Building a Shed on our Property!

Hey friends!

I hope you had a good weekend!  We had a GREAT weekend because we basically spent the entire weekend out on our new property!

We are waiting to get the water and electricity ran to the property, so in the meantime, we decided to build a shed down on the back of the property, behind the pond. 

Jonathan and Adam helped Cy stake out where we wanted to build the foundation of our shed.  

We rented an auger to make it easier to dig the post holes for the foundation. 

We got most of the foundation built on Saturday.  

While the boys worked on the shed, I ran to Lowe’s a couple times for more supplies.  We have a Lowe’s five minutes from our house!  YAY!!  

Sania and I rode around the property a lot in the Polaris and picked up sticks.  We also caught frogs and fished a little.  Eli basically fished ALL DAY LONG!  haha!  We also had one of my friend’s grandson hanging out with us on Saturday, which made it even more fun!  The more the merrier! :)

We took a break from building on Saturday and went to a local wood fire pizza restaurant that was so good! And then we came back and fished some more. 

Of course, as the sun went down, we built a campfire and roasted some marshmallows.  We didn’t get home until after 9:00 pm that night. 

The next morning, we went back over to continue working.   

We decided to build a shed with a slanted roof, kind of like the inspiration pic below (except no windows above the door.)  And Cy wants to build an eyebrow roof above the doors like the second picture below. 


So Cy and Adam framed up the front and back walls. 

Here is the view from on top of the hill.  Behind the shed, where you see more greenery, is where the creek runs into the pond on the right.

Before we finished, we got the roof joists installed and then called it a day!

As the sun was setting, Eli caught this bass fish!  It was a good size and pregnant!  woohoo!  He released it, and we look forward to having more baby bass in the pond.  The pond is super healthy and has some catfish and bass, but we hope to stock it with some more fish like trout and crappie. 

Whew!  What a weekend!  We ended Sunday night with another campfire and some s’mores.  I cannot express how peaceful it is out there.  I love the sound of the frogs croaking and the crickets chirping at night.  It’s like a lullaby to me!

Tomorrow morning, Cy and I have to meet the “electric guy” over at the property at 7:30 in the morning.  It’s a 45 minute drive there, so we have to get up early!  But we don’t care because we love every second we get to be there!

And guess what?!!! Luke will be home tomorrow!!!!

I have to pick him up at the airport in the afternoon!  Jonathan is recording 3 songs for his next EP on Wednesday, and Luke will be taking pictures and videos of the whole day. :). He will be staying through Easter Sunday, so I am THRILLED!

Anyway, that’s all for now!




  1. So so excited for you guys! I’m going to enjoy watching the process. Thanks for letting me peek into your weekend with your awesome family.

  2. I wonder if Cy sleeps with a hammer and nails! It’s amazing to me that he’s constantly building! At least the kids have some incredible talent to watch and learn from! It sounds as though it’s a peaceful and inspiring area for your family. Wishing you a blessed experience and so much happiness!

  3. Looks like a piece of heaven! So happy you will have your family together for Easter! Praise God for all our blessings!


  4. How peaceful. I look forward to watching your progress. We recently moved to a property on 46 acres BUT we are still only 1 mile from a target. Country property in the middle of the city. Our house sits 1/2 mile from the road. Best of both worlds. No water, per say…. little dry creek.. but nature and a pole barn. We bought from a couple who passed but were in there 80s so lots of renovation is needed inside and out which is why I enjoy watching yours

  5. Traci, I’m so very excited for your family. The shed is adorable, and I love the design. The property and all that it holds for your family is such a welcome gift after the scary situation with Luke. Enjoy every moment spent making it your family’s home. May God continue to bless your sweet family. 😃🙏🏻

  6. This property is amazing! But inquiring minds want to know… where is the bathroom in this little shed?

  7. I believe this is just the beginning of so many blessed and beautiful days for y’all at what I wonder will be your forever home. We have a 3 acre lake that we have stocked. If my memory serves me correctly, the experts told the guys not to add crappie because they will eat too many of the other fish. If y’all have not done so, I suggest checking with a reputable company before adding them to your pond. Yea on Luke being home a couple of weeks and on Jonathan’s upcoming EP!

    1. Thank you so much, Ginger! We are looking forward to many wonderful days on our new land. And I will tell Cy to check before he adds crappie! thank you!

  8. I have followed you for years, before Sania, and I just love your family. I am thrilled for you. This property seems PERFECT for you. Don’t take for granted that Cy knows how to do these building projects. And your kids will learn those same skills by helping him. Invaluable! Always take time to fish and roast marshmallows! You won’t regret that.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy! I am definitely thankful that Cy is such a hard worker. He truly is a great example to our children. I think I may have to buy stock in marshmallows because we roast them every time we are there! haha!
      Bless you!

  9. Congratulations on the new property and building a new home. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And finally you get to build a shed knowing you will not have to remove ;) Looking forward to seeing all of the updates.

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