Makeover Monday ~ RV Bathroom Makeover

Happy Monday!

For today’s MAKEOVER MONDAY, we are going to head back to our RV Reno for a space I never showed you…The BATHROOM!

Now, if you missed the posts about our RV Reno, I want to include the links to them below.  They are some of my favorite posts!

Now I don’t have a lot of pictures of the RV bathroom makeover, because truthfully, it was so small and hard to photograph.  

But this is basically what it looked like before…

It’s a typical RV bathroom…small.  haha!  It had the same wallpaper on the walls that were in the rest of the RV.  I knew that I wanted to get rid of the small medicine cabinet vanity mirror and update it with a new mirror.  

I had planned on ripping out the whole vanity base and having Cy build me something new, but as we got deeper into all of the projects around our property, he just didn’t have the time to do that for me.  Plus, when we bought the “surprise” house at the top of our property 3 weeks before we moved out of our previous home, we knew we would not have to live in the RV while building a house on top of the hill. 

That took a lot of pressure off of us, and we decided to not spend a lot of renovation money on the RV bathroom.  So I decided I would leave the vanity base “as is” and just paint it. 

The shower was in good shape, so we decided not to do anything different to it as well. 

The things we did do in the bathroom renovation were:

  • Install wood plank wall above the vanity
  • Paint the vanity black
  • Install new gold faucet
  • Hang new black framed mirror
  • New flooring (like the rest of the RV)
  • Bead board paneling above shower walls

Here is what it looks like now!…

We painted the vanity base SW Tricorn Black and used SW’s Emerald Urethan paint line.  It’s the best for painting cabinets!  I also took the little trim piece off the cubby area above the toilet paper holder and added a weave basket I already had to add some contrast.  It’s a great spot for brushes and toiletries.

The new floor gives the bathroom such a clean feel and goes well with the original countertop that we kept.

You can see that we didn’t do anything to the shower stall.  The metal trim was a dark oil rubbed bronze that I thought still looked good with the space, but I could have painted it black as well. 

The arched mirror with black trim fits perfectly above the sink, and looks great against the wood planked walls.  We painted the wall, SW Greek Villa, like the rest of the RV.  

We got the gold faucet from Lowes.  You can find it HERE.  It was a perfect way to update the original vanity sink. 

allen + roth Harlow Brushed Bronze Faucet

To the right of the mirror, we were going to install a hand towel bar, but then Luke moved in and hung some deer antlers there to hand his hand towel on.  haha!  It looks adorable, but the bathroom definitely looks more manly now. :) 

Anyway, we are thrilled with how it turned out, and love the changes we made in this small space. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

Talk soon!




  1. Wowzers! Those few changes made the bathroom look completely new and updated. It is gorgeous.

    I have to let you know that I heard Jonathan’s name on the radio today! I listen to SiriusXm. The DJ was talking about the headlining act that he is touring with and then he mentioned Jonathan’s name and the other singer that is touring with them. I was like “hey, I know that name!” It’s nothing huge, but it was still kind of cool.

    Have a great week!
    Kim in Texas

  2. hey girl- love the bathroom!! Oh so pretty! Y’all be careful out there in the crazy weather. Here in Oklahoma today we had a lot of sleet. ugh and right now this evening it is 20 degrees. To cold for me.

  3. 🙏 for safe travels tonight! The bathroom looks great! I love that Luke put up deer antlers to hang his towel on.

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