Painted Brick {A plethora of inspirational pictures!}







I think that we have definitely decided to paint our brick exterior probably.  :)

(Our home before we moved in.)


The boys and I jumped in the car a couple of days ago and drove through an area in Lexington that is full of older brick homes.

Many of those homes have painted exterior brick.  I was hoping to find a color that I loved.   (And I think I did.)

I took my camera and snapped pictures through the windows!  Sorta felt like I was doing something illegal.

Surprisingly, the boys loved it!  They kept yelling, “Ooh there’s one, Mom!”    “Over there, Mom!”

They actually want to do it again sometime.

As a child, I remember riding around with Mom looking at houses.  Especially when she was trying to get ideas for landscaping around her house.  She even took pictures. :)

If you are stuck in a rut and need inspiration, just go visit your favorite nearby neighborhood and soak up all the great inspiration.

Here are even more pictures I took of painted brick homes…
















Look at this beautiful white washed brick home…


Of course, I love this color palette…(those red pillows!)

I tried to get a picture of UK Basketball Coach, John Calipari’s home, but I couldn’t slow down to take the picture.

So I grabbed some pictures off the internet!

Here is his beautiful painted brick home…



So what do you think?

Tell me which picture was your favorite, or what paint color you liked best?

(Then I will tell you which color I think I have decided on!)



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  1. Well I love the one with the red pillows, and I also like the soft tan one. I am sure whatever you choose will be stunning. Hugs, Marty
    [email protected] Stroll thru Life recently posted..Antique Cutting Boards

  2. Goodness, Traci, what a lot of gorgeous photos! You’ve been busy, girl!

    My favorites are taupe with black shutters, cream with black shutters, and white with–you guessed it–black shutters. But not a stark white–I think I already told you that what I really like is the look of “whitewashed” brick. I wish you could see the house down the street from me. I think they just put on a light coat of white and then used a power sprayer to hose off some of the paint before it dried. It looks as if it was painted many years ago and the paint has slowly worn off over the years. Love it!

  3. I like the gray with the white trim and the dark gray/black shutters about mid-way down! But all are beautiful!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I love all the variations of taupe with black trim! The gray was really beautiful as well. I think your home has the potential to be every bit as charming and beautiful as your inspiration homes! Can’t WAIT to see it!

  5. Julianne says:

    Hey Traci,

    I absolutely LOVE the photo labelled “1098.jpg”!! I could see your house looking very similar to this one – the WHOLE curb appeal including landscaping and frontage. Very exciting to check out the possibilities. :O) For what it’s worth, we purchased a home with painted brick about 4 years ago and haven’t had any issues, although enough people warned us not to. It’s been fine and it’s holding up well. We really like how it looks and I’m sure your’s will be just GORG!!!

  6. Heather B says:

    Wow! Lexington’s homes are beautiful!! I do like the painted brick, but I have a few questions…Do you paint them by hand or do you rent a sprayer? Do you have to pretreat the brick? Are you (or your hubby) up for the BIG job? Painting your brick home would certainly change it and make it your own. I can’t wait to see what you do!!

  7. My favorite is the gray with black and white accents! Won’t show as much dirt as the white, too. :)

  8. I like the white the best and then second would be the white washed. You are lucky that your husband is behind you on this. Our ranch brick home looks like your home and I so want to have our brick painted as well but my husband is totally against it. Can’t wait to see what you decided so that I can show my husband the before and after pictures. Good luck!

  9. My favorites: white, light grey, whitewashed! I think we’ll eventually do ours a light grey. I just adore the look.
    April of A. Liz Adventures recently posted..Girls Night LP Home

  10. Traci, we are going through the exact same thing – trying to decide whether to paint our brick. I mean once it’s done, it’s done. BUT, we have decided we ARE going to do it. I love all of the pictures that you have shown us. Beautiful! We’ve decided on a pale yellow with black shutters and white trim. It may not sound pretty, but it’s gorgeous!! I saw it on a blog and actually emailed the blog owner to find out about it. Whatever you decide, I know it will be beautiful. I’m just having a blast watching you change up this house. It will be so cool to see the pictures from the very beginning when you get finished! (do we EVER get finished? No!)
    Carolyn recently posted..Shabby Fabrics Giveaway Winner –

  11. I used to think painting brick was a crime. In Arizona most houses were Stucko, so brick was such a unique look and I loved it. Now after living in Texas for a while where all houses are brick or stone, and those great pictures, I say go for it!

    There are some gorgeous houses in those pictures!
    Lorie recently posted..Scrap Fabric Party Decorations

  12. Sandy A says:

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful homes! I just love the creamy houses with black sutters, and a red door please! And I love the tans and taupes, and the gray, and the…You can see I love them all and can’t wait to see what you do…

  13. Ooohh…I like LOTS of ’em!! I like the one with the flag and the three story with the wood door. The whites are very pretty, too! We were driving around Avon the other day and I stopped right in the middle of my conversation to admire the painted brick on one of the homes. I think it will be charming and add character. :)
    Crystal recently posted..My Entry Way

  14. One thing’s for sure: black shutters! The ones that didn’t have it just looked washed out!
    Amy C. recently posted..EASY

  15. I think the white with black shutters is my favorite, but I also like the creamy taupe and the white washed one, too. Decisions, decisions! Which ever you choose, I know it’s going to look gorgeous!
    Misty Y recently posted..Fathers Day

  16. I love so many of those you posted! I really love the white washed brick, but I also love just about all of them that have some sort of painted brick with the crisp black shutters/front door. I love the one with the window boxes – so cute and bursting with charm!! Can’t wait to see what you decide – what a huge difference it makes!
    [email protected] recently posted..Family Room Update and a Mistint Mishap

  17. Traci,
    I love all these beautiful houses! I just wanted to tell you and I’m sure you probably already know that Wanda always loved and wanted a white (or off white) house with black shutters. I’m just sayin… Whatever you pick, I know it will be stunning!
    Love you!

  18. You know, I didn’t think painted brick would look good before, but after looking at these pics, it can. Whowouldhavethunkit? My vote is for the whitewashed brick, although I liked a lot of the others as well.

  19. They are all gorgeous….I love painted brick. A few years ago when we were trying to decide on a color to paint our brick, we rode around too and looked at lots of houses. Hubby would even come home and tell me we had to go back out and look at some he’d seen while he had been out and about that day!

    My favorite one is the dark khaki painted brick, black shutters, white trim with stone work around the trim and doors because it looks a lot like the colors I chose to use.

    Can’t wait to see what colors you settle on.

    Judy recently posted..Wanted–Grain Sacks

  20. This is where I get excited I’m totally feeling the gray its classic don’t you think and a whole lot less maintenance than white. I have three words… Go For It!!
    Comeca Jones recently posted..DIY Showoff Give-a-way Winner &ampOur Randomness!

  21. Traci,

    My first reaction was “Nooooooooo!” until I saw all your inspiration pictures. Absolutely beautiful. I’m 100% on board with painting your brick. Those homes are just breathtaking. I think your home will look fab painted.

    Allison @ House of Hepworths
    Allison @ House of Hepworths recently posted..Create a Spa Bath Mat using IKEA outdoor decking

  22. I think you HAVE to paint. When I initially read the post, I thought maybe you were crazy to paint (though I have read enough here to know better:) But after looking at the pictures, I LOVE them!! I’d say one of the light cream colors with the black shutters. I am positive the one you have in mind will look great!
    Good luck and I cannot wait to see the finished result! Also, I started following your blog in the middle of your staircase redo. Did you finish the stairs at your old house? I may have missed it. I was anxiously awaiting the end results:)

  23. Norma S. says:

    I am partial to white with green shutters, But I love crisp white with black shutters and red pillows or red furniture with a red door!!.Whatever you choose will be fabulous..I’m sure!

  24. love this one: .. can’t wait to see which you picked!

  25. I like the look of painted brick and my favorites were the white brick with black trim…very classic!! Those last few homes were simply gorgeous!! Good luck, Traci!

    Jane recently posted..SUN AND A SHOWER

  26. thanks, Traci! we are considering painting our brick fireplace so these pics are great inspiration!
    Claudia recently posted..Where in the world

  27. LindaSonia says:

    Wow, my first thought at painted brick was – what are the maintenance issues??!! I’ve seen peeling painted brick homes and they look ghastly to me. But then again I’m in the Midwest and we have different weather issues than you down in the south. I don’t see a lot of painted brick homes in my area but the photos you posted look GORGEOUS. Fact is, I have a brick home in a color similar to yours and now I want to paint mine!!! I’ve never been a big fan of black shutters, but your pictures are changing my mind. I favor the non-stark white body color. Can’t wait to see the finished result!!! All the best!

  28. Now I know why you want to paint your brick…Gorgeous! Up here in WI there are not many painted brick homes. I love the ivory colored brick.

  29. Janet Lawson says:

    I love the painted brick..I love a couple of them and whatever color you pick will be beautiful..Can’t wait to see what ya choose..

  30. Honestly, the thought of painting a piece of furniture or a brick house goes against my sentimentalities. I prefer the natural look of a refinished piece and the natural brick, but to each his own, right! I have to say each one of the pictures in this post are BEAUTIFUL! I loved the look so you may just drag me along on your idea of painting the brick. :) I lean toward the whites and creams over the grays and I didn’t like the white-washed at all. I say, go all the way if you’re going to do it! Can’t wait to find out what color you choose and I know whatever you do, it will be fabulous!

  31. Oh my. They are ALL beautiful!!! I really love the beige/cream and off-white ones! Don’t really care for the white-washed. If we ever buy a brick home, I think I will paint it….inspired by this post of yours!! can’t wait to see what you’ve decided!
    Leah recently posted..A Fun Summer Greeting-Game Idea

  32. YES YES YES!!! DO IT!!!! I’m totally loving the grey one with the black shutters and white columns!!

  33. There are so many beautiful choices, but I love the gray with black shutters and white columns! Love what you’ve done with the house so far & looking forward to seeing more of the transformation.

  34. Ack! You have to!!! There is this little house that I drive by every day to work. I might have to stop and take a picture to send it to you. All the other houses by it have the same kind of brick as yours – but they painted this one a deep taupe grey color and it looks FANTASTIC!

    You have to do it!!! :)
    Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish recently posted..Pinning My Heart Away!

  35. I really like the dark taupe with the black shutters and white trim (two above the whitewashed one). Almost my entire interior is that color. Yum!

  36. I love the classic white with black shutters. Can’t wait to find out which YOU chose!
    Lori @ recently posted..Chalk Paint – Buffet Makeover

  37. Oh what FUN!!!! I’m thinking not white. Although I do love white brick. Somehow with your house I’m thinking maybe grey or taupe. If you went with white, maybe a whitewashed look. Can’t wait to see what YOU choose, since you are standing there looking at it! You’ll pick something perfect, I’m sure!
    melissa @ the inspired room recently posted..My Summer Projects! Painfully Embarassing Before Photos

  38. I like the colors on the homes pictured in photos 6, 10, 19 and 20 (I started counting at 1 at the first picture after your house). Just my opinion!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think you are going to go with.


    Kimberly recently posted..Got old musty furniture odors A few solutions!

  39. …that’s tough to say.
    They all look spectacular.
    I’m gonna guess that you picked one of the tanner colors, taupe?

    God bless,
    deanna recently posted..Home Happenings

  40. I like white or gray. Think they will go well with your black shutters and oh, gotta have a that pop of red so maybe on the door….or throw pillows on porch rockers. : )
    cheryl recently posted..OUTDOOR SUMMER ENTERTAINING

  41. Love the 3rd one – the grey one. Just because it looks like it would be so versatile and classy. But I am also fond of the cream ones w/ black shutters. It just looks so clean and southern to me!
    Karri recently posted..IVE MOVED!!!

  42. I feel in the minority, but I love the grey, white trim, black shutters with the white adirondack chairs on the front porch. A more updated look to me. Very clean and fresh. Have fun choosing !

  43. Lori B. says:

    Love them all!! I have always been a fan of painted brick. I even love peeling/chipping painted brick. It has so much more dimension than the plain brick. I really enjoy reading your blog and I love your new home. We are empty nesters and your property w/the house, barn and guest house is exactly what we would love to have one day! Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the inspiration.

  44. I love those houses! Looks like you were in Chevy Chase:) Those houses are beautiful. I love the clean look of the white brick but I really LOVED the warmth and unexpected tan colors with the black shutters. And Coach Cal’s house is Beautiful!! You should ask him what color it is:) HA! actually he might respond through twitter:)
    abby recently posted..Yum! Baby Food!

  45. Hmmm…love them all especially the white washed brick, but for a farmhouse feel I’d choose white with black shutters and accessorize with red. Can’t wait to see what you all choose.

  46. I love that first one, gray/taupe with white trim and black shutters/door. My hubs won’t let us paint our weird orangey brick (why does anyone use anything other than deep red brick to begin with?), so I’ll have to live vicariously through you . . .

  47. I live in Lexington and love the neighborhood you drove through. I love painted brick, and I think your house will look beautiful painted. I love the gray with white trim and black shutters. Good luck.

  48. Tina McNamara says:

    Traci, I like the taupe with white trim and black shutters. Pretty red pillows on the porch bench and some matching red garden flowers is going to be beautiful. I LOVE EVERYTHING you do. I live vicariously through your decorating and can’t wait to see all the beautiful changes you’ll be doing.

  49. I love your blog and look forward to reading everyday! I really do not like the look of the whitewashed house it looks uncared for and really love the house with the darker colored taupe with black shutters and a red door! I think the house number is 1040. The color made me feel calm immediately with the green of the trees and the black shutters it is a stunning combination.
    I know which ever you choose…….. it will be your usual AMAZING!

  50. Elisha Brewer says:


    It was certainly easier for me to choose my favorite among these. I’m sure it might take your family a while to decide, though. My choice might be the home in picture number three, (from the top). It looks greyish to me in the photo. I had to keep scrolling up and down the page to imagine each color scheme on you home, (the way it is constructed). I also like that pavers or bricked landscaping were incorporated in each yard. It really ties it all in. I like the white wash as well. It might look great as a stoop or entrance like some homeowners have built on, or left unpainted. Best wishes in you endeavor!

    P.S. I love Krispie Cremes! I especially like to get the glazed right from the belt as they come out! They melt in my mouth, but on the way home in the car, (because they are way to hot to eat for a few minutes) I will eat almost a whole dozen . They are just to bites when they are soft and hot! I have to buy two dozen so I have enough to share. Thank goodness the store is across Mobile Bay. At 16 grams of fat each, I can’t afford to eat them hot very often. :) Life is sweet. I love that you are enjoying it’s little pleasures and priveledges.

    Elisha (Ida’s friend)

  51. I love the Whitewashed one. 1st, because I think it would go well with your rustic feel to your property (barn, guesthouse), 2nd, because it would allow the brick to still show and tie in with the red barn, and 3rd, because if you get sick of it in a few years, THEN paint it all for a whole new look! Can you tell I like to change things up occasionally? Either way, you have already made vast improvements and I am sure whatever you decide will be gorgeous!

  52. Love the HUGE tan colonial (with the black iron fence)! Please tell us your choice soon…we want to paint our brick ranch too and i’d love to get some ideas!! Sent this to my hubs…maybe painting WILL happen this year.

  53. Would also like to hear about your plans for the garage door…what color you’ll paint it, etc. Ours is a focal point on the end of our house and only one of these photos shows any part of a garage. So do tell…

  54. We just painted our brick house–not completely done yet. My advice would be to consider your roof color. I fell in love with a painted brick house in our neighborhood–loved the color of it and was thinking about doing ours the same color. But then I realized that house had a completely different roof color than ours, and that color wouldn’t look the same on our house. So I went with a color that went well with our roof. I would also advise getting 3 or 4 samples in the color range you are considering and painting a section of the bricks with each sample. Look at the samples for a few days at different times of the day.
    Go for it! Good luck.

  55. Jackie B says:

    Yeeesh! Where on Earth were you driving? How did you get into all of those “gated” communities!?!!! You’ve certainly piqued my interest in the painted brick. I never knew it could look that great! I certainly agree with the post above. My roof color was horrible and again, it came with the house, but when I changed it (it needed it — not because of the color, I lived with that for years), I fell in love with the outside of my house! You’ll do great. If you are interested, check out a picture of the outside of my house on my birthday (it’s funny) on my Facebook page — Jackie Blomberg. It is an open page – I’ve nothing to hide!

  56. I really like the look of the grey one. It’s such a pretty color!!
    teresaJ recently posted..Cantaloupe Pie…Seriously!!

  57. Oh my goodness, I can’t pick which one I like, they’re all so beautiful! I do like how some of them have a little band of black around the peaked roof. I LOVE Calipari’s house, we drive by there quite often and I always drool when we go by! lol I can definitely envision your house painted, I know you would make it adorable no matter what color you end up with. I do like that creamy/taupish color…so soothing. It’s like a cup of coffee with a lot of cream and sugar! :) Can’t wait to see what you do!
    Missy recently posted..Blogger Bliss and a BIG Thank You!

  58. At first I was unsure about painting the brick… but after those pics- you have too!!:) and honestly, that first one is just gorgeous to me- and with all of your greenery around you- I think it would just make your house pop! I love the tan/grey color too- but might get lost a bit… not sure.
    Bee recently posted..Knock Off Decor!

  59. Amy Frazier says:

    You will love your painted brick! The best thing we ever did for our older home!!!

  60. I like the gray one with the white pillars and white Adirondack chairs and the red brick steps. I’m getting ready to paint the brick on my house and can’t wait.

  61. I absolutely love this color combo.

    Not to mention it is so completely different from all the rest. You have great taste, so I’m sure you’ll make a great choice!!

  62. My heart belongs to the white washed brick.
    Katie Q recently posted..UFO Conversion

  63. I LOVE houses #10 and #19.. But I don’t know how I would choose! So many beautiful choices!

  64. Leslie Nyholm says:

    Yep, you convienced me……paint it is!

  65. The freckled Minx says:

    Great decision to paint Traci. I love the architecture of your homes in the states. It’s different from our homes here in Australia as is the inside decor. Also I must share with you that we are soooo excited as we are heading to the states at Christmas time for a months holiday!! We just can’t wait to see part of your beautiful country.

  66. Wow! I am blown away by these… makes me look at my brick home with new eyes! I am in love with the grey one with the black shutters and white trim. I think I’m going to mock up my house in photoshop and see what it looks like! Fantastic! Thank you for the amazing post!

  67. I like the white or the creamer white the best with the black shutters. best of luck to you!
    I have thought of painting ours but have been too scared to even try.
    I might just considered it now.
    Good Luck and Happy Painting!

  68. You took a picture of my house!! Just kidding. :) I am still a fan of the tan/taupe with white and black- and obviously you are too! So many gorgeous houses in your neighborhood. I just love the white-washed brick.

  69. Linda Slattery says:

    I, too, was a little hesitant at first about painting your brick, but you have done a wonderful job of demonstrating to us what a difference it can make. Thanks for sharing the pics. One of the things that struck me when looking at the photos, was the gorgeous landscaping. Some talented landscape business in Lexington!! You have received some good advice about taking your roof color into consideration, and also good advice on painting several different colors, and viewing at different times of day. I especially like photo #3, with the brick pavers out front. I would add black shutters, and for sure, some pops of reds or even dark, rich burgandy’s. I’m sure I will love whatever you choose.

  70. Hi there! Came over from The Nester. As I started looking at these houses I thought, “Hey, those look familiar.” We used to live in Lexington and I ran by those homes all the time as part of my running route. I love it because I got to admire beautiful homes all along the way. Thanks for sharing. It was like a trip down memory lane! I miss Lexington.

  71. we have a brick home in GA that hasn’t sold…love the idea of painting the brick…totally changes the look!

    • Carroll Faver says:

      Tara…have you ever thought of the “wash” of color over the brick? I was thinking in terms of that instead of an all over color.

  72. Oh my gosh….so happy to have found your blog. I too have driven the streets looking at painted brick homes. Well, all the prep work is complete and today they will start painting and I’m freaking because now I’m second guessing the color choice we made. We bought 13 quart samples and wanted not to be too typical with taupes, off whites and beige. We selected a rich brown and now I’m afraid it is too dark as I didn’t see one house this shade. I’m going to have the painters paint one big wall, right in front for all of us to scratch our heads and debate.

  73. Hi~ Just came across your blog and am really enjoy browsing! Love the inspiration pages about painting brick because we plan to paint ours on our 70s ranch style home. I am in a quandary, though, because our windows are brown. Any painted brick houses with brown windows in your area?? Our windows are double paned and doing a good job so we don’t plan to replace them anytime soon. I’d love a post with some inspirations photos of those if you ever come across some. Loving your renovating posts as well. We are renovating a new home and adding on 2,000 sq feet as well so I’m trying to learn from others who are going through a similar process :) Best of luck!

    • I’ve seen several painted brick homes in our area that have brown windows. One of my favorites accented those windows with brown (board and batten) shutters. Window boxes are also making a huge comeback. Hope this helps…Good luck.

  74. I just came across this blog while trying to figure out what color to paint our brick house. Our was already painted white when we bought it, but are really liking the taupes. I think the roof color has to be considered too. Ours is a brown clay tile roof. Really wish I could post a pic of our house on here and see what everyone’s comments are.

  75. Your blog continues to get lots of comments. What a great topic. Thank you for doing all the research and posting great pictures. I have some outside brick and some inside brick and really don’t like the white-washed red. After seeing your pictures, I’m leaning toward something between bone and taupe. I also noticed that almost everyone had black shutters. I just purchased the house and the shutters are maroon — a common color in my neighborhood. They will be black soon… very soon! Thanks again, and I hope you and your family are loving your home.

  76. Debbie says:

    I love painted brick homes also and my husband and I have decided to paint ours. It’s a Ranch Style home that was built in the early 80’s with terra cotta colored brick exterior. I have been doing some research and it seems a lot of people whose home have a brick exterior, are painting them. We have done a lot of inside work and for the last two years have been working on the outside. It doesn’t seem to matter what we do, the terra cotta colored brick just stands out like a sore thumb. We have a burnished slate metal roof that we had put on a few years ago and have decided to paint the brick an off white color with taupe shutters. Good luck with all of your choices, I like the home with the taupe or gray shutters the best. The fifth pic below your home.

  77. My all time favorite color on painted brick is a very soft yellow. Ohhhhh I can’t tell you how beautiful that is to me. But you have no examples of it so if I had to vote the very fist photo is my vote but I like all of them except the dark grey.
    Jacki recently posted..changing things

  78. So my question is Did you end up painting your home???? This is really funny how I found your blog. We are getting ready to buy a home in Lexington and looking to paint our brick. We have been driving around looking at all the painted brick for inspiration too…lol I googled painted brick and your site pops up…and low and behold you are in Lexington too… Go Big Blue!

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  80. Georgia Chisholm says:

    I am absolutely in love with 1088.jpg. It is the 16th house from the top. Do you have any information on this house? Who the architect is? Where it is located? Anything to help me see the whole house!


    • Hi, Georgia!
      All of the homes located above are in Lexington, Ky. Sort of in the Tates Creek area. I don’t know the exact street name. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


  81. Oh my….we are doing the same thing, making up our minds to paint. I want to do it of course there is nothing wrong with our brick and you feel you are sinning. We built on an addition of white side boarding 3 years ago and the addition has a pointed roof that comes down over an upstairs porch, we put in two bedrooms, a kitchen, bath and a library sitting room, the original part of the house was built 1979 and is ranch with a gable like picture I believe number 6 under the Victorian that was painted. We are planning to take off our gable over our columns and put a raised middle section to draw the addition and the new addition together in the way of architecture. My daughter says “don’t spent the money on doing that, just put on the black shingles (addition has black). I feel it will be a good thing. But you just have other that try to rain on the parade. We have black shutters already and I can envision the house like #6 (which has the small gable on the front) with the raised roof in the middle (it would just be put on over the existing roof) being white with the black shutters in my head. I had a contractor say “oh you won’t like that” painting the brick it will show up the seams between the brick up close….well like …yeah it is brick so we aren’t going to fill in all those joints???? I think all these look terrific and at 59 years of age if we had to paint again in 10 years it wouldn’t be so bad. If not for our addition and it being white I wouldn’t consider it but when I’m dead and the house goes for sale I believe another woman will look at it and like the house outside much better as far as selling goes. Just had to chime in here. You site is amazing and of great help to me. Can’t wait to show my husband that house.

  82. I also want to paint my brick I have a ranch with red brick all a round the bottom,siding the rest on top and gray roof.what color did you paint your house the brick.

  83. I have to laugh at those who scoff at painting brick. I am from the south and almost none of the plantation homes here are exposing unpainted brick. The idea of not painting brick would have been unheard of! Do what you want and love it-I love your inspiration house and I am very fond of the look of brick that was once painted and has almost peeled off. Lots of it around NOLA and it is beautiful!

  84. Janice says:

    There is a difference in most of these homes versus the pictures you showed yesterday. Most of these have architectural elements that make the painted look of the bricks much nicer. Big difference than on Single level or simple ranch type homes.

  85. Janice says:

    To really get a good idea you need to look at homes similar to the architecture of your home. No comparrision to most of these. It’s totally a different look and outcome will not be the same. Different time periods and architectural elements that make the big difference when painted

    • You are correct, Janice. You haven’t seen the plans for the rest of our home. We will be adding a new front porch, a wrap around porch on our new addition, and a two car garage. Each section will have matching gabled roofs and lots of character.

  86. The one that has house number 348 or the ranch style house. Favorites. Can’t wait to see which color you chose.

  87. i love coach calls home. I’m ready to do my home in London ky but don’t know a company to contact. Ideas! I know it has to be someone very experienced as hubby says he will agree but it must be done right the first time. No follow ups every year!,, help

  88. i love coach cals home. I’m ready to do my home in London ky but don’t know a company to contact. Ideas! I know it has to be someone very experienced as hubby says he will agree but it must be done right the first time. No follow ups every year!,, help

  89. I love the house right before the white-washed one but the white-washed comes in at a very close 2nd! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  90. Great pics!!! We live in Winchester and are thinking of painting our brick. Where are the best neighborhoods to look in Lexington!?

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