Our New Property {Where we hope to build a house!}

Hey friends!

I hope you had a good week.  This one has flown by for me!

Luke flew back to LA last Wednesday night. (insert tears)

He was home with us two months because of his brain surgery.  We fixed him a little room off our kitchen so I could keep a close eye on him after his surgery.  It has been fun to have him home, and truthfully, we have basically been side by side the whole time.  He went back home with me to Kentucky twice during his stay…once before his surgery, and once after. 



To pass time, he and I started watching Downton Abbey together every night.  I had watched all the seasons a long time ago, but he hadn’t.  It was something we looked forward to every day, and we finished ALL the seasons.  He loved the series, and we are going to go see the new movie together in May.  


Thankfully, he will have to come back to Tennessee soon for some work, so I will definitely be looking forward to that!


I’m just so grateful that he is well and thriving.  The past two months were very scary for our family, and we are thankful to have that behind us.  


So in some more good news, we closed on our new property a few weeks ago too!  

We bought 8.25 acres outside of Nashville, that has a beautiful pond and a great building site for a home. 

I took some screenshots from a video that was made of it last summer when things were still green.   This is once you have come down the drive a little, and you can see there is a large pond on the right side. 

In a couple weeks, we will be adding gravel to the driveway.

This is a view from the driveway as you pass by the pond on the right…

The pond has a fresh water source always pumping into it, so its a very healthy pond.  It has some catfish and bass in it, but we are going to stock it even more and add some crappie and bluegill too!

Here is a bass Eli caught the other day…

If you are standing on the other side of the pond, looking back at the driveway, you see this…

The wooded area on the other side of the driveway is ours too.  Cy is actually planning on creating a pond on the other side of our driveway as well. 

We have a “pond excavator guy” coming to look at it soon.  :)

As you continue up the driveway, you come upon a large 2-3 acre clearing where we will build our house.  

It’s so beautiful on top of “Hutch Hill.”  :)

It’s surrounded by trees with lots of privacy.  Behind our property is a 61 acre farm with cows, so we don’t have to worry about people building behind us.  

I cannot tell you how much our blood pressure lowers when we are here.  

The day we closed on the property, Sania went with us, and after the closing, we got some lunch and took it out to the property to eat.  The previous owner hadn’t removed his deer stand yet, so Cy and Sania sat on it while they ate….

We were soooo happy to finally say the land was ours!  That night, we pitched a tent and stayed the night there.  We fished, roasted marshmallows, and watched the sunrise over the horizon.

It’s heaven on earth to us.   

So far, we got the septic approved, and now we are waiting on the water and electric.  We have also applied for a building permit, and then we will be able to build.  Cy and our boys will build 75% or more of the house.  Cy will contract out any of the parts that he can’t/or doesn’t want to do. 

So let the adventure begin!!!

We look forward to so many great memories out on our property!

This is from last weekend with some friends…

I’ll be sharing more details as we go along, but if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments!


Have a blessed weekend, friends!



  1. So excited for you and your family and to share the process with us! Where will you live while you build?

    1. Thank you, Sally! We will stay here at our house if we need to…we can’t rent back. But we may get an RV and live on the land. Who knows? We are going to figure it out as we go. haha!!

  2. Oh that is beautiful land and you must just be sooooo excited. My daughter and her husband had bought land and then the economy with the war changed so much, the house they were all ready to build went up $300,000, so they now can’t build. They had set a budget and they already had water, electricity and septic ready. They are trying to trust the Lord that he has a reason and is saving them from something they might have gotten into over their heads. I’m very sad, as they were going to be only 1 hr. from me with my first grandchild. After this happened, they had to hurry and find a place to rent as they have to be out of their house April 8th. They couldn’t find anything close that would lease for 6 month, wasn’t gross or too expensive or in a bad part of town. So, they found something 4 1/2 hrs. away from me now. I’m so sad. I cried ugly tears. This may only be temporary, but they love the City they are going to, so if her husbands job remains remote from home, I could see them staying and finding a house to buy. The plus side is my son lives only 30 min. from where they are going. :) Now they feel God is leading them to sell their land here when the market is high. You are blessed to be able to live in your current home, while you build as you go and that Cy and the boys can build it. It will be sooo beautiful I know. Enjoy!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I probably shared too much, but I’m struggling loosing my family so far, but God has a plan for them and I don’t want to stand in the way of that.

    1. Oh Kathy! I am so sorry. I know that must break your heart, but I love how you are trusting the Lord to work things out in His time. Never worry about sharing too much with me. You have a beautiful heart for your family. I pray the Lord makes their path clear. Prov. 3:5,6

  3. Beautiful property. It has to be so hard to leave all the other beautiful properties you’ve improved but this one you get to do from the ground up. Exciting!

  4. That place looks like heaven on earth…until we reach our beautiful eternal home in heaven! Love, love the pond! You will make SO many memories here!…I am so happy for you and your family. The Lord blessed us this last year and we were able to purchase a cottage in a quiet resort area with a 5 min walk to the lake. This is our haven and lowers our blood pressure as well! I can hardly wait until you start building and sharing your journey. God bless!

  5. hey girl- congrats! This is so cool! i love the property- oh so pretty!! And so thankful Luke is doing really good!!

  6. Congratulations! This is a beautiful spot and you are already making memories. So thankful with you for Luke’s good health. Sweet times!

  7. It is so beautiful Traci! There are just so many positives about the land for you and your family. I lived in metro Atlanta for 60 years. Since we moved to the country in the Fall of 2016, I have been a lot more calm and at peace, even with dealing with Larry’s cancer. I miss having good stores nd restaurants close by, but giving that up is worth all of the positives that come with living away from the rat race. I suspect that y’all can see a lot more stars on your land, since it’s away from city lights, if you don’t have it, install the free SkyView app on your phone. It’s awesome! Have fun with the whole process! I know that your home will be so beautiful and perfect for your family. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

    1. How wonderful, Ginger! I agree that the land is a better trade of than city lights. I love the peacefulness of it all.
      Blessings! xoxo

  8. So thrilled with Luke’s success. I can only imagine what those 2 months were like for all of you.
    The new place is perfection. Hutch Hill will be a memory maker for sure. So happy for you!

  9. So relieved that Luke is all healed and back to regular life; will say prayers of praise and thanks for that! I’m thrilled that you were able to close on the property and start your next big adventure!
    XOXO from TX,

  10. Your land is just beautiful! And I can’t think of any people who will be more thankful and treasure the land more than you, Cy, and your family will. This just feels so right for you guys. And I know you are so very thankful! God is so good! And how awesome that He who is the ultimate healer held Luke right in the palm of His hand!

  11. Simply beautiful! Love the name Hutch Hill. You guys will do an amazing job and it will be fun to follow your story. Memories, memories, memories.

  12. Congratulations!! I’m so happy that Luke is recovered and thrilled about the purchase of the land outside of Nashville. If anyone can make a nice homestead it’s your family, such is the talent and skills you’all possess!

  13. So excited to see this adventure for the Hutchersons! The property is very beautiful-and yes, a slice of heaven. Hopefully we will be moving past “the virus”, and things may settle down with our economy, and all the other craziness and the house of your dreams can be a reality.
    Wait time and the cost of material are sobering and killing. Lot of dreams for folks these days. Good for you all to have so much talent and hard workers under one roof.

  14. Oh Traci! That is an amazing property!! I can’t wait to follow and see how it goes. I LOVE that pond!!! How fun is that going to be?? Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you, Amy! Yes, it’s hard to believe that Luke had brain surgery just two months ago! Crazy! We are so grateful for the Lord’s blessing on him.

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