My New Open Kitchen Shelf (and Roman Numeral Print Coupon Code)

November 26, 2014 AT 5:51 pm 3 Comments

So, last week I got to show you my dining area makeover.   I am REALLY enjoying this space.  It just makes me happy when I walk in the kitchen! Many of you asked me where we got our new open kitchen shelf.  We'll we made it, … { Read More }

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Rare and Beautiful Treasures Sign for my Den

November 25, 2014 AT 12:23 pm 4 Comments

I've been dying to show you my new sign for my den!! Isn't it wonderful?!!! It is from the Etsy shop I share with you yesterday, Between You and Me! I fell in love with it when I saw it in my blog buddy, Bre's home a couple of months … { Read More }

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My Favorite Gifts for Christmas!

November 24, 2014 AT 7:34 am 3 Comments

Hey friends! Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was full of basketball.  Luke and Adam were both playing in tournaments, in different cities.  Cy was out of town, so I was running back and forth like a mad woman.  :) … { Read More }

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Jesus, He Loves Me (sung by Jonathan)

November 23, 2014 AT 7:44 am 38 Comments

Happy Sunday, friends! I wanted to share a song with you that Jonathan recorded on our computer.  It is  his favorite song right now,  Jesus, He Loves Me by Chris Tomlin. One afternoon a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan began … { Read More }

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Favorite Pins Friday!

November 21, 2014 AT 9:31 am 6 Comments

Happy Friday, y'all!  Today is my sweet Adam's birthday!  He is eleven years old and one of the most loving little boys I have ever known!   He is compassionate, kind, and so respectful.  His teacher told me at his conference … { Read More }

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Dining Area Makeover Reveal

November 20, 2014 AT 2:00 pm 31 Comments

I am sooooo excited to show you my new dining space!!  I've never really liked our eating area.  I love the galvanized steel top table that we made for our kitchen, but other than that, this space needed a lot of help.   I mean, … { Read More }

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Harvest Chicken Salad with Raspberry Balsamic Dressing

November 19, 2014 AT 10:54 am 2 Comments

Hey friends!  I can't believe I didn't post for four straight days!  Yowza! :) I've been knee-deep in a big blog project, and I just didn't have the energy or time to post.  But I DO have a lot of great pics from my house coming up … { Read More }

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Favorite Pins Friday!

November 14, 2014 AT 8:02 am Leave a Comment

Happy Friday, sweet friends! I have had a very busy week.  With Adam and Luke both playing middle school basketball, things have gotten crazy around here!   But we are having a lot of fun!  :) I am almost finished making the … { Read More }

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13 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

November 12, 2014 AT 10:31 pm Leave a Comment

Hi, guys!  It's Bre here, from Rooms for Rent!   Earlier this month I hosted a week of Thanksgiving Tablescapes.    Day 4 Day 5 Day 2   I created a different … { Read More }

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DIY Industrial Coat Rack

November 11, 2014 AT 6:33 pm 5 Comments

  Hey friends! I am excited to share with you an industrial coat rack I made! As part of the Lowe's Creative Ideas Blogger, I was asked to write a post this month about preparing for the holidays.  I knew exactly what I wanted to … { Read More }

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Meet me at Panera!

November 8, 2014 AT 9:46 am 2 Comments

Hey friends!  Happy Saturday!  I want to show you some new essential oils I got this month. If you don't like "oily" posts, you can just click away.  You won't hurt my feelings.  :) But if you are intrigued by oils, keep … { Read More }

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Favorite Pins Friday

November 7, 2014 AT 8:08 am Leave a Comment

Well, I got home from North Carolina yesterday, and I am trying to make my way through the piles of laundry that were created while I was gone. :) Despite that, It feels so good to be home!  I'll share a little more about my Lowe's trip next … { Read More }

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Industrial Shelves (from readers)

November 4, 2014 AT 1:31 pm 2 Comments

Y'all, yesterday I got two different emails from readers sharing the industrial shelves they made using my industrial shelves as their inspiration! It blessed my socks off! Y'all have no idea how much it means to me when I receive these emails. … { Read More }

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Boys’ Bathroom Update

November 3, 2014 AT 11:22 am 20 Comments

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This bathroom is just days away from being completely finished!  Whoop! This has been the eternal project! Last time I posted about the bathroom, I told you were going to be … { Read More }

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As Sure as the Sunrise

November 2, 2014 AT 7:40 am 1 Comment

If you follow me on facebook, you may have already seen this post.  I shared it earlier this week.....   Thursday morning, I was headed to Panera to work on my computer, and I was taken back by the bright, beautiful sunrise. It made … { Read More }

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Let’s Talk Fashion!

November 1, 2014 AT 8:51 am Leave a Comment

I don't know about you, but after having four boys and being a stay at home mom, I feel like I lost some of my fashion-mojo.  :) When you start wondering how you can dress up your yoga pants for church, you know it's time to make a change. … { Read More }

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Favorite Pins Friday (and a Frightening Offer!)

October 31, 2014 AT 5:45 am 1 Comment

Happy Friday! Tonight is the night my youngest two have been waiting for all month, and unfortunately, it is going to be very rainy and cold.  Boo.  :(  Not the scary kind of boo, but the sad kind of boo. We'll make the best of … { Read More }

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True Hospitality

October 28, 2014 AT 7:07 pm 14 Comments

I want to think that I am a hospitable person.  To a degree, I am.  I try to make people feel warm and appreciated whenever I am around them.  But after listening to  Shauna Niequist at the Allume Conference the past week, I … { Read More }

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French Onion Soup with Baguette

October 27, 2014 AT 7:23 am 3 Comments

Good morning~ I'm so grateful to be here with you this morning! I love being a contributor at Beneath my Heart and I just love Traci too... she's awesome, as you all know :) It's the time of year for soups! When the leaves start to change and the … { Read More }

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Sunday Encouragement

October 26, 2014 AT 12:03 pm 4 Comments

Cyndi and I are driving back hone today from the Allume Conference.  Our hearts are so full! Allume is a conference that focuses more on growing your heart for the Lord than growing your numbers for your blog.  It was just what my soul … { Read More }

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