Blue Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I fell in love with this picture when I saw it in Country Living magazine!




My first thought was how cute that would be in my guest house because I have decorated with more of a cottage feel over there.

But when I was doing my laundry/mudroom makeover, I realized that the mudroom sink would a great place for this unique soap dispenser.

I already had a blue mason jar that I had purchased at an antique mall for $4.00.


So all I did was poke a hole in the zinc lid using a small screw driver and hammer.

I placed the lid on top of two pieces of wood…


And then I hammered away…(gently)…


Once the hole was made, I just used the screw driver to pry it open to the size I needed by moving it around in a circle.  The zinc was very bendable.

(FYI:  There was a plastic lining inside the zinc lid that cracked and broke when I hammered the screwdriver in.  But I just took it out and threw it away.  It was not needed to be used as a soap dispenser.)

Next, I just took a plastic dispenser from a soap bottle I already had, and inserted it into the hole I created.  I used a little bit of glue from my hot glue gun to hold it in place.

(I was wanting a silver dispenser, but couldn’t find one in the stores I was looking in before I completed this makeover.  If I find one, I may replace the clear/white one.)

If the “straw” on the dispenser is too long, you may have to cut it to fit into the jar.  Mine was exactly the right size, so I didn’t have to.




So simple, yet so cute!!!



I love the touch of color it adds to my laundry room!


Let me know if you try this project.

Have you ever made a soap bottle out of something unique?





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  1. I saw that in Country Living too. I looked at the website they listed where you could order the silver dispenser tops. They were a little pricey!

    I love this project – I’ve got it on my “one day” list!

  2. Traci,
    Tis cute!
    You made this look easy enuff!!!

    Lamps made from these old jars are darling as well.
    Hunt hint…maybe there’s one in the forecast.

    God bless,

  3. What a truly fabulous idea – I am going to copy cat this – and here I was thinking it was going to be a mission to make! Too easy! M

  4. I saw this in SL too. It looks really great in your mudroom. When we get ours finished, I may have to make one also. One thing I do when I am punching a hole in tin is put water in it and freeze it. This way the metal won’t give and tear like it will when it is empty. Just a thought. Have a great week!


  5. I love these blue canning jars. I don’t know what it is about them. You just never get tired of them! I have four or five of them over kitchen cabinet. One is identical to the one you used here. What a cute idea to make a soap dispenser out of it!

  6. i use one at my kitchen sink for our liquid dishwashing soap. mine is an old clear wide mouthed canning jar with a newer lid w/screw ring. they make them in a “zinc” color now. it was super easy to punch a hole through the cap or lid part and insert, like you did, a plasic dispenser.

  7. I love the blue mason jar soap dispenser!! I have several blue mason jars but they are all quarts. I don’t think I could find a soap dispenser with a “straw” that long! LOL I will have to look for a pint sized and I may make one for my kitchen sink area. I also use the blue mason jars for storing things: dried beans, macaroni, etc.

  8. I’ve been wanting to make one of these forever! I looked all over the place last year at “The Longest Yard Sale”, but couldn’t find one with a zinc top that was in good condition. Plus, everyone wanted an arm and a leg for a blue jar…I’m too cheap :)

  9. We have several of these jars and I’ve been wanting to make a dispenser, but thought it would be much more difficult. Thank you for sharing!

    I have some of these jars if anyone can’t find one. They’re not yet listed in our shop, but you can always message me.

  10. My favorite use for a mason jar is piggy banks for our boys. You can see what’s in there, you can easily unscrew the top to get to the money, and you can decorate or label them individually if you want to. We went through several more traditional piggy banks early on, but getting the money out was SUCH a pain!

    We have three boys (8, 6 and almost 3) and we have a baby on the way (don’t know the gender yet). Seeing pictures of your family makes me think of what we might look like in a couple of years!

  11. Cute! I used blue mason jars with wheat in them for centerpieces for my wedding. The jars now sit with their zinc lids on, entwined in elk antlers above the kitchen cabinets.

    I was also want to mention that I got a silver soap dispenser at Wal-Mart and the pump part is silver. The whole thing cost about $12, so you could buy it and take the pumper off and not use the bottle, or use it for something else. :)

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