A Handwritten Note from Rascal Flatts

Okay, so one of the highlights of Blissdom for me was meeting Rascal Flatts.


They have been one of my favorite country groups for a long time.  I’ve told you before that I was raised on country music, and it does my soul good. Smile

Well,  Jonathan loves Rascal Flatts too.  They are the only band that he owns all of their CDs.  He loves singing their songs, and they usually fit well in his vocal range.


Broken Road” is one of his favorite songs that they sing.  It’s the one that Jonathan sang at the Kentucky Opry.

So Jonathan about died when I told him that Rascal Flatts was going to be at Blissdom!

It was such a great concert, and they are such a great group of guys.

After the concert, we were able to get line to take pictures with them.  I was NOT going to miss out on this chance to take a picture with Rascal Flatts!

I wanted the “Coolest Mom of the Year Award!” from my boys.  Smile

I also didn’t miss the chance to stand by the lead singer, Rascal.  That’s his name right?

First name, Rascal.  Last name, Flatts?  No?



As you can tell, I grabbed on tight to make sure I got to stand with him.

Let’s zoom in, shall we?IMG_0558

Aaaah, we look so cute together!

(Okay, so his face looks like he is thinking, “Somebody get this crazy lady off me.  She’s got a death grip on me!”)


Well, guess what I did?!

I handed Rascal my Beneath My Heart business card with a note on the back of it.  I wrote how much my son loved their band, how he loves to sing, how he is hearing impaired, and how he sung “Broken Road” at the Ky Opry.  It also had Jonathan’s youtube channel on the card, and I asked Rascal to check it out.

(Oh my goodness, what a mama won’t do for her children!  I’m such a dork.)

He very sincerely took my hand and promised me he would watch the video when he got home.  He also shared with me how his niece is hearing impaired.  I was so very touched by his kindness.


I couldn’t wait to call Jonathan and tell him that there was a chance that Rascal Flatts would see him sing their song!!!


What a night.

The next day, my sister and I headed back home to see our families.  I  showed my boys the videos and photos of Rascal Flatts, and they thought it was awesome.

A couple days later, I was working on my laptop at Panera when I got an strange email.

Here is what it said:


My name is Whitney Doe and I am Gary LeVox’s personal assistant.

He has something to send your way and asked if you would be so kind as to send me your mailing address.



My first thought was “Who the heck is Gary LeVox?”

And then I thought, “No way, complete stranger, am I going to send you my address!”

I’m mean really?

I get a ton of whacko emails through my blog email address, so this didn’t really phase me.  I just thought, “Are their really people out there that think I am stupid enough to tell them exactly where I live?”

And then I went to hit delete.

In a split second, out of curiosity, I decided to google “Gary Levox” to see what might come up.  Who was this weirdo?

And to my surprise, this is what I saw:




I about peed my pants!!!


Rascal Flatts!!!

His name wasn’t “Rascal?!”


And he wanted MY address!!!

I immediately called Cy to tell him.  We couldn’t believe it!

Sooooo, I kindly sent my address to Whitney and told her to thank Gary for being so kind to me at Blissdom.

A few days later, look what showed up in our mailbox!

awan 023

A handwritten letter from Gary LeVox!

Here is what it said inside…

Image (2)



Isn’t that amazing?!

How very, very kind of him.  He didn’t have to take the time to do that.  But he did.

I think that shows his true character.  What a great example it was to my boys.

Now my sweet son, Jonathan, has a handwritten note from the lead singer of Rascal Flatts!

And my favorite part?  The last line:

“God Bless ya Bro, and if you keep God first in your life, Everything else will turn out how it’s supposed to.”


Amen and Amen!

Thank you, Gary, for reinforcing what I am praying my boys will always remember!



I just had to share this with you, friends!  It’s just another blessing I have received from this little blog!


Full of gratefulness,



    1. P.S.: Just went and listened to the YouTube video. WOW!!! Your son has a beautiful voice, what a huge talent God has blessed him with!

  1. Country artists are the ABSOLUTE best!!!!!! Always have been, always will be and I know from personal experience as well. Gary extended a wonderful wonderful gift to your son … and may God bless Gary and the rest of those “rascals” as well! Great story Traci.

    If you were to join the Rascal Flatts fan club and attend a show of theirs in your area, you will be given a back-stage meet and greet pass to that show. Jonathan would be able to meet them in person as well and take photos. What a dream come true for him! Amazing story!!

  2. OMGoodness! OMGoodness! OMGoodness! That is absolutely amazing! I’m sure your son will cherish that letter FOREVER!
    See..us moms..we need to do whatever it takes! Sometimes, it all works out…just as God intends!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, I got goosies for Jonathan! I have always loved Rascal Flatts and love them even more now. What a way to bless and inspire your talented son!

  4. Wow!!!! That is unreal and oh so amazing! It brought tears to my eyes, too! And made me laugh out loud! :) How exciting! I have loved Rascal Flatts for years and this gives me such a newfound respect for them! He sounds so nice and what a blessing it was for him to do that! I would have loved to have seen the look on Jonathan’s face! :)

  5. Wow, that’s amazing! It was so nice and gracious of him to take the time to check out his video and send him a personal note, how wonderful! And what great encouragement for Jonathan, I’m sure it’s something he’ll never forget! Jonathan is lucky to have a Momma like you!

  6. Traci~I’ve been a fan (stalker) of Rascal Flatts for many years. I’ve seen them in concert every year for my birthday. They come to Raleigh every year on my birthday. Isn’t that sweet of them? They don’t know that, but let me live in my fantasy world. A little tip~if you’re going to be a full fledged stalker, you’re going to have to learn their names. Gary (the lead singer), Joe-Don (the bassist), and Jay (keyboard, guitarist). Now you’re a true stalker!! They are a good group of guys for your son to look up to. Have a great day! ~Linda

  7. How fun!!! And what an awesome blessing! Looks like a backstage pass is in your future and also looks like you better hold onto your (country) hat momma because your boy is bound for stardom :).

  8. So, so so awesome. :) My favorite part is the last line as well. What a great example and a true hero for your son to follow. That is priceless!

  9. Are you kidding me? First, you are a great momma! Second, I have tears in my eyes and am SO impressed that “Rascal” went so above and beyond to send such a wonderful message! Wow.

  10. Oh my goodness. I’m not going to lie….I totally teared up at this! The love of a Momma, and the kindness of a famous stranger. He’s right….Keep Jesus First!!

  11. Wow! How cool is that??!!! That was so sweet of him to write that note! I’m sure he is super busy and for him to take the time to personally respond to ya’ll is amazingly kind and thoughtful! I know your Jonathan will never forget it!

    You really didn’t really think his name was Rascal did you???? LOL! I did have to laugh at how tight you were holding onto his arm. :)

  12. Traci – HOW PRECIOUS! I have been crying all through this post. I have always loved Rascal Flatts too. What a great experience. I hope Jonathan can meet and who knows maybe sing with Rascal Flatts one day!!!! What a blessing! Congrats Jonathan!!!!!

    Marilyn C.

  13. Traci – I ‘ve followed for a long time. I rarely comment but this truly touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. What a super encouragement for Jonathan. I, too, know God has something special planned for him. He must have felt excitement all the way to his toes when he received that letter! WOW!

  14. I am a long time reader but this is my first time posting. This story truly brought me to tears and made my heart smile. I think it is amazing what you did for your son and what Gary did by listening to the song and writing. Absolutely wonderful. :-)

  15. This is wonderful! What a special message to your son. Sounds like they are really truely good people.

    When I was reading this one of their songs came on the radio. Thought that was one of those God moments! Very cool.

  16. I got cold chills and teary eyed reading this! Yay for you and Jonathan! I LOVE RF and have seen them twice in concert, they are awesome. So glad to know they really are good inside, too.

  17. This touched my heart and made my day, Traci! What a powerful gesture from Gary that Jonathan will remember always and, I agree, that last line spoke powerful words of life into your son’s life. God knows where this may lead for your talented son. I love it! What a blessed story!

  18. It’s so nice to meet down to earth people, isn’t it?! We met some big Hollywood stars on a trip to Crimea a couple of summers ago and just hung out with them on the movie set for an hour. One had his people go get a picture to autograph for our kids from his trailer….and when we got in the van to drive back home, I had to ask my husband who they all were again! Pitiful! {But now I know and have watched their movies! ha!} Our favorite thing to say is that Christian Slater recommended the miniature museum at the monastery not from us! :)

  19. Oh my goodness, Traci!!! I am literally in tears right now! That is so amazing! What a man of great character! The world needs more people like that! That just made me like them that much more! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  20. Oh my goodness, Traci!!! I am literally in tears right now! That is so amazing! What a man of great character! The world needs more people like that! That just made me like them that much more! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  21. I absolutely love everything about this. What a perfect exclamation point to what I can only hope was a beautiful experience at BlissDom. Rascal Flatts has always been a favorite of mine – and this just confirms it….

  22. Traci, I think I peed my pants reading this post. And now I’m crying. Enough with the waterworks!

    What an amazing guy, that Rascal! I’m sure your boy will cherish that letter forever. :-)

  23. Aww! made me teary. I’m a mom to three boys and I love it when godly men encourage them in their faith!

  24. I’m such a country music geek – I totally know who is Gary LeVox! I have held hands with him front row at a concert. The Flatts are terrific…even more so now…

  25. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I have to admit, I wouldn’t have known Gary LeVox by name, but I would know his face to pick him out. What a kind heart. Rare for celebrities these days. Rascall Flatts are headlining our big country concert this summer and this just makes me even happier they are coming. Isn’t it so perfect that your son is a fan, and Gary is a terrific role model.

  26. I have to leave a comment as Rascal Flatts is my favorite group in country music. I have had the pleasure of meeting Gary, Jay and Joe Don on numerous occasions and sing their praises constantly. They are not only passionate about what they do, but also what they stand for. It is always wonderful to see stories like yours and the blessings they give to other people. But mostly, their testament of the Lord Jesus Christ. If nothing else shows you what character these men have their most recent tour closed with the song, “He Ain’t the Leaving Kind”. Most may not know what this song is about but I challenge you to youtube it and listen to the words! Keep God first in your life like Gary told your son, because He Ain’t the Leaving Kind!

  27. Wow Traci! They really are as nice as they seem! That is so unusual in the music business. What a wonderful surprise for your boy and such a great message of character and Christianity. Congrats on a job well done Mama!

  28. This is terrific. It makes goose bumps on my arms. When does Jonathan compete again, is soon? Wish you happiness. Thanks for sharing.

  29. What a lovely story! So encouraging for your son! Isn’t it great to know there are performers out there with such character and generosity?

    My fav song by Rascal Flatts is “I won’t let go”. It has special meaning to my daughter and I as I shared it with her as an expression of my feelings for her as she embarks on her life, post high school. She is 20, working and living away from home, in her first relationship and has won the first of her battles with anorexia.

    Thanks for sharing your story – I’ll enjoy Rascal Flatts even more!

  30. AMAZING!!! Gary LeVox…..you ROCK!!! What a fabulous gesture! It’s one thing that he sent Jonathan something in the mail, but its AWESOME that he took the time out to HAND WRITE him a letter!! And not just any letter….one that is full of wisdom & truth!!

  31. I can’t even imagine the impact that letter will have on Jonathon! So genuine & sincere! I love that it was Godly advice too!

  32. What an incredible story!! I’m sure your son thinks you are the greatest mom in the whole world! {You really are a great mom, btw!}

    My husband loves Rascal Flats, so I’m for sure going to show him this post. “Gary” seems like the real deal, and just reading this story makes me like him even more.

    As always, I love all your posts. You are such an inspiration to so many. I’m glad to be able to call you my friend. xoxo

  33. Thanks for sharing that wonderful, heartfelt story. Isn’t it amazing how God’s hand is in everything we do? Here you were at Blissdom and everything fell in line for your son to have such a neat thing happen to him. I hope he gets to meet them in person soon!

  34. Traci, this made me cry! How awesome for someone to take time to write a child they’ve never met, especially with such encouragement. Thanks for sharing this story.

  35. I have been a Rascal Flatts fan for years myself. I love their music and the message they send through their music.

    My mother passed away in 2007. When she did “Here Comes Goodbye” came out. It is a single off their Unstoppable Album. This song helped me to get through the loss. They do so much to help children and teens thinking of suicide and the Red Cross. These guys are awsome. There are a lot of critics out there that don’t like their music but that is ok they have a lot of fans who differ. They are the best.

    Hopefully your son will go forward knowing he has some one who is impressed with his talent and may help him with it in the future you never know.

  36. What an awesome story and what a very nice man to have taken the trouble to do that…It actually made me cry. I am sure your son will treasure it. Cheers Frances

  37. Wow! It’s people like this that our children should look up to instead of flashy and overpaid athletes and reality stars. Wonderful post and thanks for sharing!

  38. This story just warmed my heart! I love rascal flats and that was a song my husband and I danced to at our wedding- and your son sings it beautifully!

  39. Ok, I love them even more now! I can’t believe you got to meet them – so jealous!! But I would have been squeezing Joe Don’s arm instead of Gary’s! ;)

  40. Traci,
    I read this yesterday while in the bathroom stall (no cell phone use at work) and was overcome with emotion. How awesome for your son! I predict that someday a crazy mom will be grabbing HIS arm .

  41. Wow…what an amazing talent your son has! I hope we will see him on American Idol auditions in a few years! He has my vote!

  42. That’s so wonderful!!! I got goosebumps reading it! I too loved his last line in the note. Your son must be walking on clouds!! Congratulations!!


  43. Traci…what an awesome feel good story! Your son is blessed with an amazing talent and an amazing Mom! I wish we saw more of this kind of story on the news instead of all the bad things we hear and read daily! I also wish you lived in South Louisiana….I would love to be your BFF !

  44. That’s awesome! I wasn’t a Rascal Flatts fan before (never disliked them but haven’t heard them much) but I sure am now! I think this was just a little bit of God blessing you and Jonathan for all the ways you bless people. :). Awesome.

  45. Wow Traci, I got praise bumps (like goose bumps) all over when I read this great testimony. How blessed Jonathan is to have you for his Mom.

  46. How incredible is that?! I’ve always loved Rascal Flatts–what a great mom you are for doing that for your son! I wasn’t surprised Gary kept his word and got back to you–they all seem like such good guys! Blessing to you and your son…..maybe your son will meet them someday at one of their concerts!!

  47. This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful momma you are! Its so awesome to see a famous person like Gary be such a great role model for our youth. (And us old ones too!) I love your blog, you are an insparation to me!

  48. OMG what an experience for you and for Jonathan!! Loved reading your blog it’s just outstanding that Gary would do this not only for a fan but for your son!…not surprising! Makes me love them more then I did before. As for Jonathan I just finished watching his youtube video of him belting out Broken Road OMG!! He’s got an incredible voice, what a gift from god. Never give up your dreams Jonathan!

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