Jonathan’s New Song & Tour Dates!

I have some happy news!

Jonathan has a new song out!  WOOHOO!!

It came out last week, and it’s one of my favorite songs that he has ever written.  He wrote it with Claire Douglas and Jaime Moore, two AMAZING song writers in Nashville.  I’ve been listening to the demo for over a year, and I have been dying for y’all to hear it too!  

You can listen to it on all music streaming platforms.  Just click the button below to go to those platforms and chose the ones you want to download his song on.  

Playing his music on these streaming platforms is a great way to support Jonathan, and sharing his music with your family and friends is awesome too!  {wink} 

Celebrating the release of this new song was so much fun last week!  We had a “release party” at the Grand Old Hatchery in downtown Dickson, and even did some line dancing!

I am SO THANKFUL for the people that surround Jonathan and love him so well!  They are always cheering him one and supporting him in all he does.  They are the salt of the earth, and I am so grateful the Lord has put so many amazing people in our lives down here in Tennessee.

I had fun making some cupcakes and toppers with the picture of his song cover.  We ordered pizza too, and then danced it all off!  haha!

His Official Makes a Man video will be released soon, and part of it was filmed right there at the Grand Old Hatchery.  I will share that when it comes out.  

For now, his management has released his official LYRIC video that was filmed, edited, and produced by my son, Luke!  woohoo!!  It’s a family affair! :)

Check it out below.


If you watch it over on YouTube, you can also leave Jonathan a comment, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.  There will be more videos coming soon!

Last Thursday, Jonathan was also on Apple Music’s The Kelleigh Bannen Show!  This was a pretty big deal! Kelleigh interviews ALL of the starts in Country music, so for Jonathan to be on her show was amazing.

Here is her post on instagram…


Kelleigh is a BIG FAN of Jonathan’s and really loved sharing his new song with her audience.  It was a very surreal day for Jonathan because he has listened to so many of the Country singers that he loves be interviewed by her in that same room. 

You can listen to his interview on her show by clicking the picture below.  She interviews him in the second half of the show which is about an hour in.  So start listening around the one hour mark. 


AND LASTLY, I wanted to share with you that Jonathan is going on tour over the next few months.   He will be opening for his friend, Conner Smith at some venues in Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee.

You can buy tickets by clicking HERE.

And if you want to buy some Blue Collar (the name of his previously released song) merchandise you can do that on his website too!

If you scroll down on his website, there is also a place where you can subscribe to his newsletters (which will be very few. haha!) that will keep you updated on any new tour dates where he may be performing.  I know he will be singing somewhere in Mississippi in June, so I will keep you posted!

Thanks for always supporting Jonathan.  Many of you have watched him grow up here on my blog.  He was only 10 when I started blogging, and now he is 23!  WOW!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our lives.  








  1. WOW!!! Traci I’m so proud of Jonathan! ! We had the opportunity to come and listen to Jonathan at the Kentucky Opry several years ago. I like all of his songs, I especially like Blue Collar. We would love to come and hear him again soon. Thanks for posting all of the tour dates. How proud that you must be of him!
    God is so good!

  2. Absolutely love this song, Jonathan sings with so much emotion! I am not a fan of country music but I will definitely be listening and following his career. God Bless!

  3. Soooo exciting. So happy for him and your family. God is good. Can’t wait to check out his new song and the interview etc. Hope he comes to the west coast someday. I’ll feel like I know him because I follow you and Cyndi. Lol. We are all in the family of God as believers.

  4. That song is really good! I have watched all your kids grow up to be amazing humans. Jonathan needs to look into becoming a Highway Find on Sirius/XM’s The Highway channel. This is about the only channel I listen to and I think he would be a great addition to this channel. They play new artist and new county music. Good luck and blessings to all of you.

  5. What a blessing for Jonathan! He is a great singer and I love country music. My previous neighbors across the street from me moved to Nashville about 8 years ago for their daughter, Mignon, to enter the country scene. She is now married to a music producer and performer and she writes a lot of songs for country singers and sings all over. I wish him all the luck in his future and may God continue to bless him and you all!!

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