We’re moving our laundry room!

I thought I should share an update on the house situation.

We still haven’t signed a contract on the “new” old house that we are hoping to buy.  It’s a long story, so I won’t bother you with it. :)

And we still haven’t sold our home.  Actually, we’ve only had one “looker” since we put it on the market.

We are not really surprised, and luckily, we are not in a hurry to sell.

I am actually  hoping to be here at Christmas.  This will be our 7th Christmas in this home, and we have so many wonderful memories!

So as we are waiting…waiting to buy a house and sell a house, we are making some needed updates and improvements to our home to hopefully help it sell.

One problem that we have with our house is our laundry room.  It is located in our master bedroom that used to be the family room.

When we bought the house 7 years ago, we knew that we would have to turn the family room in to a master bedroom to make our family fit in this house.  The original master bedroom was very small and located upstairs.  It is currently Jonathan and Luke’s room.  The double closets in that room make it a perfect fit for the boys.

The odd thing about the family room when we bought the house was that it had a full bathroom attached to it.  Odd, right?

So we knew that if we made the family room our master bedroom, we would already have a full bath attached…even if it were completely old and out-dated!

We have loved having our master bedroom downstairs, and I particularly love that it has a fireplace!

But it also has the laundry room in it.  A very small, tiny, miniature laundry room. Right behind that door to the left of the black armoire.

Now, I really don’t mind the laundry room being in our bedroom.  It’s super convenient, plus I love falling asleep to the sound of the dryer.  :)

But the only thing this “family room turned master bedroom” is lacking is a closet.  Yes, you heard me…a closet.

It has a tiny little closet under the stairs that my hubby’s clothes are in, but my clothes are out in the hallway closet.  It has plenty of room, but it’s out in the hallway.  It’s worked for us, but it’s not very appealing to perspective buyers.

So our plan is to move our washer and dryer to the garage to make a mud/laundry room, thus freeing up some space in our room to create a “master” closet.

Here is where our laundry room will go…

We are creating a little room in our garage to hold the washer and dryer and some storage.  The hubster has started pulling off some of the paneling.  You see the door in the picture below?  It leads to our back patio!

So it will be a great place for the boys to come into after playing outside.  I am hoping to have a mud sink too to help with cleanup!

My hubby removed the insulation to make room for the new plumbing that will go there.  This wall backs up to our kitchen, so he will be able to tie into the plumbing there.

I am very excited about this project.  I will share all the pictures along the way!

Plus, I have been searching the internet for inspirational pictures of laundry rooms.  I’ll share with you what I have found too.  They are beautiful!  :)

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  1. your idea to move the laundry sounds great. Bonus mud room too. can’t wait to see your inspiration pics. Stop by the ole blog if you have a chance. I am having a CSN giveaway

  2. Traci
    Girl, I feel your pain. All my bedrooms are upstairs, laundry down :( I would love to have a laundry room off the master bedroom closet. Makes sense, right? But I tell ya these builders sometimes need some help from a woman’s perspective! Of course, 12 years later, I am wishing we had bought a single story house too or atleast one with the master br down! LOL

    Can’t wait to see the progress of the laundry room and what you have picked out!


    Marilyn C.

  3. I think in some areas the realtor can’t list the bedroom as a “bedroom” unless it has an official closet. They have to list it as a den. I’m looking forward to your progress though. If anyone can make a mudroom/laundry room look fabulous…you can!

  4. Traci, I can’t wait to see what you and Husbsters comes up with. My washer and dryer is in my garage and I am wanting to make it into a “laundry room” (as much as I can I guess with 2 cars and a freezer). Your master bedroom is beautiful tho. Great idea : )

  5. Hey Traci
    Love the idea of putting the laundry room in the garage…it’ll be nice for you to have a closet! I like our laundry room….it’s upstairs where all our bedrooms are…very convenient! I am looking to re-decorate it though, so i’m looking forward to seeing all the inspiration pics! :)
    Not sure I’d want to sell my house if I had a fireplace in the master! LOL It’s beautiful!
    Have a blessed day..

  6. What a good idea to move the laundry outside and make a mudroom. You have to make your home fit your needs. Right now our formal dining room is a play room, but that’s what works out best right now. Good luck on your house situation. I know what its like trying to sell a house and its not fun.

  7. I love your master bedroom location! What a perfect solution. And I think your laundry room location is great too! Both things will definitely help “stage” your house so well! Not to mention,,,, you will probably LOVE it! I look forward to seeing the progress.

    Go handy hubby!

  8. Well, after it’s said and done, you may not want to move afterall! LOL!! I have always wanted a mudroom along with Laundry room together…My husband comes home very dirty everyday from working in the railroad yard… and always ends up walking through the front door. Ugh!

    I guess I will have to live through you! :)

  9. Love the idea of a mudroom! I love having our laundry room near our bedrooms, so convenient. But I sure wish mine was more of a mudroom, where you could come in from outside and dump all the stuff!!

    Can’t wait to see how your laundry room turns out! Buyers are INCREDIBLY picky these days…with houses dropping in value people look for extreme bargains and are not likely to settle for things they don’t like unless the price is super low. You are smart to fix up that closet situation, I was surprised how picky people were about stuff that wasn’t that big of a deal, we just lived with it!! Better to solve it for them so there is no reason to not love your home :-)

  10. I’m sure the mud room will look amazing. We did the same thing and used a portion of our garage to make one and then enclosed the rest of the garage to make a den. I can’t believe that you guys want to sell and redo the old house. Your house is amazing…I would not be able to leave it.

  11. Hi Traci,
    it was so nice to meet you and your sister at Rel10, I hope we can meet up again sometime!
    Your bedrooom is so great! Love the fireplace in there….we have a FP very similar to yours in our family room.

    Good luck with your new laundry room. Mine was in a closet and we moved it to the basement because I like to sort the laundry on the floor and keep the mess all in one room.

    Your new/old house will be a big project! I look forward to posts on that experience.

    BTW, come on over and enter my CSN giveaway!

  12. How exciting! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Lucky for you the plumbing is in the perfect spot -saves money for more fun things. :)

  13. I love your master bedroom. Even though there are things about it that sort of make it stick out that it is a family room, there is something about that that appeals to me!

    I can’t wait to see the new laundry/mud room.

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