Bluegrass Green

I am so excited to share two new songs that Jonathan just released! They are two of my favorite. ❤️

Listen to a preview here…

They are slower songs, which I love. And they each have a special meaning.

A couple years ago, Jonathan wrote a song called Bluegrass Green, and I immediately fell in love with it. It was inspired by a real life relationship he had back in Kentucky.

Here is a video from Jonathan’s instagram, {created by my son, Luke,} with scenes from when they produced Bluegrass Green in the studio…

I love watching my boys do what God gifted them to do and what they LOVE! It brings me so much joy! I love seeing Jonathan and Luke dream and plan together. Luke is so good at what he does, and he knows and understands the vision Jonathan has for his brand.

The second song makes me tear up every time I hear it because it expresses Jonathan’s (and my!) deep love for our Kentucky roots. I miss Kentucky. And although I love living in Tennessee, Kentucky will always be my home.

Jonathan has that same love for Kentucky, and he is always incorporating his roots in the songs he sings.

He included a banjo in this song, which I love too! I grew up listening to Bluegrass music, and listening to the banjo just transports me back in time.

I’m so thankful for the deep family roots I have, and knowing that my children know and feel them too is so special. That’s why this song just makes me feel so deeply when I listen to it.

Just to brag a little more on my boy….😂😂😂

{Hey! It’s what we mamas do best!}

Jonathan is listed in all three categories of the song credits for both songs!…he wrote them, produced them, and performed them! That’s not very common. A lot of artists sing songs written by other writers, but Jonathan writes all his songs. And on these two…he helped produce them! How cool is that?!

His music is available on all streaming platforms. You can CLICK HERE to download it on your favorite platform. If you like the songs, feel free to share! The more streams he gets on his music the better. 😉

Jonathan and Eli are suppose to get in the studio in June to produce some songs that Eli has written, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some of his music soon too!

Thanks for letting me share about my kiddos! I hope their music brings you as much joy as it brings me. It’s good music from the heart. ❤️

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Traci


  1. I cannot believe that Sania and Eli are turning 17! How in the world did that happen?! LOL Tell them both Happy Birthday from your Murfreesboro, TN neighbor! I wish them both all the best!

  2. Happy bday to your kiddos. Crazy. I feel like I just read about you bringing Sania home. Blessings. Prayers for you as bad weather hits. We are opposite here in NW Oregon. Sunny and beautiful. Can’t wait to hear Jonathan’s new songs. I love hearing about your kids so keep bragging on them mama. 😃

  3. You are a beautiful and loving Mama! Your Boys are very Blessed with their musical talent and you as their Mom!

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