Well, it’s true…




Can you believe it?!

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve known this for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to make it official over here on the blog.  

The move is NOT something we had planned, but we knew that this home was not our forever home, and with the market being insanely hot right now, we felt it was a good time to sell. 

And there were some other reasons as well that I explained in a live video on Instagram.  I was able to embed that video here on the blog, so you could see it too! 

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts!


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We are so excited about this next adventure in our lives, and of course, can’t wait to share it with YOU!  Y’all make everything so much sweeter. :)

Stay tuned for a post later this week that shows you the new land we bought!

I can’t wait to show you!




  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! In our late sixties we moved from California to Tennessee, following God’s leadership, but not knowing exactly what to expect. It has been a wonderful decision! The Lord not only moved us here, but our entire family, and several dear friends over the last 17 years. We often marvel at what we would have missed, had we not blindly followed His leadership and been willing to leave everyone and everything familiar to us (at our somewhat advanced ages). Some thought we had lost our minds!! We (and they) did not see the BIG picture and the PLAN God had for us here. Isaiah 29:11!! I am excited for you!!

  2. Traci, I am just so excited for y’all! Congratulations!! This is just a perfect example of how the Lord cares about every minute detail of our lives, and orchestrates all things for our good! I’m so thankful too, to hear that Luke is doing so well and well on the road to recovery. Blessings to all of you!

  3. Congratulations!! This is incredibly exciting!!! It will be wonderful to watch your process. We are praying about selling and getting a place….1400 miles closer to our kids in Ohio, which is about 4 hours from Nashville. We wouldn’t be able to live in it full time as we are caring for my husband’s Mom who has Alzheimers.😢 Maybe part of the year? Lots to consider for us. So, great you got multiple offers!! We hope to sell our mountain cabin in CO this summer and hope that is the case as well. Enjoy the ride! God has an awesome plan for you!

  4. We moved from TX to middle TN last fall. We were 1,100 and 1,800 miles from our children and, being in our 70s, decided that was no longer a good situation and our children agreed. God led us to a great realtor team (who have become our good friends) and we love being only an hour from our daughter. I will say that for the seller, a “hot” market is great…when you are the buyer, not so much. But, after looking at maybe ten properties and losing out on one property, we made an “aggressive” offer on the second one and got it. God provided everything we needed, all that we wanted, and more! We have found a wonderful church that is less than two miles from our home. God is good all the time!!

  5. Congratulations, Tracy! We are actually doing the same. Everyone is moving here to Florida, but we just sold our house here and are moving north to Ohio where our daughter is and all of my family. We want some more land, maybe some chickens, garden, etc.–kind of like you said, wanting to get some land and get more self-sustaining and ‘off the grid.’ Most people think we are crazy to leave FL, but the family pull is strong as well as the need for more space. My youngest is a country boy and can’t wait to have a truck and a dirt bike and land to play on. Florida is getting more and more crowded and the traffic is insane!
    We move in faith trusting God for direction and want to use wherever we land to serve Him. Prayers for you and your family as you move forward, as well. Blessings!

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