Hello friends!

Don’t pass out…but I am actually posting more than one post this week! haha!
I haven’t done that in quite a while.

I am trying to get back into the habit of posting more, and one way to do that is to take content I create for my social media channels and share it here on the blog. 

For example, I have a faith-based social media instagram account called “Hope Beneath My Heart.”  You can follow me HERE.

Many times, I will go live on that instagram account and share what is on my heart about the Lord or His Word.

I know many of you are not on social media, so I thought I would share my videos with you here. 

This week, I shared with you a verse that has been on my mind a lot lately because I believe it can help us find Peace in this chaotic world right now.

I am not a preacher, and I have never been to seminary.  I’m just an imperfect person who loves Jesus and wants to be more like Him.  I make mistakes and will never claim to know it all.  But I DO know the One who DOES know it all, and I trust Him. :)

I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to hear any thoughts you have many have about it in the comments.  I think it would be a great way for us to encourage each other in our faith.



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May the Lord bless you and keep you!



  1. I would love to see your videos but I don’t have Instagram or Facebook. Did you post a video here on the blog and I’m missing it? Don’t see it. I’d love if you’d share your faith based videos here regularly. I think it’s so important, especially in these times now, that Christian’s encourage each other and share. We are not meant to do life alone. The last few years have left many so isolated.

  2. Oops. I just saw the video. :) What a great teaching. I’ve always loved that verse and it was so nice this morning to hear it again, broken down. You are right. I grew up Baptist too and we didn’t talk a lot about the spiritual battle and we do need to recognize it and SEEK HIM. When my son and I were in Bellevue, Wa. years ago, eating in a restaurant, we looked over and there was Russell Willson, the Seahawk’s quarterback. (Well not anymore…..Boo Woo.) We wanted to give him his space, as he was with his wife and someone else, but my son was really wanting to meet him. Finally a few other kids went over to greet him and he was so gracious to talk to them. I told my son we too could go over if he wanted. So we did and he was so very gracious and addressed both my son and myself and then he gave my son a card with his signature and the verse you just spoke on Matt. 6:33. It meant a lot to my son, because sometimes as a young Christian boy in school, you can feel alone. Russell let us take a picture of him and my son and we have that picture/card to this day. Thank you for speaking on this verse and sharing your heart. I too do my quiet time and bible study in the morning and I look forward to it. Yes, there is times I just don’t feel like it, but am always glad when I start my day with Jesus. I love following your family…..found you from your sister, Cyndi. I have been sharing your life with my husband too. :) We feel like we know you. Prayed for Luke. My husband is a Fire Chief/Paramedic, so was really interested in Luke’s journey. Now we will be following your house build. :) I listen to Dr. David Jeremiah on the radio and he talked on Spiritual Warfare too and said the same thing about how important it is to recognize in these times we are in. I love your blue sweater on you this morning(link it if you would and I have that same necklace combo you are wearing. I know Cyndi got it for your b’day. :) So, I ordered myself one too with a “K”. Do you still do the glue on nails? Your nails look so nice and if you could share the a name of the glue on nails again, I’d appreciate it. I sure hope you will post your Monday devotionals on your blog from here on out, so those of us who don’t ‘have social media can follow along too. Have a a great day.

    1. Kathy! Thank you for sharing the story about Russell Wilson! How cool! I’m sure that meant a lot! Thank you for praying for my son, Luke. He is doing so well, and we are so grateful. The blue sweatshirt I was wearing was actually from Aerie. It’s an oversized sweatshirt. I love comfy clothes. :) Here is the link:
      Currently, I am not doing the glue on nails. I have been going to the salon lately and getting the dipped nails. They last a little longer for me since I work with my hands so much. The ones I did use were called Red Aspen. I think there is still a link to it in my highlight buttons on instagram. Thanks so much! Have a great weekend. xoxo

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