Building Built-ins in our Den


Hey, y’all!

I hope you are having a great week so far!  :)

Today, I wanted to share with you the new bookcases we built in our den!  


We have had this project completed since last fall, but I never got around to decorating them the way I wanted and taking pictures. MAYBE because I spent a good bit of time in Los Angeles last fall, plus traveled across the world for our adoption.  If you follow my blog, you know that it was cray-cray in the Hutcherson House last year!  :)

I found some o”before” pictures that I snapped on my phone, and I wanted to show you where we started.  Sorry for the poor quality.  

We had this blank wall right beside our staircase that was kind of awkward.  I tried putting some furniture there, but it looked weird, so I thought I would do a gallery wall instead. 


But I never got around to doing a gallery wall, and then when I was looking at it one day, I said to Cy, “Honey, I think we need to tear down that header that we just built last year and build some bookcases.”  (I’ll leave out his response.)  ;)

But after I showed him some inspiration pics from Pinterest, he agreed it would be a good use of space, and we got to work!




Cy built a frame for our built in bookcases…


I wanted some picture lights on the top of my bookcase, so we left some room on top for wiring. 


This is what it looked like before we added the shelves and painted…


And this is what it looked like painted without the lights installed yet, and random stuff from around the house thrown on the shelves.


I ordered some brass picture lights online and Cy installed those, so our built in bookcases now look like this….


I am SO happy with how they turned out!  I love how they fill that awkward space up and look like they were meant to be there.


I went around the house and collected anything that I had that was navy blue or aqua.  I found several blue books that I could add to my shelves as well.



Then I tried to stay with other pieces that were warm and had texture like baskets and candles.  I also added a lot of little touches of greenery.


I know I will enjoy decorating these shelves throughout the seasons.  This was a very difficult project, but I think it made a big difference in the look and feel of our den.


What do you think?  Do you like them?  Is there a space in your home that you would like to build some built-ins?

Have a blessed day!

*This post was sponsored by Lowe’s.  All ideas and opinions are 100% mine.

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My Thrifty Under $50 Desk Makeover


Hey friends!  Today I am participating in a fun blog hop called Thrifty Under $50 hosted by my friend Beth from Homes Stories A to Z!

If you are visiting from the talented, Lauren from Bless’er House, WELCOME!  Everything she does is beautiful right?!!  Can’t wait to see her again at Haven this year in August! :)



For my Thrifty Under $50 challenge, I decided to show you the makeover I did on this desk I found at the Habitat Store!!

Now, when I bought it, it didn’t look sanded down like the picture below. :)  I forgot to snap a picture before I started sanding…oops!


But the desk had good bones and was ONLY TWO DOLLARS!!!  YES!  Only $2.00!!  I knew that with a little TLC, this desk would be perfect for a little office space that I need to create in my master bedroom. 

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I created an office in one of our small bedrooms.  The craft closet in that room is one of my most pinned projects on my blog.  But after my son’s Blind Audition on The Voice, he desperately needed a space in the house to become his “music studio.”  So I reluctantly gave him my office and decided to create a work space in my master bedroom.

With just a little bit of paint, I transformed my $2.00 desk into a bright cheery workspace!


Isn’t it fun?  I brought some of my accessories from my previous office, and created a great spot for me to work on my computer and other tasks.

thrifty makeover
To make my old desk look brand new, I used these products…

th tddh th-10









The oil based painted gives my desk surface a smooth, durable finish and is easy to apply with a small foam roller.  I applied two coats on my desk, letting it cure over night in between coats.  I used the spray paint for my drawer pulls.



I told my four boys that this space is OFF LIMITS!  :)  They always seemed to make big messes in my previous office, so having this little space in my master bedroom all to myself is super wonderful.  


I love to grab fresh tulips from Kroger’s whenever I go and get groceries.  Tulips make me happy. :)

The metal tray below is from IKEA.


For the handles on my desk, I removed them with a screw driver and spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze seen above.


 I love the pull out board on the right side of my desk that creates more work space for me.

You can see some of the “old school charm” of this desk right below the pencil in this picture…


I could have sanded those nicks and and scraps smooth, but I love seeing them!  It adds character!


I found this cute little coffee cup at Marshall’s and use it when I am working here to remind me to DREAM BIG about my blog, about my kiddos, and about life in general!


This little “It is well with my soul” sign is a new addition from Hobby Lobby.  It’s one of my all time favorite hymns and a great reminder of what is most important in my life. 


So what do you think?!  Not bad for just two bucks, right?



Next stop on the Thrifty Under $50 blog hop is Liz from Love Grows Wild!  You are going to LOVE her project!  

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Favorite Thrift Store Makeovers


Hey friends!

We are on Spring Break and have been having some fun with our family down in Georgia!  Here is Pop (Cy’s Dad) with 7 of his 10 grandsons!!  Yep!  All boys on this side!  

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.16.39 AM

These boys have a blast together on Pop’s farm!!  It’s one of their favorite places on earth!

I wanted to let you know that next week, I am teaming up with over 20 other bloggers to share our “Thrifty Under $50″ transformations with you!  I can’t wait to share mine.  It is waaaay under $50, and it turned out so cute! :)



In honor of thrifty transformations (which is basically how my blog began,) I am sharing with you some of my favorites that I have done over the past 7 years here on my blog. 

Just click on each picture or the link below it to see how I transformed each of these thrift store finds!


coffee-table-makeover_thumbCoffee Table Makeover



3_thumbDresser turned Vanity





Office Chair Makeover




Side Table Makeover




buffet-transformation_thumb1Buffet Makeover




chair makeover

My Burlap Beauty



Cane Chairs Makeover


Have a blessed day!



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Hide That TV! Ideas for a DIY Accent Wall That Includes a TV


If you’re like me, you don’t really love the idea of having your TV be the focus of the living room or even bedroom… there’s so many ingenious ways to use your TV as a “piece of art” (dare I say it!) and help incorporate it into an accent wall for a room.

Here’s my roundup of best looks! Share below if you’ve seen others that make you want to leave that TV on display rather than hide it away in a cabinet. 










































Love these ideas? Pin them for later!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.29.34 PM

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DIY Island Ideas for Small Kitchens!


I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest these days and seeing so many adorable kitchen island carts and little bar seating areas.  While I don’t quite have room in my kitchen for one, I just had to share with you all the amazing little ideas and creative storage solutions I’ve been finding. 

My favorite of favorites is this idea of adding a rolling cart that functions as an island with seating as well as storage… because who doesn’t need an extra drawer or two in their kitchen? And a quick spot for the little ones to have breakfast on school days while you pack lunches? 

I’ve seen so many of these in the stores, but for my DIY loving friends, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites! 

(Plus, don’t miss the end of this post, I’m sharing some of the latest open shelving snapshots I’ve been having my eye on lately!)


Build your own kitchen island from two sofa tables and a countertop. This custom solution sports plenty of storage, plus DIY bragging rights.  || Source 


FREE build plans for this DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage || Source

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.31.04 AM

Similar to a cart that IKEA sells, you can build your own! || Source


For a little extra seating, add a pop up top with a few colorful bar stools underneath.  Talk about a DIY project for any budget! || Source


Dreamy views out your window each morning? I love it! 




And could I even talk about kitchens without mentioning open shelving? I didn’t think so either… We know I’m no stranger to loving open shelves in my kitchen. 

Here’s quite a few designs for you to DIY in your home! || Source




This is one of the first times I’ve seen open shelving for your pots and pans… I’m LOVING IT! 


White on white on white… so fresh and clean! 


It’s amazing how these vintage candle sticks and small prints bring this space to life! 

What other DIY solutions have you found to work for your small kitchen? Comment below! 


Love it? Pin it for later! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.49.41 AM

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The Best DIY Flooring Ideas of Pinterest


You might have seen how we’ve DIY’d the flooring in our home… from staining concrete to look like ceramic tile or painting the wood flooring in a bedroom to give the room just that perfect POP of color and fun… to help you out, I’ve rounded up what I think are the absolute best flooring ideas you’ll find on pinterest.

Have you tried one of these? Comment below with how it turned out! 


DIY: How to Paint a Concrete Floor ||


DIY: End-block flooring – Such great texture and the stain in this photo is nice and warm. || Source 


DIY: White painted wide plank wood flooring || Source


DIY: It will cost you more than a penny… but look at how amazing these penny floors turn out! || Source


DIY: Mis-Matching tiles in a black and white color pallet || Source


DIY: Who knew you could make a beautiful floor with brown paper bags?!? || Source


DIY: Brick is a rich, traditional finish for walls and floors, indoors and out — with a price tag as rich as its looks… So try faux brick painting on concrete. || Source 


Love it? Pin it! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.18.31 PM


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Best Projects of 2015!


Happy New Year, friends!  I cannot believe we have started a new year!  

We have a lot going on this year with our son Jonathan that I haven’t been able to tell you about yet, and it is killing me.  

Y’all are going to freak out!!!  (I will be able to spill the beans in about two months.)

I’m just getting around to looking back at my blog projects from 2015.  I know that a lot of bloggers have already posted their round ups, but I wanted to go ahead and share mine too. :) 

Truthfully, I didn’t have as many DIY projects as I have had in years past.  This year was all about “life” projects for me, especially our adoption.  But I did want to highlight a few for you, in case you missed them.

First off, we had a BLAST working with Lowe’s on this home makeover project down in Tennessee.  You can see all of the before and after pictures HERE.


There were a couple of DIY projects from the home makeover that we shared on the blog.

Our DIY board and batten shutters…..



And our DIY Window Box…..



In our own home, one of my favorite DIY projects was the wood floor we installed in our girl’s room. 


And of course, the front of our house got a brand new look (my favorite project so far that we have completed over the five and a half years we have lived here.)

Our new front porch…


I had a blast decorating our new porch for Christmas, and can’t wait to decorate it throughout the seasons in the new year!


Lastly, I absolutely LOVE the barn door we recently built for our mudroom in our new entry way….

how to build a barn door


That’s it!  A quick look back at 2015!

I am looking forward to another year with you!  We have some more DIY projects planned for our home in 2016, but we have some big “life” projects going on as well this year.  Thank you so much for the love and support your show me each day!  I am so very, very thankful for you!!!


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How to Hang a Barn Door!


Y’all, I am so thrilled with our barn door!  It is seriously so fun to have in our entry way.  It just adds so much character.

You can follow our instructions on how to build a barn door HERE.
how to hang a barn door

We had been wanting a barn door in this space for a long time, but didn’t have time to build it and get a rolling door kit.  But finally, we were able to get the door built and work with the wonderful Rolling Door Designs company to create our barn door.

Rolling Door Kit


The first thing that Cy did was to cut the rail the length we needed it for the space.  He also measured and marked where we wanted to install the brackets. 


We hung our door a little differently than most people do.  When a door has a door frame, you will  need to install a matching piece of trim to the right or left of the door (depending which way your door is opening) to attach the brackets to.

However, I do not like the look of the extra piece of trim, so I asked Cy to install small wooden blocks behind each of our brackets to allow clearance for the barn door to slide past our door frame.  He put Gorilla Glue on the back of the wood blocks and nailed them to the wall.  Then he pre-drilled holes into the blocks before screwing the brackets on to avoid splitting the wood. 


We painted the wood blocks the same color as the wall to make the less noticeable.  

Be sure to use a level when installing the rail.


We screwed the metal straps to the top of our barn door per the instructions and then hung the door on the rail.


Because our floors and walls are a little uneven, our door looked a little crooked and Cy had to make a couple of minor adjustments to the straps to “fool the eye” into making it look straight.  


The last thing we did was install the door guides in the floor.  We drilled a hole first and then screwed them in.


We are thrilled with how our door turned out, and I love how it quickly covers any clutter in our mudroom!  :)


The boys think it is super cool, and I love how it glides back and forth as smooth as butter. 


If you would like to see a more detailed description on how to install a Rolling Door Kit, watch the video below by Custom Service Hardware.   (Custom Service Hardware is the manufacturer of the Rolling Door Kits.)  It is super easy to follow!

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How to Build a Barn Door


Hey friends!

Today I am going to share with you the barn door we made for the mud room in our entry way.  Do you remember that room?

Here is what it looked like when we started building our new front porch….


This is what it looks like now…


To begin building our barn door we bought 10 2×4’s from Lowe’s for the main structure of the door.  Be sure your boards are straight before you buy them. :)  You could also use a thinner board, but we wanted our door to be thick and substantial.

how to build a barn doorYou may need more or less boards depending on the width of your doorway.  We cut them the length we needed for the height of our doorway and laid them out flat on our front porch and pushed them as close together as possible. 

To hold them together, we added 1×4 trim around the edges and for the “X,” and 1×6 for the middle of the door. 

Cy measured and cut the lengths we needed for our trim and then applied Gorilla glue to the boards where we were going to nail the trim on.

how to build a barn door


how to build a barn door

Before nailing the trim to the 2×4’s he made sure the bottom was even.

how to build a barn door

Because the width of the 2×4’s didn’t cover our doorway opening completely, Cy allowed for a little bit of an overhang with the trim pieces so that we could cover the door opening completely.  

how to build a barn door

He nailed the outside trim work to the 2×4’s with 18 gauge, 1 3/4 finish nails and his nail gun.

how to build a barn door

He repeated the process on the top, sides, and bottom.

how to build a barn door




how to build a barn door


how to build a barn door


how to build a barn door


We glued and nailed the 1×6 to the middle of the barn door.

how to build a barn door




how to build a barn door



how to build a barn door


For the “X” at the bottom of the door, Cy cut and measure a board the length of one corner to the other by lining up the middle of the 1×4’s in the corners.

how to build a barn door

Then he just pencil sketched where he needed to make his cuts.  He said he could have used a framing square to be more exact, but he was able to do it this way.

how to build a barn door

He did a great job because it was a perfect fit! 

how to build a barn door



He applied gorilla glue to the back of the first half of the “X” and then nailed it to the door.

how to build a barn door




how to build a barn door





how to build a barn door


He measured and cut the second board in half so that it would fit as the second leg of the “X.”

how to build a barn door



how to build a barn door




how to build a barn door

Once the door was complete, Cy sprayed the knots with primer specific for covering pine knots.

how to build a barn door

After we primed all of the knots, we painted two coats of Valspar white paint on the door in semi-gloss.

how to build a barn door

Cy snapped this picture on his phone and sent it to me after he had painted one coat…

how to build a barn door

We installed our door with a rolling door kit (that I will tell you about in my next post.)  And now it looks like this!…

how to build a barn door

I love it soooo much!  It is the perfect door for this space!  And I love how I can close it when our mudroom gets a little messy.  :)

Here is a peek into the mudroom…

how to build a barn door

Since this barn door is in our new entry way, and I just finished decorating that space for Christmas, I added a little wooden star ornament to the handle. :)  

Love it?  Pin it!

how to build a barn door


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Inexpensive Gifts for the Host!


Tis the season for parties and merry cheer! When you’re headed out the door to our church Christmas party, the corporate gathering at your bosses house or annual Christmas party at your mother – in – laws house, don’t show up empty handed!

For just a few dollars, or from the items you’ve got laying around your house you can create a host gift as a small way to say “thank you”.




Found On The Idea Room |  Like personalized gifts?  Make these adorable hand stamped wooden utensils for the host!  They could be inscribed with special words, names, or initials!





951102f18d5a50c3ca483e93c6f92f5a  Found on | Tie on some festive ribbon to a stick to create a little ornament to keepsake the holidays.  Add this to a simple card thanking the host for the incredible and festive evening. Easy!




Found on | Headed to a party at your BBFs house? Sew up some mittens for her and a pair for you! Double the goods. 



Found on Happy Go Lucky | Got 15 minutes? Then you can put together these cute little holiday succulents for the host.




Found on | Sharpie mugs are all over Pinterest, but do they really work?  This awesome step-by-step tutorial not only shows you how to make them, but proves exactly which markers won’t wash off!  Such a fun & easy project and an awesome DIY gift idea!




Found on | Everyone has twigs in their yard, and twigs are free. Glue them onto a simple plywood letter you grab at your local craft store.  Rustic and stylish. 




Found on | Using a sliver of a tree trunk, paint on a sweet saying or monogram. 




Pin it now for your next party, skip the stressing on what to get the host later!

host gifts

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