Kitchen Gifts to Give {and Get!}

I can’t believe November is NEXT WEEK, and we are moving into the holiday season!  It always catches me off guard, but I am here for it!  I love all the things that come with the upcoming holidays, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with family and friends.   

My goal this year is to keep things simple, slow down, and focus more on making memories than getting caught in the hustle and bustle.  Planning ahead (which I’m not always good at but determined to get better!) always helps me enjoy the holidays more.  So I am definitely trying get more of my gifts purchased now instead of waiting til the last minute!

I thought I would share with you some favorite gift items that catch my eye on Amazon, and some that I will be buying as gifts for others, (and maybe me!) haha!

All of the links to these items are linked below the graphic.  Enjoy!






1. Good Always Coffee Mug/Tea Cup.

This would be so cute as a gift for anyone on your list!  Maybe put it in a gift basket with flavored coffee or teas, and maybe a cute little jar of local honey?  I would love that!

2.  Baking Dishes – Set of 3

I love giving baking dishes as a gift with a delicious meal or recipe already in them.  This could be three gifts in one!  Prepare a casserole or dessert in one of the dishes and be sure to include the recipe on top of the gift.  Then let them know to keep the dish when they’ve eaten it all up!  FUN and PRATICAL!

3.  Marble Bowls on Mango Wood Base with Salt Spoon

I have been eyeing bowls like this for a while for my own kitchen!  These are functional but also look like decor in your kitchen as well.

4.  Marble Rolling Pin

Because I love marble, I thought this rolling pin was beautiful.  If I was given this as a gift, I would definitely keep it out on my counter because it is so pretty!  You could add some holiday cookie cutters or maybe some cute dishtowels to go with this gift.

5.  Instant-Pot

I love my instant pot!  So this is a no brainer for a gift!  

6.  Rapid Egg Cooker

I had to add an egg cooker because it is one of my most used items in my kitchen.  We boil our eggs weekly, and I though this would be a cute gift to give (and I could give them a dozen of our farm fresh eggs from our very own chickens!)

7.  Measuring Cups and Spoons Set 8 Piece

I am buying these for myself.  I am in need of some new measuring spoons and cups.  Mine are plastic, and I like these gold ones.   I also like how the numbers are so big and easy to see!

8.  White Dipping Bowls with Acacia Wood Tray

Great hostess gift for sure!  Maybe add a dip mix to go with it?

9.  Stanley Big Grip Travel Quencher

I love my Stanley and take it with me everywhere I go.  This is great gift as well!

10.  Marble Round Coasters with Gold Edge

How pretty are these?  I told y’all I love marble, and the gold edges makes these coasters even prettier, which makes them beautiful when in use or not.

11.  Mud Pie Wooden Beaded Bowl Set

I love the beaded detail on these.  Again, you could buy the set and give them separately which creates two gifts.  These would be fun to give with a lot of fresh fruit in them!

12.  Porcelain Ramekins 8 oz Oven Safe

I don’t have ramekins, but have always wanted them.  I love this green color, but they come in other colors as well.  

13.  SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle-

I also don’t have a tea kettle, so I guess I’m sharing things I wish I had.  haha!  And if I got one, it would be a pretty black and gold one like this!


Well, that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed all the items I picked!  I’ll be trying to share some more gift ideas for the holiday seasons in the weeks to come. 

Have a blessed Thursday, friends!







  1. These are really great gift ideas. It’s good to give others what we like and wish for. :) I too have started my shopping early….. almost done and plan to keep it simple and enjoy and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I don’t like how commercial it’s gotten with Christmas in the stores the first of Oct or sooner. We can’t live in the moment anymore. If you don’t buy early then it’s gone by the time you are ready. I don’t like that hurried feeling. I just bought a Christmas tree. First artificial tree I’ve ever had. It’s going to be such a change going from a live tree.

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