6 Burlap Projects

Hey guys!

I hope you have had a great week.  We’ve been on Spring Break here, enjoying our “stay”-cation.

I just finished linking up a bunch of my burlap projects to the CSI PROJECT.  The theme this week is BURLAP!

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Ya’ll know I love me some burlap!

I had so much fun looking back at all my burlap projects, that I thought I would share them with you again.  Plus, I have more followers since I completed some of these projects, so they may have been missed.

You can click on the text link or the picture to read each post.

My all time favorite burlap project was my Velcro Burlap Bed Skirt for my master bedroom makeover.

I still love it!!


I used some of that same brown burlap to create a little bird pillow for my back patio makeover.



For my guest house,  I used burlap in three different projects.

First, I  used it for a little monogrammed stool makeover.


Then I used some burlap to reupholster a Goodwill chair I got for $6.50.

I call her my Burlap Beauty.  Isn’t she cute?

Goodwill chair makeover


And lastly, I created a Ballard Designs knock off by creating an easy burlap tablecloth.

ballard designs knock off



Another burlap project that turned out exactly as I hoped was the burlap lamp shades that I made for my boys’ room.

lights for a boy's room


See how much I love burlap?

Now I am thinking of making me a burlap dress to wear!  Dare me?


If you want to see a ton more of great burlap projects, just click on the CSI Project button below and it will take you to the party!


Visit thecsiproject.com

Have a blessed day!



  1. I am CRAZY about burlap as well! It seems like every time I pass a store that sells burlap, I stop in and by me a few yards! Love it!!

  2. I love burlap! I just purchased a wall hanging for my son’s room that would fit perfectly in with your post! It’s painted burlap stretched into a distressed white frame. On the burlap is painted a chocolate bear with ABC 123 around it. Perfect for a nursery! It would be a perfect DIY, but I got it at such a great price, it wouldn’t have saved me anything to make it on my own. Great burlap accents! I have to say that the tablecloth is one of my favorites… it’s so classic!

  3. Hi Traci…sweet Spring blessings to you!
    I luv the burlap so i dare u 2 stitch a burlap dress!!!! hehe
    Think it’ll need lined to de-itch it.
    It would be really cute, kind of like linen!

    Thank you for dropping by my place the other day…your sweet comment touched my heart. I’m honored.

    God bless,

  4. After seeing your great post and projects I know I NEED burlap. I am amazed with all the creative things you can do with burlap.
    – Joy

  5. A burlap dress?!?!? Oh that makes my skin itch …
    Love all these projects, but honestly, working with burlap is painful. My sis and decided you need to be in a full body suit before touching it :).
    Working on some ‘burlap’ish projects for you this weekend … so happy to be able to FINALLY get to them. One done, one to go ;).
    Happy Weekend!

  6. Dare you?? Absolutely! LOL Thank you for sharing your home! It’s absolutely beautiful! Now I can’t wait to see the dress! :o)

  7. Burlap has never looked so good… Those are all awesome! I think the lampshades are my fav – how cute those must look in the boys room. : )

  8. I absolutely love burlap. The texture, the color, the aesthetic it creates…I’m just in love with it. Thanks for reminding me of how much I like to work with it and thanks for giving me inspiration to do a fabulous burlap project!

  9. Beautiful burlap creations Traci! Hard to decide which is my favorite. I’m crazy about the stuff too . and YES – I think a dress (lined like a previous poster suggested) and maybe washed with a little fabric softener? Go for it! What a fun post that would be. I’m halfway through making a burlap backpack! Just need a little me time :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Traci, I love everything! Everything you’ve done looks like you could have bought from a high end store. The chair is adorable and I love your lamp makeovers you did for your boys. Such a cute idea. Can’t wait to see your dress. :) Hope you have a great day!

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