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Hello, sweet friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  I’ll be honest.  God gave me such a sweet, peaceful week this week, and I am so grateful.  I got a ton of things done around the house that needed to be done, and He put a wonderful joy in my heart.

Sometimes we have stresses in our day that cause us to act or react in a way that we do not like.  That was me last week.

This week was the complete opposite.  I want to savor these days because within a heartbeat things can change.

I know that some of you may not have had a peaceful week this week, and I pray that God will lift your spirits and that brighter days are ahead of you.  Hang in there!


As a side note, remember the “Kleenex” post that I wrote?  That caused me to write THIS POST?   On which you guys left about a trillion sweet, kind, encouraging comments?!

Yeah.  That one. Smile

Well, I appreciated how SO MANY of you went back to that post and began clicking away on the links to help me out.  That just made me smile.  I had a big jump in my stats that day.  All because of YOU!  The people at Kleenex were probably thinking, “huh?”   hee.hee.

Well, I’m only about 40 “clicks” away from the goal they set for me, so if you haven’t already clicked on the Kleenex link, can you click on the one below?


You don’t have to do anything when you click over to the Kleenex site.  Just the “click” is all that I need.  Smile

If you don’t have time, don’t worry about it.  No biggie.  I still love youSmile



Now, enough of all that!

Let’s get on to my favorite pins from Pinterest this week!


{Click on the link below each picture to view the source.}

Town and Country Living Kitchen




Screenshot 2014-02-27 20.53.47




DiningRoomTable thumb My Favorite Decorating Ideas   Trays



City Farmhouse getting the Look for Less Master Bedroom Office Area Makeover







Rustic meets Contemporary Living Room | The Lettered Cottage | Flor Carpet Squares | Airstone Fireplace | Wood Wall




Billy bookcases builtin





laundry room





Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi! I saw all this traffic coming to my blog from your blog and what a surprise! Thanks for featuring my kitchen. Now I’m going to poke around your blog for a bit! :) I see lots of pretty things!
    Jennifer @ Town and Country Living recently posted..How to Make Flavored Tea Bags

  2. Okay Tracy… I clicked !!! :) and love your choice of fav pins today… especially the one that Layla posted !!! I checked that out this morning!!! What a transformation!!! What an awe inspiring re do for the newly weds!!!!!! Loved the one from Town and Country Living as well!!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!!

  3. I so in love with the no. 2 photo, this is now my dream office. I will work on it, as soon as the weather gets a little bit warmer here around Chicago, as I will have to move furniture and paint and then do all the other stuff but I so love this one.
    Happy you had a good week….

  4. I “clicked” … ;-) glad you had a great week. Have a blessed weekend Traci:-)

  5. I clicked too! You never let us down with your Friday post. I love them all but those sliding barn doors are something I would like to have in the basement. Have a great and blessed weekend.

    God Bless

  6. Wow, each of these images are pure eye candy! Just beautiful. I gave you a click on the Kleenex link. BTW, I LOVED your Kleenex sponsored post. It was fun and very well-written. For someone like me who has allergies, I always have Kleenex around. If the boxes don’t fit with my decor, they get put in a basket. I took the Kleenex quiz and got them all correct. Really, I had to look twice to see your Kleenex box in the foyer because it blended in so well.

  7. I’m so glad you had a good week. I have had one of my worst weeks recently – things happening at work, and stresses at home, too. Would you pray for me, please? A string of bad days sends my blood pressure way up.
    I am thankful for your beautiful, inspiring, faith based posts that put light in my day.
    I clicked through to Kleenex and did it again today just for good measure.

  8. Thanks for sharing my tray! Have a great day, Laura

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