Makeover Monday – Back Patio Makeover

Today, I am going to share a “throwback” BACK PATIO MAKEOVER from our Kentucky home.

Since the weather will start warming up soon, and we will be spending more time outside, I thought this would be a great makeover to inspire us as we think about refreshing our outdoor spaces.  

Now some of you may have been following me when we did this makeover in 2016.  This project was at our Kentucky house, (not to be confused with our Wilmore House that we still own.). Our Kentucky house went through MANY makeovers in the 8 years we lived there.  We took it from a 1100 sq ft red brick ranch house to an over 3000 sq ft white “farmhouse.”   And we did it all by ourselves!  This house will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.

We had painted the brick white on our house, and done so many projects updating our house, but our back patio was still in need of some love.

This is what the back of our house looked like…

As you can see, the back of our house had two sets of exterior doors, but we only ever used the doors on the right that led into the kitchen, not the doors on the left that led into our den.  Our couch was right in front of the doors, so it didn’t make sense for us to keep them. 

So Cy removed the doors so we could install windows instead. 

Cy installed the windows, filled the space below with insulation, and covered it with exterior board.   

Getting rid of those doors made the space a perfect place to put our outdoor sectional.  I wanted this space to be a cozy outdoor living space that we could hang out in during the warmer months.  

At the bottom of this post, I shared links to the furniture and other products I used to decorate my back patio.  If I didn’t have the exact link, I tried to find something similar.

Now, let’s look at some before and afters!



afterback patio reveal 18






back patio reveal 13

I positioned the furniture so that it was facing out toward our beautiful back yard.  Our house sat on 5 very private acres, so our back yard was one of our favorite places to be!  

back patio reveal 13

 I bought some extra throw pillows with a damask pattern in navy, aqua, and white.

back patio reveal 22

And I chose two navy blue Navajo-style lumbar pillows for both of my single chairs.

back patio reveal 19

The other pillows I used were ones that I already had.

back patio reveal 4

I KNEW that I wanted a sign in my seating area that said “it is well with my soul” because it is one of my favorite songs, and I wanted this area to have a feeling of peacefulness.  

Since I didn’t have a ton of money to spend on a sign, Cy and I made this one!  And I love the way it turned out. CLICK HERE to see how I made it.

I brought a sofa table out of my house and put it in the corner so I could use it as a place to serve drinks.  

back patio reveal 14

The large coffee table is great to put up our feet and relax, and it is large enough to even put our food and drinks.  Right now, I just have it decorated with the planter from Lowe’s and some pink flowers.   

back patio reveal 3


I also found this garden stool and planter at Lowe’s as well.

back patio reveal 2

The chairs are made of UV resistant outdoor resin wicker that looks just like real wicker until you touch it.  I know that it will last a long time. 

back patio reveal 16

Man, seeing all these pictures of our back patio make me miss it REALLY BAD!  Our home in Tennessee doesn’t have any type of covered outdoor space, but we hope to build something for us to enjoy in the future.  

I am ready for some warmer weather, aren’t you?  Let me know what outdoor projects you have planned this year in the comments!

Talk again soon!  

xoxo, Traci



  1. Beautiful, I love this. I have a large back porch that I would like to make into a family gathering area but my budget won’t allow much. Do you have any tips on a makeover on a strict budget?

  2. Traci, I emailed you on 2/4, wondering if your blog had been hacked. Click on All Things Family and All Things Home to see what I mean. Scroll down to read about Rosemary.

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