Re-Purposing a Framed Print {by Melissa from 320 Sycamore}

I feel so blessed to be having Melissa from 320 Sycamore as a guest here today at Beneath My Heart!

You have  probably heard me share that I got to meet Melissa at Blissdom this past January.  She was only there on Wednesday, but I got to eat dinner with her and her sweet sister that night.  Our dinner was full of fabulous conversations and a whole lot of “blog talk.”  It’s funny how you can get together with people you have never met before and feel like you have known them all your life.  Melissa is that kind of person.  She is so easy to talk to, so encouraging, and so beautiful.  I wish I could have spent more time with her.  :)

Melissa’s blog is a great reflection of herself…very inspiring, very positive, and very creative.

I love the playroom she created for her 5 adorable children…



And this brass light she got for $5.00 and then spray painted it into a real beauty…

I can never get over this bathroom makeover.  You have to go check out the “before”.  It is unbelievable!

See what I mean?!  She’s fabulous!  And you are going to love what she shares today.

Thanks, Melissa!



I am so honored to be over here at Traci’s today!

I love finding treasures at yard sales and thrift stores and making them into something meaningful for our home. I especially love re-purposing large framed prints.

I found this big framed print at a yard sale for $5 back in Texas and hauled it across the country to Virginia with us. (don’t even start my husband on that one) Big framed, matted pictures like this are expen$ive and I knew I would use it somewhere.

Now, the print isn’t awful, it’s just not the look I was going for in my daughter’s room.

Tear off the back paper,

lift the nail thing-ys with a butter knife and take out the print.

I took some Christmas wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby and cut it out around the mat along the edges. (you’ll have to cut out most of the the middle.)



At the corners, cut angles and then fold and glue the paper around the mat with hot glue.


I spray painted the frame Krylon’s jade color (found at walmart) and then put it all back together. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it looks like behind the picture!

For the print, I saw this book and loved the quote and so I typed it up in Bebas Neue font {you can download it here for free!} and then had it printed off at walmart photo lab for $12.00. If you have a sams club or a costco near you, their poster size prints are usually cheapest.


I have also uploaded it to Google docs so you can print it out for your personal use using this link.

Here is another piece we personalized for her room.

Keep your eyes open for large framed, matted prints to make personalized artwork for your home~they are one of my favorite finds in my thrifting!


  1. Thanks so much for the google doc! This quote is very inspirational and I printed it out today! I have some frames that I was just spray painting Krylon’s Heirloom White and I think this will work great in one of them! My daughters’ room will be so much the better for your hard work! ;) And hopefully so will they!

  2. Oh that is simply adorable!! Good things come from Texas!!! Ha…… did a great job on that….thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the idea and wanted to use it for another quote for my girls room. How did you get the print into jpg format to be able to print at Walmart?

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