How to Stain your Patio to look like Tile {#tbt}


 Hey Friends!

It’s throw back Thursday here at Beneath My Heart, and I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE Spring projects that Cy and I complete at our previous home!



How to stain your patio to look like tile


This project was pretty easy and very inexpensive, but produce HUGE results!

As you can see in the “before” picture, we had a dull, ugly, concrete back patio like many homes do.  We brainstormed ways that we could change the look of our patio inexpensively, and staining the concrete to look like tile did the trick!

To see the complete tutorial of how you can do this yourself,



You can also see how we decorated our back patio by clicking on the picture below!



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Boy Mom Madness {DIY PROJECTS}

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Welcome to Day Three of Boy Mom Madness!!

Today we are sharing our favorite DIY PROJECTS for boys!



Hands down, this DIY Tailgating Ring Toss game that I made for the boys last summer has been their favorite DIY project for them!


This project was so easy to make and a LOT of fun to play!  My boys ask me to get this game out to play even when it isn’t football season!

Click HERE to view the complete tutorial!


Another fun project that my boys enjoyed is this Bottle Cap State Art!



This art is in Jonathan and Luke’s room, and they absolutely LOVE it!  All their friends think it is cool when they come over and see it.  :)

I purchased the bottle caps on EBAY, but you could collect your own if you wanted.   I just wanted a lot of different caps in different colors.  


To see the complete tutorial CLICK HERE.


Check out the other fabulous BOY MOM DIY Projects by clicking on the links below!

boy mom madness graphic header

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Boy Mom Madness {Organization}

Welcome to DAY TWO of Boy Mom Madness!
Today we are tackling ORGANIZATION!
Boy Mom Madness Tuesday Collage
Okay, before you think that I am crazy and sharing a Christmas post, let me explain…
I did a project around Christmas two years ago where I turned a bookcase into a coffee table.  It turned out super cute at least I think so,) and it is a GREAT way to store your boys’ toys and “stuff.”
I covered the top of the table with yard sticks stained in different colors, and added wheels to the bottom so it could roll.  (You know, to roll it out of the way when they are playing their Wii!)
You can see in the picture below that I just started with one of those inexpensive bookshelves.  (You could easily find one at Goodwill or a yard sale.)
Then I turned it into a rolling coffee table with storage!  
I think the stained yard sticks make it look super boyish!

To see the complete tutorial, click HERE.

And check out more BOY MOM organization tips by clicking on the links below!


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DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams! {Part Six}


Welcome to Part Six of my series!

house transformation series



Today, we are headed back over to the new addition of our house.





I found some old pictures of when we were working on our master bedroom, and I think it will help you visually see where everything is.

This is what you see when you walk into our master bedroom…


To the right is our sitting area and french doors that lead out to our “someday” wrap around porch…


You can see the entrance to the master bathroom below…


And there is the door leading out of our bedroom…



Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a ton of pictures of our bedroom because there are so many unfinished parts.  And when I say “unfinished,”  I am referring to decorating instead of building projects.

But I have been able to spruce up parts of the bedroom for home tours I have participated in, like my Christmas tour…

Christmas home tour


And my fall home tour…

Fall home tour


You can see the makeover I did on our bedside table HERE.

Beside table makeover

I do not have any current pictures of our sitting area because it isn’t finished yet.  I basically have two chairs sitting in that area, and it usually is used to “store” items I don’t want to see.   (aka: junk corner)   It is my plan to finally get the sitting area decorated and finished this year!  #fingerscrossed

I also found this picture of our bedroom in our Kentucky Home Tour (notice the sitting area is not included.  ha!)  My friend, Layla, took this picture.




For our master bathroom, we found a beautiful antique door that used to belong to a classroom in our alma mater, Asbury University.  We replaced the old glass with a new glazed piece of glass for privacy.


For our vanity, I re-did an antique dresser.  Click HERE to see how we added the sink, and HERE to see how we painted it.

dresser turned vanity

My favorite part of our bathroom is our claw foot tub.  We found it on craigslist and re-did it.  

Click HERE to see how refinished the claw foot tub.

how to refinish a claw foot tub


To give our ceiling some character, we installed faux wood beams.
faux wood beams

You can see more pictures and a video of how we did it HERE.

Since our brick had an “orangey” color to it, I decided I wanted to white wash it. 

how to white wash brick

You can see how we did that HERE.

how to white wash brick


We went for a clean, timeless look in the shower by using white subway tile on the walls and Carrera marble on the floor.

master shower

For more pictures of our master shower, click HERE.

Sooo, I haven’t really done anything else in the bathroom except we added this antique knob that we got at an antique mall for about five bucks. IMG_4191


I also found this rug that I loved at Home Goods, and it was the perfect size.  It also adds a little color to the space.



We also added a crystal chandelier above the tub, but it is impossible to take good pictures of it!  UGH!  We got it at Home Depot, I think.  I’m not super crazy about it, but it is fine for now.  I am hoping to eventually find a beautiful antique brass one to go there.



As you can see, I still need to add curtains and other decor.  When I do, I will be sure to share it here on my blog! :)


So as you can see, we have built a NEW addition onto our house, but we have tried out best to make it feel OLD.  Are you feelin’ it?

Working on this part of our house caused me to write one of my most popular series on my blog…..

How to Add Old House Character and Charm to your Newer Home

For more inspiration in how to make your new house feel old, click HERE.

Next week, we will finish our series with the upstairs in our addition and our den.  Yay!!





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DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch in the Cottage of our Dreams (Part Five)


When I started this series, I wasn’t exactly sure how many “parts” there would be, but it seems we are already up to FIVE!  Whoop!

Let’s keep going!  :)

house transformation series


This small 11 ft x 11 ft room is to the left of our guest bathroom.  It was Eli and Adam’s room when we first moved in, and then it became a junk room when the boys moved into the addition.

Here is what I am talking about…

office makeover



I knew when we converted this room into my office, that I wanted a lot of desk space and window seats under the windows.  So I showed my ideas to Cy, and he brought me dream to life!  (I love that man.)  You can see how we began building it HERE.


custom window seat

And more of the building process HERE.

custom diy desk

We gave everything a fresh coat of white paint…

It was looking better already!

diy custom desk

Once we finished the desk, it was time to add upper cabinets!

diy cabinet makeover

We reused some of the cabinets that we had left over from our kitchen makeover and added some open shelving in the middle of them.

diy cabinet makeover

You can see the whole tutorial HERE.

diy cabinet makeover

For the space below the cabinets, I built a large burlap memo board.

burlap memo board


I am so glad I did this!  I use this memo board like CRAZY now!  To see how easy it was to make, click HERE. 

burlap memo board


Below my desk, I had Cy build me a cabinet, and I turned it into a file cabinet.

diy file cabinet

I attached a metal file holder to a piece of wood that slides in and out of the cabinet.  You can see how I did this HERE.

diy file cabinet


I also made new cabinet doors for the old kitchen shelves I hung above my desks and the window seats.  You can see the complete tutorial of how I made them HERE.

diy cabinet doors


And you can see how I made my window seat cushions in less than five minutes each by clicking HERE.

diy window seat cushion

One of my favorite projects in this room was turning the old bedroom closet into my craft closet

closet makeover

This space has been a life saver!

craft closet makeover


It was even featured in an organizing book!  Yay!

craft closet




I also love my HUGE command center calendar!  It’s on the wall to the left of my craft closet.

giant command center


My most recent pictures of my office were taken when I did a makeover on a chair


office chair makeover

Believe me, my desk does not look this clean, nor do I always have fresh flowers on my desk.  :)  Although I wish I did!  

office makeover

This chair is not longer in my office.  :(  The boys broke one of the legs while twirling around in it.  Oh well!  Good thing I only paid $6.50 for it at Goodwill, right?!

As you can see in the picture below, I added some wood blinds and a sisal rug.  For now, this space is officially done! I do have a sewing station on the other desk corner, but I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet.  I will try to do that soon and show it to you. 

office makeover

If you missed the previous four posts about our home renovation,

click on the links below:




Guest Bathroom


Thanks for stopping  by!

Come back tomorrow!  

We are headed over to the master bedroom in our addition! 




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DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams – Part 4


Welcome to Part 4 of my series!

house transformation series

Last week, I shared our exterior, our addition, and our crazy kitchen makeover.

Today, I am sharing the next space we renovated right beside our kitchen. 

First off, the guest bathroom.reveal_thumb1

This renovation occurred sooner than we had planned because one of our boys (ahem. Luke.) stood on the soap dish and caused the tiled shower wall to come tumbling down.  Ya can’t make this stuff up!


I will have to say that I was kind of glad it happened because it forced us to give this bathroom an update it REALLY needed!  


This bathroom is close to our kitchen and the main one that our guests use, and it was really dated.

Note the cushioned, leaf print toilet seat…yes, that is a fish, moose, and bear at the top of the seat.


To see more pictures of us gutting the this bathroom, click HERE.

So we painted the walls white, added a beadboard ceiling, installed a new window, tiled the shower walls, and add a new shower head…


We also added new hexagon tile from Lowe’s on the floor.


And added wood planks to the walls.  Eli helped me fill in the nail holes with wood filler.


You can read about how we installed our wood plank walls HERE.


Cy built us a vanity with some newel post and leftover butcher block from our kitchen renovation.  Click HERE for the full tutorial.



We added a mirror and light from Lowe’s above the vanity.



We were thrilled with how our bathroom turned out.  It definitely fits into the cottage/farmhouse feel we are trying to create in our home.

See you tomorrow for more of our home renovation!


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My DIY Valentine Apron


Valentine’s Day is this weekend!  Yay!  I love the love day.  :)

To celebrate the holiday, I made a pretty little apron to wear while I am cooking meals for my loved ones.  (Or putting donuts on a plate. hee.hee.)

 valspar marsala



I made this project as part of the #10daysofvalentines challenge from Valspar and Porch!

10 Days of Valentines_ with photos

We were given a gallon of Valspar paint in the beautiful Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.


We were also given a “mystery” item to create with.  I got a pretty little stencil, and for some reason, immediately knew I wanted to make an apron with it.  I think because it resembled “lace.”


I lined up the larger part of the stencil on top of the bottom part of my apron.



I always spray the back side of my stencils with this adhesive spray to make the stencil stay put when painting.  It also keeps the paint from bleeding underneath the stencil.


For my paint mixture, I mixed together even amounts of paint and fabric medium in a small bowl.  The fabric medium helps the paint to not be stiff when it dries on the material.  You will need to heat set the paint before the first wash.

Then I used a small sponge “dobber” to apply the paint on top of the stencil.


Then I did the same thing to the right and left of the painted stencil pattern. 

I repeated this process at the top of the apron using the other half of the stencil. 


Then I bought some ribbon from Walmart and used fusing tape to attach it to the middle of my apron.

I love the way it turned out!  It was hard taking a selfie of me in this apron!  I need to invest in one of those “selfie sticks!”


This project was super easy, super quick, and super cute!  


It will be fun to wear it on special occasions like Valentine’s Day!  (Well, unless my hubby takes me out to eat!)  :)


Thank you Valspar and Porch for sponsoring this project!

“Porch is much more than just a home improvement network. It is the place homeowners come to find the right professionals, get inspired, and manage their homes.”


To see more great Valentine’s projects, check out these other bloggers!


Feb 1- Restoration Redoux
Feb 2- East Coast Creative
Feb 3- Simply Darrling
Feb 4- Brepurposed
Feb 5- Persia Lou
Feb 6- DIY Playbook
Feb 7- Honeybear Lane
Feb 8- That’s my letter
Feb 9- Live Laugh Rowe

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Healing Body Butter {with Essential Oils}


We interrupt this regularly scheduled series, Organize Your Heart and Home, to bring you this special announcement about Healing Body Butter!

Today, I am sticking an extra post into my day because I am participating in an awesome series with 7 other wonderful ladies called Healthy Living, Healthy Home!

YL Series Logo

Once a month for the next three months, we will be sharing how we use Young Living Essential Oils in our homes to promote healthy living for our families.

You can check out all of the other wonderful posts by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post.  

AND be sure to read to the bottom of the post to enter to win the Thieves Premium Starter Kit!  

thieves giveaway

But first, I want to show you this easy Healing Body Butter I made with my essential oils. 

 healing body butter


Why did I make my own body butter?  Maybe this will help explain…



Over the past year, I have been amazed at all I have learned about the terrible toxins we are putting in our bodies everyday.  Learning about how to use essential oils in my home has helped me get on the right track, although I still have a long way to go.  There is so much more I have to learn, but I know I am headed in the right direction.  

I am slowly taking baby steps to rid my home of things that are harmful to me and my children. 

Besides my faith, I think teaching my children how to naturally care for their bodies is one of the best gifts I can give them.  And it is my prayer that they will pass it down to their children, my grandchildren.  What a blessing it would be to see future generations not have to deal with some of the terrible health problems our generation has endure because of the harmful things we have put on and in our bodies. 

So, I have made changes in my medicine cabinet, and in some of my cleaning supplies, and I desire to use better skin care and beauty products as well. 

I was super excited about making this body butter!  My hands are so chapped and dry from this cold weather that they sting all day.  I wanted something natural and safe that I could use on my skin to help it heal. 

This Healing Body Butter is soooo easy to make!

diy healing body butter


1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup raw shea butter

2 oz. of sweet almond oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

10 drops Cedarwood essential oil

(Or you can substitute the essential oil of your choice.)

*I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils.  They are the best!



1.  In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the coconut oil and shea butter together.  Stir.

2.  Remove from heat and pour in a mixing bowl.

3.  Set mixing bowl in refrigerator for about an hour or more (depends on how cold your fridge is,) or until the mixture is semi-solid.  (You don’t want it to harden completely back up.)

4.  Remove from refrigerator and begin mixing it in an electric mixer on a low speed.  

5.  Add sweet almond oil slowly to mixture.

6.  Increase speed of mixer to high.  

7.  Add Essential Oils.

8.  Whip mixture for about 10 minutes until super light and fluffy.

9.  Divide body butter into containers of choice. 



I used Lavender essential oil because “it has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing. Because it is the most versatile of all essential oils, no home should be without it. Therapeutic-grade lavender is highly regarded for skin and beauty. It may be used to soothe and cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.”

I used Cedarwood essential oil because it “has a warm, balsamic, woody aroma. It is relaxing and soothing when used for massage, and has long been used as a beneficial ingredient in cosmetic preparations for oily skin.”

I’ve used this healing body butter on my hands for only a day, and I cannot believe how smooth my hands already feel.  Yay!

healing bb

Have you made your own body butter before?

Here are the links to the other wonderful blog posts about Healthy Living, Healthy Home.  Be sure to check them out!

Now be sure to enter to win this GREAT giveaway!  

These Thieves products are some

of my FAVORITE of all Young Living products!  

You will LOVE them!  

(And you do not have to join Young Living to win this prize.  It’s a free gift from us to you!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wanna learn more about essential oils?  Click HERE to read more and find out about my January Special Offer!

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DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

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Hey friends!

I wanted to share something fun with you today!

It’s a DIY Hex Nut Bracelet.

diy hex nut bracelet

This is fun to make for yourself, or it could be a great Christmas Gift for someone.

I went to Lowe’s and picked up some hex nuts and twine.  The hex nuts come in several different sizes, so you can pick which size you would like for your bracelet.

If you know how to braid, you can make this bracelet.  I made each strand of my braid three-strings thick (total of 9 pieces of twine.)  You can make it however thick you want. :)

I tied a knot at the top of the strings and began to braid.  After I braided a few inches of string, I began to add my hex nuts.  You basically add one to the right side, then the left side, then the right, etc., as you braid.


The hex nuts begin stacking one beside the other. 


Now I did enlist the help of a couple of my boys.  Eli held the top of the bracelet to keep it from twisting on me as I added the hex nuts.  If you don’t have someone to help you, you could attach the end of the bracelet to something else, like a clipboard to keep it still.


I also had Jonathan help me put each hex nut on the strands of strings.  I could have done it by myself, but it was MUCH faster with the help of my boys!

When I was finished, the bracelet looked like this…


I went to Hobby Lobby and got some supplies to make the clasp on my bracelet. 

I used gold rings and a fastener. 

It’s a little hard to explain this part, but I will do my best.  I basically threaded the end of the bracelet into a gold ring.


Then I took one of the loose strings and wrapped it around all of the strings directly below the gold ring.





To secure it, you tuck the string you were wrapping down into the “wrapped” part of the strings.  Clear as mud?


I did that on both sides of the bracelet, and then used small pliers to add another good ring and clasp to each side.   Done!


I think it turned out super cute!  You can also make them in different colors.  Here are some others I found online…

hex nut bracelets

Just search “hex nut bracelet” on Pinterest or Google.  You can also find them for sale on Etsy.


For more Lowe’s Creative Ideas, be sure to check out their free magazine and the other projects by fellow Lowe’s Creative Ideas Bloggers.

This post was sponsored by Lowe’s.  

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DIY Industrial Coat Rack


diy industrial coat rack


Hey friends!

I am excited to share with you an industrial coat rack I made!

As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger, I was asked to write a post this month about preparing for the holidays.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this post! :)

I have always wanted to create a coat rack for our front door, so when guests come over, they have a place to hang their belongings. 

So, I decided to make an industrial coat rack using some supplies I had left over from the industrial shelves in my boys’ room, and a few new supplies from Lowe’s.

First of all, I attached together the pipes I wanted to use to create my shelf.  I used the 3/4 inch black pipes from Lowe’s.  They also come in 1/2 inch and 1 inch sizes as well.  

diy industrial coat rack



I used Rustoleum spray paint in a flat black.  

diy industrial coat rack


For the hooks, I bought some plant “s” hooks in the plant section at Lowe’s. 

The hooks in the hardware section were not big enough to fit around my 3/4 inch pipes, so I had to get creative and find these in the plant section!  :)

diy industrial coat rack


I spray painted the hooks as well.

diy industrial coat rack


Now, this next picture explains how I decided to put my pipes together.  Since studs are 16 inches apart, I decided to make my shelf 32 inches long so I could attach the flanges to the studs in the wall.

diy industrial coat rack

You can see that to create a horizontal pipe that was 32 inches long, I used these pieces in this order:

elbow, 4 inch pipe, T fitting, 18 inch pipe, T fitting, 4 inch pipe, elbow

Make sense?

diy industrial coat rack

Then I used a 4 inch pipe to attach the elbow fitting to the flange.  

You want to be using a level during this whole process to make sure your shelf will be level when you attach it.

diy industrial coat rack

I used 2 1/2 inch pipes going vertically from the T fitting to the flange that would attach to the shelf. 

diy industrial coat rack

Attach the flange to the wood with wood screws (or we used drywall screws.)

diy industrial coat rack

Next, I tape off the wood and stained it with a MinWax stain in Dark Walnut.

diy industrial coat rack

Then I used a wipe on poly in Satin and let it dry.

diy industrial coat rack

I love how my shelf turned out!

diy industrial coat rack

It is perfect for hanging our coats and purses, and of course, the shelf will be fun to decorate for each holiday! 

diy industrial coat rack

For the winter months, I am going to enjoy storing extra throws and pillows on my shelf.

diy industrial coat rack

I have a feeling I will be using this a LOT in the future!


diy industrial coat rack

I added a basket underneath my shelf.  I will be great for shoe storage or maybe some more blankets!

It might be fun to find a small bench for that space too.

diy industrial coat rack

Now I am ready for my guests to arrive!  Come on over, y’all!

Be sure to check out the free Lowes Creative ideas magazine and app this month.

There are some great DIY project ideas for the holiday season!

Click the badge below to sign up for the magazine. 



Disclosure: I am a Lowes Creative Ideas blogger and participate in monthly sponsored challenges by Lowe’s. All opinions and ideas are my own.

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