Ladder Shelf Makeover {Farmhouse to Modern!}

Friends, I am partnering with Krylon again in 2022 to bring you some fun paint projects that will hopefully inspire you to tackle projects in your own home as well. :)


Turning a farmhouse style ladder shelf into a modern showpiece!

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern


In the last decade, farmhouse decor has been all the rage, but over the past few years, I’ve noticed home owners moving away from it.  Some people are learning toward a more “modern” farmhouse look, and some are leaving farmhouse decor behind all together and leaning more into full modern decor.

I think I am somewhere in the middle still.  I’ve definitely been leaning more toward a modern look, but I still love farmhouse elements as well.  I think they can mix well together in your decor, if desired.  

So I had this ladder shelf that was great for organization, but it leaned a little too farmhouse for me.  

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern


So instead of getting rid of it, I decided to give this ladder shelf a quick makeover with my Krylon spray paints.

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

Typically, farmhouse decor has a lot of warm wood tones mixed with black metal.  However, more modern decor incorporates a lot of white and gold colors, so I knew this would be an easy fix!

To paint the wood shelves, I decided to use  Krylon’s Chalky Finish paint in CLASSIC WHITE I love the matte finish that it gives when dry, and I knew it would look great on my shelves.

Krylon chalky finish spray paint


To cover the black metal, I decided to use Krylon’s Metallic Finish paint in BRASS.

Krylon metallic brass spray paint


The first thing I did was remove the shelves with a Phillips screw driver.  There were only 3 screws in each shelf, so they came off super easy. 

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

Then I took the remaining metal part of the furniture outside to paint.  

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

There is no sanding or priming needed with this paint, so I was able to just wipe off all the metal with a cloth, and then began to paint. 


I was able to paint all of the metal {two coats} with only one can of paint!

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

As that was drying, I moved on to the shelves.  I started by painting a light coat of Krylon’s Chalky Finish paint in CLASSIC WHITE on the backs of the shelves.  Once dry, I sprayed a second coat.

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

I repeated the same process on the top side of the shelves as well. 

Once those were dry, I attached the shelves back to the metal frame, and voila!!

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

I love it so much!!!

I grabbed a few accessories from around the house to decorate the shelves.  It definitely brings a touch of modern to the room.

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

What do you think?

Pretty big difference with just two cans of paint, right?  I feel like I have a brand new piece of furniture for less than $10!

Changing decor from farmhouse to modern

It sure does look like this almost $200 ladder shelf that Bed, Bath & Beyond has on their website right now!  It always makes me happy when I can save money AND enjoy a piece of furniture in a new way!


Now, I’m looking around my house for something else I can spray paint to make a little more modern!

Think of the decor in your home….is there something that you could freshen up with some Krylon spray paint?

I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Have a blessed day, friends!


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  1. You make everything look so easy and fun!
    So amazing watching you. I love your style and ideas.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Wow. You make everything look so easy and new. I’m always behind in decor. Just got new family furniture and decor and I believe it leans toward more modern farmhouse. I had brass for years and now I see it’s coming back but I like the black rod iron now.

  3. You did a beautiful job! i like to call this” Farmhouse Chic” when you mix the two! i doing this in my new home do to the fact that I like some fancier things in my home. At least they can seem expensive even if they really are’ not.. I sprayed some gold on things on furniture that I owned and loved already but needed to make them a little more chic! mostly little metal tables and such. Keep us up to date on your house building . I love reading your blog ! because of Your faimily, projects,, and being the christian that you are!

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