should be!

  6. No apologies needed. Your family comes first and you have it right. I was just thinking about you guys the other day. I haven’t been following you too long, but found you from your sister , Cyndi. I’m not creative at all, so don’t tend to follow your type blogs but of course I fell in love with your family, so like to follow and hear all about them and your projects inspire me even though I can’t do much. I love the picture of you all and hope you’ve been able to stay well. I just can’t believe how much your kids have grown. I guess I’ve followed you longer than I thought…. Maybe since 2015. These covid years keep in coming and mess with my concept of time. I don’t know how we would do the days without our Lord. I’ll be excited to hear more from you as I don’t have social media. Your mama did well. I wish she could see your family and Cyndi’s now…… well she can. She would be soooo proud of you all. Blessings and so glad you all are well.

  7. Great to see you again. I have missed you and I can’t believe how big the kids are. I always loved reading about your life and all your ideas. Please keep up the wonderful things that you share I really enjoy them all. My life is so crazy, we had a flood 2 years ago and can’t seem to get things back together, maybe it is because I will be turning 80 in August and the energy just isn’t there anymore and I don’t have help and on a fixed income it makes it really hard. That is why I enjoy watching all of you. God bless and keep up the good work!

  8. I always check every few days to see if there’s a post and always know life….the important parts of life can take up time. Completely and totally understandable! It’s what makes your blog one that I bookmark and return to always….you live a real life and I love when you have a chance to share the little and big moments. Take care of yourself and your family first .. everything else will fall in line! I have followed from the very beginning and won’t stop now! Happy New Year 😊

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