Plant Lover Finds from Walmart

I have several friends who I would now classify as a “crazy plant lady.” 😂

Do you have any of those friends?

I have always loved real plants in my home, even though I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. But I have had pretty good luck with hardier plant varieties in the past.

There is something so nice about having real plants in your home. It’s literally bringing God’s beautiful nature in our homes to enjoy. 🌱

So even though I am not a “crazy plant lady,” I do love the trend of having more real plants in our home! Whether it is a small plant for your coffee or bedside table, or an olive or fig tree for your living room…plants really do make a home feel more fresh and alive!


I spent a little time last week perusing Walmart online for some “plant lover finds” to share with you! There are so many cute options for planters, like the white bubble vase (that comes in pink too!). And did you know you can buy real plants off their website to be delivered to you? Have you ever tried that?

I would love for you to share your favorite plants to grow inside your home in the comments below!

plant lover finds from walmart

Here are clickable links to each of the products below…

Can you believe it’s April 1st?!! Oh my….where is the time going?! I need to start working in my garden ASAP!😳

Have a blessed day, friends!

xoxo, Traci

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  1. Traci, I am fortunate to own a small greenhouse. I have definitely become a “crazy plant lady!” I am a succulent fan. They are easy to care for, not too messy, and can be divided to make more. I highly recommend Jade, Dwarf Jade, Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ Jade (also known as ET Fingers), Snake Plant, African Milk Plant, and Mother of Millions. My favorite non-succulent plants are Pothos (both variegated and non-variegated), Anthurium, and Yucca Trees.

  2. So wonderful that you offered to talk/pray with anyone who doesn’t know the Lord. Our Savior wants ALL to know and love HIM. I’m so glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend.
    I don’t have many real plants in my house, but I have succulents and I have a snake plant my daughter gave me and you rarely have to water it……….my kind of plant, except I don’t like snakes and I would have NEVER bought myself a plant named after one. LOL Succulents don’t need much water either. I’m always forgetting to water mine and they do good.

  3. Traci, I am so glad you got to go to church and lunch together will all your children to celebrate Jesus, our risen Lord and Saviour! Thank you for reaching out to those that don’t know Jesus. My prayer is that they will reach out and accept Jesus.

  4. So glad you got to celebrate Easter with your family. I have a Peace plant in my house and a Croton plant which is very colorful. I keep the Croton in the house all winter and put it outside when frost is over, it is tropical.
    So glad you are willing to share your faith with others, we need everyone in heaven.


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