Teenage Boy Room Makeover

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I am so blessed to have the best readers in the world!!  #deadserious

I wish so badly that I could meet each of you face to face and just hang out together one day…you know, going thrifting and sipping sweet tea on the back porch.  Wouldn’t that be fun?!

So I get super excited when I get to meet a blog reader, Tonyia, in real life!  I ran into one reader at PetSmart, and she told me about a makeover she was doing at her house.  I asked her to send me some pictures, and she did!  I loved sharing them on my blog. 

Well, Tonyia sent me some more pictures of a great little makeover she did on her teen boy’s room, and I wanted to share it with you.   Here is the email I received…

Hi Traci!

I ran into you in Pet Smart last year, introduced myself as a fan of your blog (feeling like a stalker 😁) & you wound up featuring pictures of my home remodeling project on your blog. Thank you so much:-)

My husband & I just finished another room in our house and I wanted to share it with you because once again I drew inspiration from a project you completed in your home. You posted about building industrial style shelving in your boys bedroom around the same time I was looking for ideas for my son’s bedroom (he’s 16 yrs old). His room at that time was a hodgepodge of sports trophies, UK posters & a monster truck boarder that I attached on top of a different boarder a few years ago as a quick-fix because he had out grown the theme underneath. We knew it was time to upgrade his room to something more age appropriate. . . that’s when I saw the industrial shelving you made & started brainstorming how I could use this style in my son’s new room.


I didn’t want the expense of new furniture, but his was in desperate need of a makeover. It was a “crib-to-college” set that we purchased when he was a baby so it was made well, just outdated.

Here’s the “Before pictures”. .image3








So I painted the dresser & nightstand a dark grey, distressed it a little & then created industrial style handles.





I also created curtain rods with the same material. I spray painted them all black with Rust-oleum Hammered black spray paint.



image5 image7

















So here’s the close-to-being finished project. . .











Ironically building a set of industrial shelves to go on the wall beside his chair still needs to be done:-)

You can probably tell from the before & after pics but we installed new carpet, added crown molding, installed a plank wall as an accent wall behind his bed & everything got a fresh new coat of paint. I love how this turned out & most importantly he loves his new room!!

Thanks again for being such an inspiration for us DIYers. BTW . . . love, love, love reading about the new precious little girl in your life.

Here’s a pic of my little family.

image13One last email & then I’m done, I promise:-)

I told my husband about sending you this story & it must have motivated him to start building the shelves. He grabbed his measuring tape, pencil, paper & the iPad to order the plumbing parts – yeah!image1-2

BTW – he also corrected me on my earlier email to you. We didn’t just add crown molding. . . we installed all new trim work around the windows, the closet, doorframe & baseboards. Gotta give him credit where credit is due ya know:-)



Thank you, Tonyia, for sharing this makeover with us!

I think you did an amazing job, and I know your son must be enjoying his new space!!


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DIY House Numbers {DIY Show Off}

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Y’all today is the very last guest post for my “It’s a Summer Spectacular” series!

summer spectacular
I have felt so very blessed by this amazing community of blog friends that I have!!  I knew that this was going to be a crazy summer for me with our hosting of our little girl, Jonathan’s music adventures, and the every day life of having my kids home for the summer.  All of these guest posts that you have seen on my blog this summer are from sweet, loving blog friends who willingly came to my rescue!  How blessed am I?  Seriously, it makes me almost want to cry.  
Today’s guest poster is the very sweet Roeshel from DIYShowOff!
She’s the little, tiny, petite thing in the middle of the picture below…
Thank you, Roeshel, for being here!!!


Hi, fellow friends of Traci at Beneath My Heart!
I love Traci’s big heart, amazing talent and fun sense of humor, don’t you?
Oh…by the way, it’s me, Roeshel from DIYShowOff and I’m so honored to be here today!  
I’m sharing a quick weekend project that’s going to help guests and delivery drivers to locate the front door
as well as add a little interest to curb appeal. 
framed house numbers tutorial

What I used:

spray paint

house numbers

picture frame with wood backing

scrap wood plank 

clear lacquer 

Framed House Numbers materials

What I did: 

1. Remove glass from picture frame. Dispose/recycle glass.
remove picture frame backing
2. Apply light even coats of spray paint to frame and house numbers. Let dry. 
spray paint
3. Apply light even coats of spray paint (your color of choice) to wood backing. Let dry. 
4. Replace backing to picture frame.
5. Attach house numbers to center of frame with screws,
use scrap wood plank behind backing to anchor house numbers to frame backing. 
6. Apply a clear coat of lacquer for sealing and let dry.
7. Hang and display. 

Indoors:framed house number wall art


or out: 

framed house numbers tutorial

Enjoy the end of summer! 




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DIY Outdoor Sculpture {Jenna Burger Designs}


Hey friends!  This weekend was a tough one as we said goodbye to our little girl.  She flew out Sunday and is back in her home country now.  I wrote a post about the weekend last night but didn’t get it finished, so I will share it with you tomorrow.  

But for today. I have a wonderful guest post from the amazing Jenna Burger!  This girl has SERIOUS talent, and I could spend hours looking through her blog, Jenna Burger Design!

(Her interior design work has been featured in a ton of magazines, so be sure to visit her and check her out!)


Hi All! I’m Jenna, Interior Design + Design Blogger of Jenna Burger Design. I am thrilled that Traci has asked me to guest post today and I am going to share something I am truly passionate about… turning trash into treasure!

With the kids off from school, I have been a busy bee this Summer juggling fun activities with them + my design client work load. When I find the time to DIY, especially this time of year, the easier the project, the better.

For the project I am going to share with you today, it was simple to create + cost nothing, and the result is a big impact look for my garden. Check out my outdoor sculpture creation using metal straps from an old barrel…

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

While cleaning out the sideyard to create our new beautiful patio paradise last Spring, I came across this old wood barrel planter sitting in the corner, falling apart, and in desperate need for the trash. When the time came for the barrel to hit the garbage, there was a DIY fairy that sat on my shoulder telling me to keep the corroded metal straps that once, long ago, kept the barrel together.

I had NO IDEA what I would do with them, but in the shed they went… for months… until the revelation hit me… How about making them into a sculpture?? Hmmm… That could work!

There was part of the garden on the sideyard that was bare and instead of planting more flowers, the vacant spot was perfect for my new-found idea.

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!


This sculpture took minutes to make – probably less than 10 minutes in all! Using a drill with a metal drill bit, the Mister and I worked together and drilled 2 holes in each ring. The holes were placed directly opposite of each other.

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

Once all the holes were drilled, we aligned the top and bottom holes of each ring. We secured the rings at the top with a nut and bolt, and for the bottom, we used a 6″ tent stake which went into the ground.

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

And that was it! I rotated the rings until the positioning was just right, and then sat back to admire this trash to treasure.

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!


DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!


DIY: Outdoor Sculpture using metal straps from an old barrel.  Big impact with little work + no cost!

So what do you think? Pretty neat, right!?
What treasures have you made from trash?

Thank you so much for checking out my upcycled trash turned treasure. I hope to have inspired you! For more DIY creations + decorating tips, I would love for you to come visit me at Jenna Burger Design – I have lots of ideas to share!

You can find me on the web here: BLOGFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM

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DIY Landscaping Lighting Tutorial

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Yay!  One of my BBF (Best Blog Friends) is here today!  I cannot tell you how much I love this girl!  She is my blog sister, and I love spending time with her anytime I can, especially when it is at IKEA.  Thank you for being here, Sarah!! xoxo

PicMonkey Collage


Hello all! I’m Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick and I’m so happy to be here sharing a recent project of mine so Traci can spend some time with her girl this week. I know it’s going to be so hard for them to say goodbye to her.

I discovered years ago while stalking fancy houses (something I do often) that they all had one thing in common as I would drive past them in the evening — landscape lighting. I was determined to add some to our home and when I realized how easy and inexpensive it was, I was hooked.IMG_2564

I finally shared a detailed tutorial on my site earlier this summer and I can promise two things — no electrical experience is needed and it is actually a very simple project to take on. Once you try it you’ll be kicking yourself for not figuring it out earlier!

You can check out the how-to with tons of pictures here. It’s an easy DIY project that makes your home look just beautiful at night!

DIY landscaping tutorial

Visit Sarah and see more of her amazing DIY projects at

Thrifty Decor Chick!


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Personalized Door Mat in 10 Minutes! {DIY Playbook}

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Hey there!  I am back from the Haven Conference and a quick trip to visit Cy’s family in Georgia!  I am still trying to recover and make my way through 6 foot high piles of laundry!  Oh my!  I dislike very greatly doing laundry. 

I will be checking in with you soon with an update about our sweet host daughter, but for now, my buddies, Bridget and Casey from The DIY Playbook, are sharing a quick tutorial with us today!


I haven’t met these ladies in real life, but if they are anything like they are on their blog or in their emails, they are my kind of people!  They are super sweet and super talented!

Click HERE or on the picture below to see how to make one of these cute personalized door mats for yourself!



Have a blessed day!




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Summer Decorating for Less! {320 Sycamore}

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Today’s guest post is by one of the sweetest ladies in blogland!  For reelz!
She is as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  I met her in real life when I first started blogging, and I have always had the utmost respect for her.  She is full of grace and beauty
haven 069320slogo
I am so honored to have her guest post for me today.  Thank you, Melissa!


It all started with this:
june 2010 021 1
This truck was parked across the street and I loved colors all together here. And my wheels started turning.


I pulled out this chair that was supposed to be downstairs with the playroom table:

june 2010 090

Then a little of this: june 2010 096

She’s sitting by my front door. I couldn’t leave well enough along, sooo  july 2010 003 1

I pulled out a chunkalicious frame that used to be in my daughters’ room and stuck a flag inside. (if you ever see chunky frames at yard sales or thrift stores, BUY them!)

july 2010 005 1

Much better. See how the chair is trying to cover up the outlet? Love her even more.july 2010 006 1

I’m trying to cover up my garden hose with these ones…just pretend it isn’t there, k?

june 2010 120 1

These luscious, REAL topiaries were at Walmart.
Couldn’t put it in my cart fast enough. It used to be tiny and has just taken off.

june 2010 075 1

Here’s for the red, white, and blue!

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First Day of School Chalkboard Templates {All Things G&D}

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My blog buddy, Dusty, is here today!  I love this girl’s heart and energy!  She has always been so sweet to me, and I am honored to have her hear today!  Thank you, Dusty!!!


Hi everyone! I’m Dusty Rogers from All Things G&D and I am overjoyed to be guest posting for Traci while she and her family enjoy precious time with their sweet little girl. Thank you so much for joining me today!

I have an adorable little girl of my own named Kate, and soon she will be starting kindergarten. With this major milestone on the horizon I’ve got my sights set on “Back to School” and how to mark this special occasion with First Day of School chalkboard sign templates!

Back to School Chalkboard Signs from All Things G&D

My daughter Kate last year on her first day of 4K.

I created my first “Back to School” chalkboard sign last year when Kate started 4K, and – in the interest of having a similar chalkboard sign for every first day of school from now until her senior year – I created similar templates for every grade.

(I got an A+ in planning ahead.)

Click on the link above or the photo below to get your “first day of school” picture-loving self all of the free chalkboard template downloads you need!

Back to School Chalkboard Signs from All Things G&D

Not sure how to use your free template? I’ve got a class on that as well!  (And unlike Statistics 101, this really is easier than you’d think!)  Simply click, watch, and wow ’em.

Pretty simple, huh?

Before I go, I’ve got to send a great big thank you to Traci for sharing all of you with me today!  If you’d like to check out my little patch of internet, please feel free to join me at All Things G&D where I’m all about balancing high maintenance tendencies with a desire to keep things simple.  Thank you!

Dusty Rogers | All Things G&D

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Pantry Organization Inspiration! {Organizing Made Fun}

Hey friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  
It has been stormy in these parts and will continue to be today.  No going to the pool for us! :)
We had a great weekend in Nashville this past weekend, and some really exciting stuff is going on in our family, but unfortunately I am not allowed to share anything about it online.  :(   But as soon as I can, I promise I will! :)
summer spectacular
Today we have another wonderful guest post from a sweet friend of mine, Becky, from  Organizing Made Fun!  I met Becky many years ago when I first started blogging.  She is my “west coast friend.”  :)  I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, but every now and then we will end up at a conference together.  She has a wonderful organizing blog (who doesn’t need to be more organized?!,)  and she is sharing her organized pantry with us today!  Yay!!


I am so excited for Traci’s new little one joining them this summer! I’m also excited to share my favorite thing with you – organizing! I’m Becky from Organizing Made Fun and I’m going to share my organized pantry and a few tricks I did in it!
Inside the small walk-in kitchen pantry :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

We live in a 1947 home with all kinds of great character – and even though our kitchen isn’t so great, our walk-in pantry helps ease the pain of not having a fancy kitchen! 

Instead of repainting the shelving that was in the pantry, I used white contact paper. I knew if I painted it, with the amount of moving in and out of the containers, it would be only a matter of time and the paint would be messy looking anyway. So, the contact paper works beautifully!

Inside the small walk-in kitchen pantry :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Used wallpaper to decorated the wall and help things pop :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

You might also notice that I “wall papered” the inside of my pantry. It’s wall paper I bought on Ebay, but it’s not actually stuck on with glue. I just simply used double sided tape to adhere it. I know myself, I’ll be ready for a change in a few years so this was a great solution!

Organizing food in clear containers makes it easier to see when you are low on something :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Most of the containers I got at Ikea. I bought the chalkboard labels online at either Zulily or Groopdealz when they are on sale. I love them because it’s easy to change what it says on the label when I use a container for a different food.

Bottles with stoppers on them container all the different vinegars :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I put my vinegars in bottles with stoppers {also picked up at Ikea}. They look great in there and I love how they all match. I can easily see how much is left in each container at a glance. You’ll notice that I use lots of clear jars. I love being able to see how much is left in each container quickly and easily to help me with meal planning and shopping lists.

Use the back of the door for more food storage :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I use the back of the door to hold even more food. I use chalkboard label clips to label what is on each shelf. I used cardboard from boxes and spray painted it white to use as a shelf liner since the food would easily fall through the wire shelves. It works great!

Use chalkboard labels and mark the time each pasta needs to cook :: OrganizingMadeFun.com





Since I have taken the pastas out of the original packaging, I mark on each container how long the pasta needs to cook. If I need more detailed instructions, I simply snip off the instructions and tape to the underside of the snap on lid.

Use a tray, have all baking items on it to take in and out of the pantry :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I have my “baking center” inside the pantry in a tray. It’s easy to take the whole tray out and bring to the counter whenever I bake. These are tupperware containers I’ve had for almost as long as I’ve been married. You can see one lid is a different color since they replaced the original with blue since the green has been discontinued. 

Keep kids chore charts inside the pantry :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

I have my kids’ chore charts inside the pantry. They have daily tasks and lists of what needs to get done before they go to school.

Small walk-in pantry :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

So, there you have it. I hope you’ve got a few more ideas about how to get your pantry organized – or at least a few places inside of it. If you’d like more organizing and DIY inspiration, come and take at look at Organizing Made Fun!


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Celebrating the 4th! {In My Own Style}

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Hey friends!  

Well , we got our sweet little girl on Sunday, and let’s just say that we are all totally smitten with her, especially Cy.  :)  She already has him wrapped around her finger!

I can’t show you her face online, but I can show you side and back views of her, so I will be sharing pictures with you in each post. My favorite picture is when we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home yesterday, and the boys were trying to teach her to say words like “straw” and “ketchup.”    They adore her, and she fits right in with them.  She is all girl, but is a little bit of a tomboy too!  

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.26.14 AM

Be sure to follow me on instagram for more updates. :)


summer spectacular

I am so excited to have Diane from In My Own Style her today!  I met her several years ago on a trip with The Home Depot.  She has such a sweet and humble spirit even though she is loaded with a TON of talent!  I love her projects, her style, and her made photography skills.  If you do not follow her blog, you should.  :)  You will love it!


Thank you, Diane, for sharing your Fourth of July celebration ideas with us!



A big Hello to all!

When Traci asked me if I would like to share a project for her Summer Spectacular I couldn’t decide on just one. With the 4th of July this Saturday…YES!!!…. It is THIS Saturday. The calendar turns to July this week.

If your family is anything like mine, we always have a party at our house on the 4th.

Here are four easy ways I add the spirt of red, white, and blue to the festivities.



1. Instead of flowers in the door basket to greet our guests, I place 3 small American flags in the basket.

2. When it is time to eat, I tie plastic utensils to paper plates to make it easier for guests to fill their plates along the buffet line. One less thing to hold. Tutorial here.

3. One Dollar Store item is always fun, but putting two together with a little DIY’ing makes for one perfectly festive cake stand.

4. It is always hot on the 4th, so I serve up something red, cool, and refreshing to add to the celebration. Red, white, or blue striped straws are one easy way to make any beverage say…

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope yours is filled with lots of good food, family, friends and fun.

XO Diane

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Spray Dyed T-shirts Tutorial!! {Pretty Handy Girl}

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summer spectacular

We are back for another SUMMER SPECTACULAR  guest post!  Today I am featuring my sweet blog friend, Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl!  I love Brit!  We met through blogging about 5 years ago, and she is a rockstar in my eyes.  What I love about her the most is her huge, generous, loving heart!  She would do anything for anyone.  I am so blessed to have her as a friend!

Today she is sharing a project that would be great to do with the kiddos this summer!

                             Welcome, Brittany!!



Do you have the kids home for summer? Looking for something to do with the children before you pull your hair out? Get them outside and hand them some spray bottles full of RIT dye! This is a fun activity that allows those crazy kids to make their own spray dyed t-shirts. All you need are some spray bottles filled with dye, painter’s tape and blank t-shirts. The results are beautiful and unique!

Hi! I’m Brittany, the DIY tutorial guru over at PrettyHandyGirl.com.


I’m excited to share with you this fun summer project to create with the kids. They were easy and fun to make and certainly a project that you can customize to your style. Best of all, the kiddies get outside and do all the work!


  • Painter’s Tape
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat (or plastic cutting board)
  • Print out templates
  • T-shirt
  • Paper grocery bag
  • Clothespins
  • Clothesline
  • Dropcloth
  • Spray bottles
  • RIT dyes
  • Hot water (not boiling)
  • 1 tsp. measuring spoon
  • Safety eye goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • White vinegar


Lay out an 11″ strip of painter’s tape. Then slightly overlap (about 1/8″) another strip next to the first. Continue until you have approximately a letter-sized rectangle.

Cut free hand designs or print out this graphic to use as a template. I used one with stars (you can download my star template by clicking on this link).

Lay the graphic print on top of the tape mask rectangle. Tape the corners of the paper to hold it still during cutting. Use a very sharp x-acto knife to trace and cut through the graphic shapes. Remove any tape that you won’t be using in the mask.

Slide the shirt over a paper grocery bag. This will keep the dye from bleeding through if the back of the shirt gets saturated (notice I didn’t mention “if the front gets saturated.”) Let your child place the tape masks on their shirts. Or assist them if you want some measure of control over the final product.

Heat a pot of water until it is hot, but not boiling. Pour 1 tsp or more of dye and 1 cup of hot water into each spray bottle. Screw on the lid and swirl the dye to mix. You may need to experiment and add more dye depending on the color intensity you desire. (Remember the shirts will always look darker when wet.) Make sure your plastic spray bottles will withstand the heat before carrying them outside (that would be a huge mistake if they melted and leaked all over your expensive carpet! Then again, if you want a new carpet, go for it!)

Tie the clothesline between two supports and lay out a drop cloth underneath. Use clothespins to pin the paper bags to the line. If you pin the shirts, make sure to move the clothespins to spray underneath them. Outfit the kids with eye goggles, rubber gloves, and old clothes. Hand them the spray bottles and step back while they have fun!

That’s my resourceful 6 year old using two bottles at once.

They had so much fun that they even decorated the backs!

Let the shirts hang on the line until they are not dripping anymore. About 30 minutes.

After the dye has been on the shirts for at least 30 minutes, rinse them out. It’s a good idea to use water and vinegar mix to help set the dyes.

Wash the shirts separately and dry them in the dryer. When you take them out, watch the kids grab them and put them on faster than you can say “heat wave”.

Our shirts definitely turned out lighter than they looked while wet. The red looks a little fushia, but my boys think that real men wear pink and I tend to agree ;-).

I am in love with the results and might just have to make one for myself now.

The star shirts would make great 4th of July or Memorial Day outfits.

How fun to have a shirt with your monogram on it. Wearing it is bound to make your child feel like a superhero!

If you want to see my video for fixing some of the bleed, watch here:

Have a happy rest of your summer!

P.s. Have any questions about the tutorial? You might want to watch the video to see how we made our spray shirts. I need to warn you, my boys decided to get a tad crazy silly during the taping:

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