Four Gables has Walls!

We have made some huge headway on our Four Gables home! My last post showed you how the foundation was built and decking had begun to be laid.

Once that was finished, it was time to start raising walls! We had asked all our boys to help us every weekend in March, and they have stepped up and showed up! 👊🏼 (We all have a LOT going on in April, so we knew we wouldn’t have much time to work on the house.)

Two weekends ago, we were able to get the first wall of our home raised!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Four Gables has Walls!

Our friend, Aaron, and his wife, Kate, came to help us out. AND Adam’s fiancé, Lucy, came to help for a few hours too. You can see her in the video I share at the end of the post. It was the most beautiful day, and we had so much fun working together.

Four Gables has Walls!

I put a bunch of food and drinks in my “she shed” for them to eat during the day. We had country music playing loud and had a ton of fun while getting things done!

The wall that we built is the left side (when you are facing our house,) and it is where I kitchen will be. The large window opening to the left is where the kitchen sink we be, and the large window opening to the right is where my dining table will be. Cy made the openings extra big because we haven’t exactly decided on what size or how many windows we will be installing.

Four Gables has Walls!

Before we started building the other walls, I realized that the home plan called for 10 ft walls, and we had built 9 foot walls. Cy was fine with 9 foot walls, but mama wanted 10 foot. haha! You know how that goes….😉😂

So we made a quick call to the inspector, and he said we could add a foot to the top of the wall. The boys worked on that while we started building the other walls.

Check out the front door frame! Because we have 10 foot ceilings now, we are going to be able to do an 8 foot double door! It’s going to be so pretty overlooking our pond.

We will have two windows on each side of our door. We are going with the taller windows because they feel reminiscent of older homes.

Four Gables has Walls!

In the original house plan, the windows are not level all the way across the front of the house…see how they are set back a bit on each side in the example below?

So to add a little more square footage to the inside of our house, we decided to make our front wall completely even. Our front porch will still be very big, so I would rather have the square footage on the inside of my house instead of the corners of my porch.👍🏼

Four Gables has Walls!

Right now, our front door looks crazy high off the ground… because it is! 😂. We will be backfilling about 4 to 5 feet of dirt in front of our house before we build the front porch. The porch will still be several feet off the ground, but it will definitely look better once that is done.

One evening, Cy began building the wall on the right side, which is where our master bedroom and bathroom will be.

Four Gables has Walls!

In the corner below is where I am trying to figure out how to fit my master bathroom, master closet, and a small laundry room. I’m changing our floor plan a little bit to fit our needs, but it’s tricky.

Four Gables has Walls!

Opposite the master bathroom is our bedroom. You can see it below, with a little sitting area that has a door out to the back porch. We had a sitting area in our Kentucky home before we moved, and I miss it. This one won’t be as big, but at least it is an extra little space for a loveseat or couple of chairs to relax in and watch the sun set in our back yard.😍

Four Gables has Walls!

When you walk in the front door, to the right is where our staircase to the second floor will be…

Four Gables has Walls!

Here is an example I found online…

On the left when you walk in will be a wall, and on the other side is our butler’s pantry. It will have two windows in it, so it will be bright and cheerful!

Four Gables has Walls!

We got the back exterior wall built too! It has three windows in the den area, and the long wall to the right is where our fireplace will be.

Four Gables has Walls!

This weekend, Cy and the boys are going to work on installing the ceiling joists! I can’t wait to show you that update too. Until then, here is a little video update I put together for you on YouTube. :)

Have a blessed Easter weekend, friends!




  1. Hey girl-
    this is just so cool! Everything is coming together fast. Enjoying seeing the progress. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  2. Wow!!! Amazing. I’m happy for you. I don’t know how they all know what they are doing. LOL Sounds like you really know just what you want and where, to fit your families needs. That is so great to have that talent. You are fortunate your weather has been so good for the whole month of March and all your boys came to help so much. Blessing for sure. Enjoy the process……sounds like you have lots of fun. How does Cy do his home business with his own house to build? Does he do his business all week and his home all weekend? He is going to need a vacation soon. Do you think you will be done before the holidays? You are moving so fast now.

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