Coffee Table Makeover {Industrial}

April 8, 2014 AT 7:42 pm 6 Comments

coffee table

I have been dying for an industrial coffee table in our den.  I found one that I loved recently, but it was $350 on clearance.


Ugh.  Wasn’t gonna happen.

I also found some inspirational pictures on Pinterest.

coffee table

I was trying to figure out how I could make my own industrial coffee table when I found this metal one at the Habitat ReStore in Lexington last week.

2014-04-05 17.30.27

I was SO excited!  I knew that I could use that metal frame to make the coffee table I wanted.

I took the glass off and detached the top and bottom parts.

2014-04-05 17.40.15

Then we measured the width of the top of the frame.

2014-04-05 17.46.02

We had some old, weathered pallet wood in our back yard that I wanted to use for the top of the coffee table.

2014-04-05 17.49.27

After removing the pallet wood, we cut them to size for the top and bottom of the coffee table.

2014-04-05 17.50.14

We laid the boards on the table to make sure we had enough.

2014-04-05 20.06.41

Cy had to mark and cut the end pieces to fit around the legs.

2014-04-05 17.52.29

Now here is the part that is gonna to be hard for me to explain. We had to really brainstorm to figure out how to keep the pallet wood on the top of the table.

We bought two “corner” pieces of metal for each long side of the coffee table frame.

Cy screwed the metal pieces to the side so that they created a “lip” underneath the sides for the boards to sit on.

2014-04-06 18.52.03

For the bottom shelf, we just flipped it over so that the boards could sit on top.  It held them perfectly.  The only problem was that the bar that attaches to the legs didn’t work because it was upside down.  So Cy used a metal saw blade to create a new “groove” to attach the bottom shelf to the legs.

2014-04-07 16.58.58

Lastly, I spray painted the entire frame black.  This helped to cover up the metal screws we had installed on the side.

I LOVE my table!!

diy industrial coffee table 4

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love adding rustic touches to a room.

diy industrial coffee table 2

Paired with my white slip covered couch and pretty pillows, it’s perfect!

diy industrial coffee table 3

I have about $80 in this coffee table, which is a whole lot better than $350!

diy industrial coffee table 5

Here’s another look at the before and after…

before and afterNow I am going to have fun decorating my new coffee table!  Smile

Submerged Color Mason Jars {#LowesCreator}

April 3, 2014 AT 6:37 pm 24 Comments

I am absolutely in love with the submerged colors trend right now.

Don’t know what that is?  Don’t worry…I didn’t either until last week!  Smile

I AM in love with all the shades of blue, especially aquas lately, but I had no idea they were called “submerged colors.”  I think it has to do with “water” colors, hence “submerged.”

Go figure.

submerged colors mason jars

As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team, I was given the challenged to do a project using submerged colors.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do!  I wanted to paint some large mason jars in beautiful shades of blues and greens!

When I decided to paint my mason jars, I googled it, and it lead me to my friend, Tonya’s blog.  She had recently painted some mason jars for a bridal shower, and I like how she painted the jars black first.  So I decided to do it too!  {Thanks, Tonya!}


I bought some mason jars, and then went to Lowe’s to get some cans of paint in different shades of blue that I liked.

The names of the colors are:85201 Gloss Exotic Sea, 15310 Koi Pond Satin, 86007 Flat La Fonda Mirage, 85208 Tropical Rain Forest

submerged color mason jars

Next, I spray paintde the mason jars with one coat of black.

submerged color mason jars

{Sorry for the grainy pictures.  It was dark and rainy when I took these pictures.}

Next, I spray painted the jars in different colors.  I sprayed them once upside down.submerged color mason jars

When they were dry, I turned the right side up and gave them one more coat of paint.

Aren’t they pretty?!!

submerged color mason jars

I wanted the “Ball” logo to show up well, so I  lightly sanded the paint off until I could see it.

submerged color mason jars

You can see how I sanded the two on the right in the picture below…

submerged color mason jars

I love how pretty they look all lined up on my mantle with hydrangeas in them!

submerged color mason jars

The different hues of blue add such a fresh feeling to my living room.

submerged color mason jars

As you can see, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them.  Smile

submerged color mason jars

I also lined them up on my coffee table for fun!  You can see my aqua throw and pillows in the background.  I told you I am loving these colors right now!

submerged color mason jars

This project was so easy and so inexpensive!  It can be done in no time at all!

submerged colors

Have a blessed day!


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Hall Closet Makeover

March 31, 2014 AT 12:02 pm 8 Comments

Last year, I showed you a makeover I did on the exterior of our hall closet, but I have never shown you the inside.

closet makeover

Well, I did show you the “before” of the inside of the closet, but I never showed you the “after” of the inside of the closet.

closet makeover

I used an Easy Closet system to re-do the inside of my closet, but here is the cool thing.  It was FREE!

I worked with Easy Closets for my master closet makeover, and they accidentally sent me an extra closet system for a smaller closet.

master closet makeover

{master closet}

I contacted them to let them know, and they said since it was their mistake I could keep it!  Say What?!!  I was thrilled!  And I was even more excited when I realized it fit our hall closet perfectly!

Here is the before of our hall closet…

closet 011

There was only one shelf space and one bar to hold clothes.  {This closet didn’t used to be a “hall closet.”  It was a bedroom closet before we added the addition to our home.}

With the Easy Closet system, I was able to create three bar spaces, lots of shelving, and even some drawers!  Love that!

closet 012

Now, the inside of my closet looks like this…

2014-03-31 11.31.20I cannot believe how much storage I have in this closet now!

The left side of the closet holds my out of season clothes, and the middle shelves hold photo albums, décor items, and some home videos.

The upper right side holds tablecloths, and the drawers below hold wrapping supplies, like tissue paper and gift bags.  I also have a “junk drawer” full of miscellaneous stuff that needs to be organized.  Smile  We all have one of those, right?

I still have some organizing to do against the wall on the right.  Right now, I have some large picture frames and artwork stuffed in there.

The back of the doors hold a lot of space, so I added a belt holder for all of the boys belts that I find laying all over the house.  I plan on adding another one for their ties.

Eventually, I want to organize this space even better with cute matching baskets on the shelves and handles on the drawer, but I don’t have time for that right now.  Smile  And no one really sees the inside of my closet except for me.  I’ll save that project for a rainy day.

For now, I am thrilled with my more organized closet!

closet makeover

Do you have a closet in need of a makeover?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

Painted Leather Office Chair {Radiant Orchid}

March 6, 2014 AT 2:55 pm 22 Comments

Hello, friends!

I just wanted to pop in and show you my new, painted leather, office chair!

painted leather office chair

Eli said it looks like a pink race car! Smile

I’ll take that!

This little chair has been transformed more than once.

I got it several years ago at Goodwill for $12.50.

painted leather office chair

It was the style of chair I had been looking for, but not the color, so I made slipcover for it.

slipcovered office chair

You can read about how I did that, HERE.

Well, the slipcover had worn out {thanks to my boys}, and I needed to do something different.

As a Lowe’s Creative Idea Blogger, I was given the challenge of using Pantone’s Radiant Orchid paint by Valspar in a DIY home project.  I knew that I wanted to use it on my office chair.

I have seen other bloggers paint leather, so I thought I would give it a try!

I started with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I like the way it adheres to any surface.  I only had enough paint for one coat. Then I lightly sanded the chair after the paint dried.painted leather office chair

For the second coat of paint, I used my favorite Valspar Premium Latex Enamel paint in Satin White.  {It comes in a quart size over by the spray paint at Lowe’s.}painted leather office chair

After that dried, I lightly sanded again, and then I used painter’s tape to create stripes on the chair.

Lastly, I applied two coats of Valspar’s Pantone Universe, Radiant Orchid for my stripes.

painted leather office chair


Lastly, once dried, I removed the tape and applied one coat of Annie Sloan clear wax.

Done!  I am pleasantly surprised with how soft my chair still feels.  Cy was even impressed with this little makeover.  painted leather office chairI’ve had fun incorporating pink into this space and making it my own! Smile  Let’s just say that living with five guys doesn’t make for much pink in my house.

This room feels like “me.”

I have no idea how long this paint will last on the chair, but if I get a good year out of it, I will be thrilled!  From what I have read from other bloggers, though, is that the paint holds up really well.  I will let you know!

painted leather office chair

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Industrial Shelves {for a boy’s room}

February 23, 2014 AT 6:41 pm 34 Comments


I finally finished the industrial shelves on Luke’s wall!

industrial shelves from

I’ve been dying to show them to you!

industrial shelves from

They have been finished for quite a while now, but I was searching for the perfect light to go over his bed, and I haven’t been able to find it.  Sad smile

So I am still looking.  But for now, I am just using this silver pendant light from IKEA.  It works.

industrial shelves from

I have had fun decorating his shelves with some old things and some new things.

The “Explore” sign was from Gordman’s.  The blue fan was a yard sale find for about five dollars several years ago.  I got the colorful, old books at the local antique mall.  The red truck we have had for a while, and I can’t remember where we got it.  The glass jar is from Walmart, and the blue frame I bought at Gordman’s.

boys room decor

My favorite purchase for the room was the “exit” sign.  I love the color it adds to the wall, and it fits perfectly next to the door to the bedroom.  I purchased it half off at Hobby Lobby.

boys room decor

The US shaped chalkboard and letter “H” were also from Hobby Lobby.  I got the bowling pin from Goodwill several years ago.

industrial shelves from

I love how much storage the shelves hold!  We were able to add baskets, and books, a clock, a globe, and more.

industrial shelves from

It really is such a fun space!

industrial shelves from

The striped rug is from the Ballard Designs’ outlet.  The bedding is from Ikea, except for the grain sack pillow.  I bought the aqua grain sack at the local antique mall and made it into a pillow.

The bed was stained wood until I painted it black last year.  I got the bed frame at a yard sale over 10 years ago for $15.00.  You can’t beat that!

If you missed how I made the rolling storage crates for Luke’s wall, you can read about it HERE.  Or just click on the picture below.

diy rolling storage crates

And if you want to know how I built these shelves, just click HERE or on the picture below.  It shows you how I built Jonathan’s industrial shelves, and how I used the same size pipes for Luke’s wall.

how to build industrial shelves

I am so glad to have these two spaces completed!  I still need to build some desks and add some window coverings, but I am moving on to their bathroom for now.  I have GOT to get that finished!  Smile

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below!


Have a blessed day!!!

industrial shelves

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Side Table Makeover with Chalk Finish Paint

February 11, 2014 AT 9:23 pm 60 Comments

Today I am going to show you how I made over a $20 side table with DIY chalk finish paint!

Since last fall, I haven’t had any side tables to place beside our couch or loveseat.  That drives me crazy because I like to have a lamp and a place to sit my drink while I am sitting on the couch.

Honestly, I just haven’t had the extra money to buy a new side table, so I have been looking for something inexpensive to re-do and use.

I was so excited when I found this little side table at a local antique mall for $19.99.  I liked the shape, and it was well made with solid wood, so I decided to buy it.

Here it is sitting by our couch just a few days ago with the glass lamp full of Christmas ornaments in it that I kept forgetting to take out.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I instantly knew that this would be a great piece to paint with chalk finish paint.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

To make my chalk finish paint, I used my favorite white latex paint and Plaster of Paris.side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I stirred together 1 cup of paint, 1/3 cup of Plaster of Paris, and 1/3 cup of water in a plastic measuring cup from Lowe’s.


side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Then I was ready to paint.  You can see what the top of the table looked like here…

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I love that I didn’t even have to sand the table before I painted it.

That small amount of paint was enough to do three coats on this table.

I forgot to take a picture of the final coat, but you can see the first two coats below.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

For the drawer, I removed the old hardware to make room for some new ones.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Then I filled the holes with wood filler and let it dry.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

After the wood filler was dry, I sanded it down until it was smooth.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

After painting the drawer with three coats, I lightly sanded it with some fine grit sandpaper.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I sanded all the edges of the table as well.  You could skip this step if you do not like the “worn” look.  Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

To make my white side table not look quite so “white,” I decided to add some glaze to it.

I decided to make my own glaze.  I mixed together about 1/2 cup of Valspar’s translucent glaze and 2 tablespoons of “Liberty Bell” {ar721}  paint from Lowe’s. {I only purchased the sample size.}

diy glaze

Now for this next step, I had to channel my inner Mr. Miyagi.


When applying the glaze, you wipe it on with a clean rag, and wipe it off with a another clean rag.

Wipe it on.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Wipe it off.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Wipe it on.

Wipe it off.

Repeat until you have covered the whole table with the glaze.

Lastly, I applied the Wipe-On Poly from my well-used and well-loved can.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I applied two coats of wipe on poly, lightly sanding between each coat.

Then let it dry and STYLE! Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I bought two new handles from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  They are wrapped in jute string, and I just used Gorilla Glue to attach them to the drawer.  {They didn’t come with screws, so I will add those later.}

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Aren’t they cute?!!

I used a basket that I already had to place in the middle of the table.  Eventually, I will probably get a different basket that is a lighter color and maybe not quite as tall.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

But for now, this basket is fine.  I am loving how the table turned out!  And did I mention I only paid $20 for it?!


It looks perfect next to my slipcovered couch from Ballard Designs.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I wasn’t sure I would like making my own chalk finish paint, but I loved it.  It is thicker than regular paint, but it dries very quickly, and I love that I didn’t have to sand the table before I applied it.  I really like the “look” of the chalk finish paint, and I love that I can make it any color I want!  The skies the limit!  Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Have you ever made your own Chalk Finish Paint? 


Did you like it?


I created this project as part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team.

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*Disclosure:  I am a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team, and I received a gift card to purchase supplies for this project.  However, the project idea and opinions were 100% mine.

More DIY Storage Crates {and Cameo Winner!}

February 11, 2014 AT 7:03 am 9 Comments

*Silhouette Cameo winner announced at the bottom of this post.

Remember Jonathan’s Industrial Shelves that I showed you a couple of weeks ago?

2014-01-19 18.30.10

Well, I wanted to share with you how I made the DIY  storage crates for his wall.

diy rolling storage crates

The first thing I had to do was figure out how big I wanted to make my crates.  Once I came up with my measurements, I went to Lowe’s to purchase a large sheet of 3/4 inch oak plywood.  I gave the measurements to the employee at Lowe’s in the wood cutting section, and they cut the board to the sizes I needed.

Then I took them home and started putting them together. You can see in the picture below how I nailed the sides to the bottom of the crates.

diy rolling storage crates

I always add wood glue to each piece of wood before I nail it to another board to add extra strength…

diy rolling storage crates

After I nailed the sides on, I added the back piece of wood to the crate…

diy rolling storage crates

For the front of the crates, I used 1×4’s.  I cut each 1×4 to the size that I needed and then nailed it to the front of the crate.

diy rolling storage crates

Adding wood glue, of course, before I nailed each board.

diy rolling storage crates

I also left a little space between each board before I nailed it.

diy rolling storage crates

Next, I added some wheels to the bottom of the crate.  This will make the crates super easy to get in to and will keep the crates from scraping the wood floor.

diy rolling storage crates

I added a coat paint to the crate that was the same color as the walls.  I didn’t sand the wood before I painted because I like the “worn” look, but if you like things to have more of a clean look, you may want to sand your crate before painting. I also didn’t use wood filler to fill in the nail holes because I like being able to see the nails in the wood, but that is just a personal preference. Smile

diy rolling storage crates

For the front of the crates, I added these cute little handles that I found at Target.  They come in packages of two.

diy rolling storage crates

That’s it!  Super easy, but super cute!

Jonathan loves his new shelves and the extra storage!   The crates under his guitars hold his guitar cords and music sheets.  The other two crates hold his socks and shirts.

diy rolling storage crates


diy rolling storage crates

Did you miss the tutorial of how I made the storage crates for Luke’s wall?  I went with a different look on his wall because I wanted each of their spaces to be unique, just like them! Smile
diy rolling storage crates

You can see that tutorial HERE.

Both of these projects will also be featured on my organizing blog, Organize and Inspire.

organize and inspire

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You can visit O & I by clicking HERE.

If you have an organizing project that you would like to be featured on Organize and Inspire, you can submit it HERE.


The winner of the Silhouette Cameo is…..

Katie McRae!

Congratulations, Katie!! I will be contacting you by email today! Smile

Have a blessed day!

DIY Burlap Canvas Art {Pinterest Party with ME at Michaels!}

February 10, 2014 AT 10:32 am 2 Comments

Hey friends!

I’m sharing a DIY Burlap Canvas Art with you today…

2014-02-10 09.38.12

But first…

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in a Pinterest Party with Hometalk at Michael’s in Lexington, the Lowry Road location, and I am hoping you will join me!!!

I would LOVE to meet some of my local readers and have fun crafting together.

So here are the deets!

* Join ME, Hometalk, and Michaels for a Pinterest Party!

* Feb 16th, 1pm – 4pm  at the Lowry Road Michaels store in Lexington, Ky.

* Check out the Pinterest inspired displays at your local Michaels store, buy your supplies, and meet me in the classroom to create your own pin-worthy project. {You can make one of the suggested projects or create your very own Pinterest inspired project.}

You can find coupons to buy your supplies by clicking HERE.

To celebrate, Hometalk is having a great giveaway!

Now, here’s a quick tutorial of how I made my burlap canvas art.

First, I painted my canvas with white paint.

diy burlap art

Then, I drew lines with a pencil and ruler.

diy burlap word art

Lastly, I wrote the words of my saying with black paint.  I had wanted to create a stencil with my Silhouette, but that didn’t work out so I free-handed it.  It’s not perfect, but that is okay. Smile

diy burlap stretched canvas art

That picture of Cy and me was taken when we were dating.  Smile  We dated four months before we got engaged and married 6 months later.  You can read our love story HERE.

I also used a 4×12 stretched burlap canvas to make something for Eli’s room.

diy burlap canvas art

I used a cup to outline the size of baseball I wanted.

diy burlap canvas art

(Yes, we love Duck Dynasty.) Winking smile

Then I used white paint, a sharpie, and a red chalk paint pen to make my baseball.

diy burlap canvas art

You wouldn’t have to use those supplies, but that is what I had on hand.

diy burlap canvas art


Soooo, would you like to party with me?

(Please say yes.)

You don’t have to make a burlap canvas.  You can make these other great projects too.

michaels pinterest party

If you do not live in Kentucky, you can see if there is a Michaels and Hometalk Pinterest Party in your state by clicking HERE.


Join Hometalk & Michaels for a Craft Party on Twitter!

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Expect laughter, inspiration, pictures, and prizes!

Hometalk Michaels TweetChat
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How to participate
Use hashtag #CraftParty
Use Tweetchat for easy chatting.

RSVP HERE to enter to win one of six $25 gift cards to Michaels. Winners will be announced at the end of the chat.


I hope to see you there!!

How to Build Industrial Shelves

January 21, 2014 AT 1:52 pm 31 Comments

Today, I am going to show you how to build industrial shelves.

how to build industrial shelves

This was a new experience for me, so I just learned as I went along.  But first let me show you the inspiration that got my wheels a turnin’ for this project….

how to build industrial shelves

Boys Room Shelves @Jessica Kraus on A Beautiful Mess

I had considered doing pallet wood walls, but when I saw that picture last year, I KNEW that I wanted to build something like it that in Jonathan and Luke’s room.  Their room is a long, narrow room, and each side of the room is “their space.”

When we were building the walls in their room, {a veeeerrrrry long time ago} we covered one wall on each side with faux brick paneling from Lowe’s.

how to build industrial shelves

To help the brick to not look like paneling, we filled the seams with wood filler.

how to build industrial shelves

Then we sanded it smooth…

how to build industrial shelves

And painted it the same color as the walls, Benjamin Moore, White Dove.

how to build industrial shelves

I printed off some of the inspiration pictures I found on my computer, and then began sketching each of the boy’s walls.

how to build industrial shelves

Jonathan wanted a place to hang his guitars, so I sketched his wall to look like this…

how to build industrial shelves

Then I went to Lowe’s to purchase my supplies.  I chose to use 3/4 inch black iron pipes.  They come in 1/2 inch and 1 inch sizes as well, and you can also purchase galvanized pipes instead of black, if you want.

These are the main four pieces I used:


They only had galvanized floor flanges, so I had to spray paint mine black.

I began laying the pipes out on the floor to make sure I had all the pieces I needed.  Lowe’s didn’t have enough of some of the pieces, but they ordered them for me and arrived within a day or two!

how to build industrial shelves

I bought 2 inch thick pieces of wood for my shelves because I love the look of the thick shelves.  They come in different lengths.   You could save some money by purchasing a thinner wood, if you wanted.

I sanded each piece of wood before using it.

how to build industrial shelves

To begin building the wall, I put the bottom row of pipes together and then lined them up where I wanted them on the floor.  I used some tape to help me keep them straight and a tape measure to make sure they were the same distance apart.

how to build industrial shelves

Then I screwed the flanges to the floor.

how to build industrial shelves

I used a 1 and 1/4 inch drill bit to drill holes in the wood where I needed them.  Sometimes I used a tape measure to figure out where I needed to drill the holes, and sometimes I placed the wood on top of the pipes and used a marker to draw around the pipe so I could see where to drill the hole.  Does that makes sense?

how to build industrial shelves

You can see in the picture below how we added the first shelf.  You just continue doing the same thing for each shelf.

Pipe…T-ring….6 inch pipe…elbow…shelf….repeat.

how to build industrial shelves

Then we created the open space on Jonathan’s shelf by using 18 inch pipes.  You can see how we still used the 6 inch pipes and the elbows underneath the shelf.

how to build industrial shelves

Since the final pipe on top needed to reach the wall, we used an 8 inch pipe instead of a 6 inch pipe.  We attached a flange to that pipe and then screwed it into the wall.  On Jonathan’s wall, it was the perfect length, and we were able to drill into the wall perfectly, but for Luke’s wall, we had to add an extra piece of wood to the back of the flange to make it fit perfectly to the wall.  {Do not ask me why.}  Smile)

how to build industrial shelves

After the shelves were built, I stained them with MinWax Provencial and sealed them with MinWax’s wipe on poly in Satin. Be sure to lightly sand in between each coat of poly.  I applied two coats.

In the picture below, you can see the sizes of the pipes we used.

how to build industrial shelves

Lastly, I added some guitar clips and storage crates.  We’ve put some “décor” on the shelves for now, but I am sure we will be changing a lot of it.

how to build industrial shelves

Jonathan is thrilled with his wall!!  He said he wants to add some more “music” stuff to it, so that is our goal.  I think it is a great use of space and makes his room look so “boyish.”

how to build industrial shelves

I was trying to figure out how much this wall cost, and I think it was around $300 total.  Which is a lot cheaper than most pieces of furniture and makes a much greater impact in the room.  how to build industrial shelves

If you have any more questions about these shelves, just leave me a comment, and I will answer them.



If you love industrial shelving and want even more inspiration, Jen, from Tatertots and Jello, has a great post about them.  Just click on the picture below.

13 industrial shelving ideas

“In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I received products from Lowe’s for this project. Although I have a material connection to Lowe’s, any publicly stated opinions of Lowe’s and their products remain my own.”


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TDC Before and After

DIY Industrial Shelves {Jonathan’s side of the room!}

January 20, 2014 AT 9:03 am 20 Comments

I wanted to show you the industrial shelves I made for Jonathan’s side of the room! diy wood rolling storage crates

I am not finished “styling” them, but it’s close enough. SmileI finally got the clips to hang his guitars yesterday, and Jonathan is thrilled to have the storage crates finished as well.

Today, I am guest posting at Tatertots and Jello and sharing how I made the rolling storage crates for Jonathan’s wall.

diy wood storage crates

Click HERE to check out my guest post at Tatertots and Jello!

If you are visiting from Tatertots and Jello…Welcome!!!  I’m so glad you are here, and I hope you take a few minutes to look around my blog.  If you click on “Project Gallery” in my navigation bar, you will see all of my different projects from the past 5 years from Room Makeovers, to Crafty Projects, to Furniture Makeovers, and MORE!

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I will be sharing a post this week about how I made these shelves.  I tried to share it with you last week, but I just couldn’t get all my ducks in a row.

diy wood storage crates

I still have a little more to do to Luke’s wall, but I hope to finish it soon.  His bed comes out from his wall of industrial shelves, so I am trying to figure out what type of bedside lamp I want to use.

Hopefully, I will have an “a-ha!” moment and figure it out. Smile

That’s all for now, friends!  The boys do not have school today, so I am going to spend some time with them and get a few things done around the house.


I hope you have a blessed day!!!

“In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I received products from Lowe’s for this project. Although I have a material connection to Lowe’s, any publicly stated opinions of Lowe’s and their products remain my own.”

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