Home Goals 2012 at Beneath My Heart!


Well, my friend, Nester, is hosting a link up party that I just had to join.



She has encouraged us to make some goals for our home this year.  A sort of “checklist”, if you will, of things we would like to get accomplished in 2012.



So here is a rundown of my top 5 goals!

1.  Finish the Addition to our Home.

Goal #1 contains about 248 projects in itself!

house 018

We need to drywall and install hard wood flooring in the whole upstairs and downstairs.  We need to install vanities, showers, toilets, and lights in two bathrooms. 

house 019

Trim, baseboards, outlets, and much, much more. 

And again, when I say “we”, I really mean “he.”

My superman of a husband.  Smile



2.  Paint the outside of our home.

Remember the popular posts I did on painting the brick on the exterior of our home?  I wrote a post, and another post full of inspirational pictures of painted brick homes.


Well, our home still remains unpainted because there were still a few projects we need to complete on the exterior of our home.  This spring, we hope to get those finished and get the house painted!  I cannot wait!   I’m sure our neighbors will appreciate it too!


3. Create a Living Room that I actually like!

I can honestly say that in the 15 years that Cy and I have been married, I have never really liked any of our living rooms.  Or dens.  Or family rooms.  Whatever you want to call it.

We have never had a home that has had a formal living room and a den.  Thankfully, I don’t really  want both.

But I do want a den that is cozy and beautiful.  It seems that our den has always had hand-me-down or mismatched furniture.  It’s never really looked cohesive.

So I REALLY want to put some time into planning and decorating my new den in this home.  It’s right next to my newly renovated kitchen, so I am hoping to make the two rooms flow together.

And the den brings me to my 4th goal…


4.  Make the Fireplace beautiful.

Our fireplace is a big eye sore and strangely located between two little windows in our den.  I want to make this thing pretty!

house 013

I don’t know if that means to paint it, cover it with wood, leave it alone?

Not sure yet.  But I will keep searching for inspiration until I figure it out!  I love fireplaces, and I know I can make this one work for us.  Smile

(I also hope to replace our front door with a pretty antique-looking door when I makeover our den.)


And the last and most important goal:


5.  Fill our home with gratefulness and love.

Though there are many unfinished projects in our home, and sometimes our home looks torn upside down, I want to always be grateful for the blessings God has given me.  I also want my children to remember their childhood home as a place of love and security, not just rooms and material things.


That’s it!

Do you have any home goals for 2012?  What’s your main one?




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Author: Kristi P (thepreppypeshke)

I love stamp 3603- I love the detail and the initial. I had one of these that I loved before we moved and really need a new one.


Congratulations, Kristi!!

We will be contacting you soon!


  1. Wow I don’t think I’ve seen the outside of your home before- it’s beeeautiful! You have some great (& achievable I think) goals for the new year. Have at ’em & have fun!

  2. My #1 goal is to be content with what I have and where I live.

    In 2010 we had to short sale our house after losing our jobs and such. We are renting a nice house, but still it’s a rental and therefore we cannot do house remodels like we dream of. We have a goal of buying again next year (2013), but last year it was hard not to look ahead until then, which left me discontent alot.

    The Lord has provided us with so much, we have a great rental situation, and I have NO business complaing about it at all. My husband has supported me and encouraged me to take on smaller DIY projects, furniture redos, etc. in order to get confident in doing the larger home remodels someday. I love that he gets excited about those things with me and for me!

    So that is my goal, to be content.

    1. I love your post Jen!!! I feel the same way…. sometimes as a child of God I get soo caught up with with I want, want, want I forget to be content. I’m not saying to not do home renos and such….but I don’t want my days to be consumed with finding the “perfect” paint color, etc. etc. but rather as Paul said “in whatsover state I am, therefore to be content”. Thx for your post :)

    2. I love your post Jen!!! I feel the same way…. sometimes as a child of God I get soo caught up with with I want, want, want I forget to be content. I’m not saying to not do home renos and such….but I don’t want my days to be consumed with finding the “perfect” paint color, etc. etc. but rather as Paul said “in whatsover state I am, therefore to be content”. Thx for your post :)

  3. To get organized once and for all! I have 2 college age girls, one that lived on her own for 2 yrs. and is now back at home…..with all her stuff. The other comes and goes every few weekends, but seems to leave things or go thru things and leave them lying. And a 17 yr old who is active in school and often has afterschool activities….so her room stays a mess. So definitely my goal is to get organized!

  4. I like your goals, sweet friend! It’s going to be so much fun to follow your progress in the addition. And your house will look wonderful painted. If I were you, I’d probably paint the fireplace brick the same color as the exterior brick. And I think windows on each side of the fireplace were quite common in older houses, so it’ll look great in your “farmhouse”!

    Your last goal sounds a lot like my home goals for this year. :)

    Love you!

  5. Whoa…that is quite a list Missy. If that is what you want then so be it. I have decided to back off, after three homes in not many years we are tired. Exhausted might be the operative word. I will be content and rest for a season. I understand if that is not where you are right now. Best to you and Cy and your efforts.

  6. I’m going to pray the Lord blesses you with beautiful furniture for your family room. He delights to give us the desires of our hearts.

  7. I love your goals, and share your fireplace project as well. I’m hoping to figure out a way to make ours a little more welcoming. We’ll see – so many things go running through my head at this time of year!

  8. I would definitely paint your fireplace brick white!! Or do it over in wood a la Layla Palmer. :) That is one of my main DIY goals this year – to paint our fireplace. It’s hard to ignore all the flack you get from people when they hear you want to paint brick. Most folks who feel this way, though, don’t have darling houses that you are inspired by. :) Your goal #5 is the best one. :)

  9. My goal- is to finish our kitchen!We finally scheduled our installation of the cabinets! We have the flooring, the new microwave range, the faucet and tentatively the color of counter tops (unless I change my mind again). I still need to choose a sink ( I’m not liking what I find available) and I have to choose a paint color for the walls and a light over the sink! The light is going to KILL ME! It is so hard to choose! I do have knobs and handles. Your blog has inspired me and hubby to at least remove our cabinets ourselves and patch the drywall ourselves and paint with our new paint sprayer- we will save big $$$ by doing the painting ourselves! I will take pics, can’t guarantee I”ll post pics of the before… but I can’t wait for the after! I will say as much I like the idea of having it all done in a week (like our bathroom), taking our time to think over the options or in my case change my mind a million times has been better. I knew it would eventually get done. :) Now to plan for the dog to be misplaced for the demo and painting… lol So yeah- long story short- finish our Kitchen, sell house… bwah hahah ba… by God’s Will …”all plans are fluid” as my wise hubby says. :)

  10. We are rarely ahead of the game, but our #1 project for the year was completed last week. We redid our master closet and it looks great! (I’ll have a post on it next week.)
    Our next project will be to fix our back hill that collasped almost 2 years when the floods hit Georgia. It will include adding tiers to the slope. It’s a HUGE job that we keep postponing.

  11. I love your goals! My hubby and I have previously written down our goals for the home and it really helps us stay on target! We have not done that yet this year so thanks so much for the reminder!

  12. I am going to make a top 5 list! Good idea, to have home goals. And can I throw out an idea? What about painting your fireplace a neutral tone- like a sage green- and having similar toned drapes on either side of it, along with a white roman shade? Then you can add color with accessories? Just a thought! So much easier to have ideas when it’s not your own home– I’m in DESPERATE NEED of ideas for MY living room!!! :)

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