Beautiful Bathrooms


Oh, the bathroom!

The place that I hate to clean.

The place that I wish could look beautiful everyday like the picture below.

Aaaaahhhhhh, to dream…..



(That house obviously does NOT have 4 little boys using that bathroom!)

Let’s admit it, we have to have bathrooms in our home.

They are a necessity.

Sometimes they can be the room we just want to keep the door shut on.

And a lot of the times, they are the rooms in our homes that need the most updating.

Take for instance, Erin’s bathroom, from His and Hers…


I can hardly believe the difference between the two!  The “before” picture gives off a country vibe, and the “after” pictures says chic and modern.

One of the obvious differences is the bathroom furniture.  The vanity in that bathroom makes a huge statement in the room.

I really love this next bathroom and how the bathtub takes center stage.



You wouldn’t think a bathtub could steal the show, but it certainly can! For me, that tub says, “Come sit in here a while and soak your troubles away.”  hee.hee.


To see more beautiful bathrooms click on “read more.”


We are planning on putting hard wood flooring in our new master bath, so I love the way this crisp white bathroom suite looks in contrast with the warm wood flooring.



Bathroom suites can definitely update or completely change the entire look of your bathroom.

I love this bathroom suite from  It definitely creates that look of an older home that I am wanting to create in my own home.



Maybe you cannot afford to re-do your entire bathroom, but maybe you could afford to update the bathroom fixtures.



One of our bathrooms has a very dated bathroom faucet like the one in the top of the picture below.  Look what a difference changing the faucet would make!



Or maybe you could just update your bathroom with new accessories?

Do you have brass towel holders, hooks, or lighting?  Maybe you could switch those out or even paint them with some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to give them an updated look.

The possibilities are limitless!

Do you think that if my bathrooms are pretty that I won’t mind cleaning them anymore?

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  1. I can say it does and it doesn’t. My redone bathroom that is just for me- no boys. Has a clawfoot tub, wood floor, and lots of white. It is easy to keep clean and beautiful. The bath the boys use is new – lots of white subway tile, clean floors and walls. But it is just not as fun to keep clean. Something about boys- ugh. I can’t wait to see your new master when it is all done.

  2. I have never understood the concept of a bathtub in front of a window. I could not, would not ever use it.
    Why do builders do that?

  3. Eventually, we will get around to updating our master bathroom. Right now, I’m still working on our 1/2 bath! I finally finished painting (after 3 color changes). Wood ceilings are going in this weekend, thanks to the inspiration I got from your kitchen redo!

  4. Tracy, I just did a budget makeover of my boys’ bathroom if you want to look and see! :) Should be the first blog post under the header!

  5. Considering our house was built in 1959, you can guess we need a little work to get done. Nothing planned right now though. Eventually it would be nice to have an outlet in the bathroom… so that’s kinda high on the list over getting new faucets. hehehe… :) Beautiful bathrooms, though!

  6. Hi Traci! Thanx once again for the ideas!!! I really, realllly dislike the lino in our bathrooms and agree with you, once that goes, it’ll be funner (if that’s a word, lol) to keep clean). I honestly don’t mind cleaning bathrooms as it is soo refreshing and clean when they’re sparkling! It’s just that lino that makes it look yucky…. it’s next on our to-do list! Have a super day!!! :))

  7. Beautiful inspirations!! I just spray painted the faucet in our mudroom and it made such a HUGE difference without breaking the bank. Those were some fantastic ideas and photos and I’m with you on boys and bathrooms…ugh! :-)

  8. Thank you for the inspiration! We currently have the ugliest bathroom in America. I am not kidding. It is on our list to renovate, but not the priority so I am left to dream! Keep up the lovely ideas!

  9. Keep lots of reading material in the bathroom AND MAKE ALL THE BOYS SIT DOWN. EVEN THE HUSBAND.

    Still works after 28 years!

  10. I am redoing our small bathroom/half bath in our house and looking for inspiration! I am doing a pedestal sink…but need some sort of storage in there…any ideas?

  11. Oh how I love bathrooms! My favorite room in the house actually (call me strange). I’m such a bathroom snob that I’ll usually gauge how well of a housekeeper, hostess, or decorator someone is by their bathroom! We’re having fun re-doing ours at the moment – still much to do, but it’s looking better already with a new floor and coat of paint!

  12. I love these bathrooms!! We’re re-doing the main bathroom right now. I’m having trouble when I click on the ‘His and Her’ link in your post. It goes to a 404 error page. What is the correct link? Thanks. :-)

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