A Laundry/Mudroom Makeover Re-visited

Last December, we built a laundry/mud room in our garage.   We were trying to sell our home at that time, and we thought a laundry/mud room would help the house to sell.

Here is a before picture of our garage:

My very talented husband studded up some walls in the corner of our garage to create our new mud/laundry room…

He did all the plumbing and wiring himself, and created this little storage bench exactly like I wanted to store the boys’ shoes…

Four separate storage spaces for four sweet little boys’ shoes.  HERE  is the video of how he made it.

Cy also installed the board and batten treatment in our laundry room.  You can see how he did it HERE.

We were so thrilled with how it turned out, and I had a blast decorating it!

I completed some of my favorite DIY projects to decorate the room on a tiny budget.

One of my VERY favorite projects I have ever completed on my blog is this $3.00 Pottery Barn Style pendant light makeover.

I probably get more emails about this project than any other!


Some more DIY projects for the laundry/mud room included:

This velcro skirt  for the mud sink.

This  mirror makeover for above the mud sink.

And this little  blue mason jar soap dispenser.


I also made another Ballard Designs inspired shelf for my laundry room.

You can see the tutorial of how to make it HERE.

I was so proud of this room, because Cy and I worked so hard to complete it together.  It was a lot of fun.  And to be honest, I miss it like CRAZY!

But I have great plans for our future laundry/mudroom in our new home.  However, it  may be several years before I get to that project. :)

Thanks for letting me share our DIY laundry/mud room with you again!

Have a blessed day!






  1. That room is why I started reading your blog :) We just bought a house and I was searching for ideas and I was blown away by the blogosphere. I hadn’t realized people actually blogged about house decor… Anyway, long story short I came across your site from Thrifty Decor Chick and I fell in love as soon as I saw your Laundry/Mud room.

    Your so talented and everything you touch comes out beautiful (I can’t say the same for me-haha)

  2. I’ve skirted bathroom sinks before, but never my deep sink! That will have to be an addition to the farm. What a fun idea. I, also, love the mason jar! I’ve got some antique jars, but they don’t have lids. I don’t want to put a shiny new lid on top so I’ll have to get creative with paint, I guess. That was a fun idea too! I get Southern Living for inspiration, but I might have to add Country Living, as well. You can never have too much inspiration!

  3. Beautiful! You (and Cy) are so talented. I love the B&B! What kind of paint did you use? Semi-gloss so dirt/fingerprints etc are easier to wipe? I love your skirted sink too. It hazard up the old laundry sink!

  4. Hi Traci, just jumped over from Mustard Seeds tweet and omg I love this ! Making a “mudroom/multipurpose “drop everything room” off my kitchen is next on my list of things to do! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hey Traci – your mudroom post was the first time I read your blog….I fell in love with it (and your blog :) I’ll have to take some time and revisit some of your amazing projects in the mudroom. I know your new mudroom will be totally amazing too!!

  6. Not at all surprised you miss it, Traci. I would too:) I love the way you skirted the sink! I am planning to do similar thing to my boiler and hope it will look half as good as your project, lol. I am not that good with a sewing machine, you see, hahaha:)

  7. Trying to figure out where the door from garage to house is…..is it side of garage that is attached or on the back of garage. We have wanted to do this….okay not as nice as yours….but add a laundry from the garage so I can do laundry upstairs because of my fibro. Hubby does it now in basement and I really want it back but some days it is really hard to get down there. Also, how big is the space??? This post may just help us figure out how we are going to do this!! Thank you. And if you want, just take a trip to my house and you can redo and decorate the whole thing!!

  8. Was your mud room just in the garage to start with? I can’t find a pic of the before. Our washer and dryer is out in the garage and I would LOVE to make it into a room like you have. Do you have any pics I can see of what the space looked like prior to any walls? Great job it is beautiful!!!

  9. Love your color choices. Please post color and brand of paint you used for this project. It is beautiful! Thanks

  10. Oh my goodness! Your husband did this by himself?! This is exactly what I am looking to do in our garage(well not as beautiful although that would be great too!) – we have one garage stall (closest to the entry to house) that is very deep and I would LOVE to have just about this amount of space to store boots, coats, etc. for our four girls! Is yours insulated and heated? We live in MI and we would need that. Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

  11. What is the brand and name of the paint you used on the walls in your mud/laundry room? I love the color combination you used! Thank you!!

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