Welcome to the Neighborhood! {by Mique from 30days!}

Hey guys, my friend Mique from 30days is here.   :)  She is just the sweetest thing and has such a great, fun blog.

Thirty Hand Made Days

Mique is very creative, and I could spend hours on her blog soaking in all her great ideas!  AND she makes the cutest printables (like today) and shares them with her readers!  Love her. :)

Thank you, Mique, for helping me out during my move.  xoxo


Hi, Beneath My Heart friends.

I am SO excited to be here today. I think Traci is the sweetest and the lineup has been amazing! (how did I sneak in here?)
My name is Mique, and I have a creative blog called 30days (Thirty Handmade Days). I’m a stay at home to three crazy kids and a California girl through and through. I am passionate about special needs and an autism momma.
My blog is full of creative ideas and tutorials. Sewing, paper crafts, embroidery, photography, cooking, and printables keep me busy!

With Traci moving, I thought I’d focus this post on what to do when someone new moves into your neighborhood.  It’s always nice to drop by and introduce yourself, right? A plate of cookies helps break the ice!

A couple of years ago when someone was moving into our area I gave them a list of our favorites. They LOVED it!! Isn’t that one of the hardest things about moving to a new place? Not knowing which doctor is the best? Or a yummy restaurant to visit?

So I made a Welcome to the Neighborhood card and a Things We Love card. Write a little note on the welcome card. Fill out the things we love card. Attach it some treats. And you’re all set!

All printed out:

Make your favorite cookies. Our family really loves these homemade oreos.

I then put the cookies in a tin tie bag.
I used a hole punch and looped twine through
the cards and wrapped twine around the top.

Download a Welcome to the Neighborhood PDF
For personal use only. Thanks!

A few other ideas:

(click on pictures to view)


Thanks again for letting me guest post on your beautiful blog Traci!


Is that the cutest idea or what?  Those homemade oreos look amazing!!

Thank you, Mique for such great inspiration!

Have a blessed day!



  1. How cute is this?! Such a sweet & personal little gift!! I’m sure any new family moving to the neighborhood would appreciate having all of that great information when starting off in a new place!!

  2. Geez Mique…you’re a busy girl! I love this! What a great idea and a thoughtful gift. And that bag is umm…..AWESOME! I love the tie kinds. They are so cool. You are so great! Awesome job!

  3. What a great idea! We always deliver cookies or brownies to new neighbors but I love the idea of including your tag. What a sweet little gift!

  4. I enjoyed the post about how to welcome new neighbors. I think it’s a great idea to do these things with an entire neighborhood – gets people engaged and familiarized with one another again. And I used one of your pics in our blog on community (credited you, of course). Many thanks.

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